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7 Ways to Keep Your Child Healthy Through the Winter Months

Updated on January 3, 2014

Keep Your Child Healthy


Your child needs...

  • A good multi-vitamin
  • Plenty of fruits, veggies and clear fluids
  • A lot of rest
  • Be sure your child washes her hands regularly
  • Don't forget the chicken soup!
  • Take care of their skin, lips and nose
  • Relieve any symptoms...

Keep your child healthy...

We’re all about natural remedies and prevention at my house. So, when it comes to the winter months and flu season, we try to stay diligent with our young 3 year old daughter to prevent illness. So, what can you do to prevent illness in your child? I’ve listed five things we do to keep our child healthy all through those cold winter months.

  1. Give your child a good muti-vitamin every day. We believe in vitamins at our house and we take them daily. We do try to make sure our daughter gets the nutrition she needs in her food every day but to be sure, we provide her with a chewable muti-vitamin, which she loves!
  2. Feed your child plenty of fruits and vegetables. Eating right is very important and helps your body fight off illness. We focus on what she likes not what she doesn’t. She will often tell us what she wants in the fruit and veggie sections of the grocery store (blueberries, broccoli, etc). Also make sure they get plenty of fluids… especially water. Avoid caffeinated drinks.
  3. Make sure your child gets the rest they need. See the link below to find out how much sleep your child should be getting according to WebMD. Don't panic if you child sleeps a little longer or a little less as every child is different. Use this as a general guideline.
  4. Be sure your child washes their hands often throughout the day. According to Dr. Sears, they should be washing their hands with warm water and soap. Make it fun, turn it in to a game but make sure they learn how to do a good job or properly washing. This will prevent the obvious passage of germs.
  5. Try some chicken soup. Research shows it really is good for a cold as it has anti-inflammatory properties which help your child recover from any symptoms they may have.
  6. Take care of your child’s dry skin, lips and nose. Winter can be hard on our bodies and so keep them hydrated and moisturized.
  7. If your child is already experiencing symptoms of illness then consult a doctor. But in the meantime you can give them honey for a cough or sore throat (but only if they are older than 1 year). If your child is experiencing congestion, you can use a cool-midst humidifier in their room at night and slightly elevate them to help them breathe. You can also use saline drops for their stuffy noses and suck out the mucus with an aspirator. Another helpful hint is to run a warm shower and then take your child into the bathroom with you to breathe in that warm moist air which helps to alleviate congestion.

Use natural remedies as a tool of prevention at your home this winter to keep your child healthy. Stay diligent. Teach your child about good nutrition, drinking fluids, washing her hands, getting enough rest and taking care of her body.

For Happy Healthy Kids

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    • jpcmc profile image

      JP Carlos 

      4 years ago from Quezon CIty, Phlippines

      Winter is a very cold time for children. keeping them warm, hydrated and well nourished is important. In the Philippines it does not get too cold. But still, we can feel the chill especially at night and early in the morning. I just can't imagine how it is for countries where temperatures really drop.


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