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7 Weird Things You’ll Probably Experience during Pregnancy

Updated on March 31, 2015

Wild, rapid-fire movements from baby.

Sometimes, your baby will surprise you with what seems like a rapid-fire boxing match with your uterus. Movements can be so wild that you’ll look down at your belly with huge eyes and say “WHAT just happened?!” Luckily, this is usually a great sign. It means the baby is active and healthy, and hopefully those characteristics transfer to your baby once she’s born. Movements can be pretty crazy while the baby still has a little room to move around, especially in the latter end of your second trimester and the beginning of your third.

Of course, there is the possibility that there is a problem and you should contact your doctor. If the frantic movement is increasing and seems violent, contact your doctor. More often than not, though, you’ll find that it’s just something babies do.


Weird tummy tightening: Braxton Hicks.

You’ve heard of these “practice” contractions, but once you realize that they’re happening, you’ll realize what a strange sensation it is. It feels almost like the baby is pushing all of his weight forward, and maybe that’s why many women don’t ever recognize these contractions during pregnancy. You’ll feel a lot of pressure as your uterus tightens, and you can touch your stomach and find that it is indeed much tighter than usual. They happen more often when you are exerting yourself. Be careful not to overdo it.


Baby limbs sticking out of your belly.

You will probably find that you’ll be touching your baby’s limbs much earlier than you expected, and perhaps wanted to. Sometimes, the little things push an elbow, foot, knee, or head against the uterus with all their force, and you’ll feel it. When you go to touch your belly, you’ll feel a little limb poking out! It is a little bit freaky. It’s also strange to feel him or her stretch up under your ribs. There’s something creepy about a beautiful little creature moving around inside of you, but it’s also amazing and reassuring.


Sensitive sniffer.

Suddenly, something smells TERRIBLE to you, ALL THE TIME. For me, the trash always stinks, and I never want my husband in my face (or ANYONE, thank you very much) because I hate everyone’s breath!

Often this happens during the first trimester when your sense of smell is heightened, and oftentimes the irritating oversensitivity will diminish over time. Some scents, though, may or may not become tolerable to you again throughout the pregnancy. There may be lasting food and smell aversions, even through the third trimester (and for some women, after too), that you won’t be able to get over.

In which trimester was your heartburn the worst?

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The urge to clean, redo, and reorganize: NESTING

Most likely, you’ll feel an increased need to keep your home neat and organized. You’ll want to spend money on improving your home, but at the same time, you want to save all that money for the approaching diaper costs and insurance charges!

Not only is it caused instinctually, as we know that we have a new little critter to take care of arriving soon, but also boredom and frustration with being pregnant. We are ready to take care of this baby but we can’t yet. Other times, women with physically demanding jobs quit a few months early and are left to develop their skills as excellent housewives as they wait for baby.


Dreams that leave you dazed and confused.

Dreams that leave you dazed and confused

Crazy and vivid dreams are completely normal during pregnancy, and should be expected. The interesting thing is a lot of the dreams tend to be about the baby! You’ll probably have countless dreams about the arrival of your baby, and you’ll wake up wanting her there more than ever. You might also have strange dreams like I do, like dreams about your baby being born… but then wait, they’re twins… and then wait, the nurses take them away from you and replace them with dolls!

Here’s a list of 7 common crazy pregnancy dreams:

As our bodies change and hormones change, dreams change. We have different things and stresses on our minds as well, and that causes wacky nighttime experiences.


Sizzling skin.

This really is a weird one, and not all women will experience it. A random section (or for some women, more than one section) of skin will burn frequently. It’s probably all tied up with the dry and itchy skin that pregnancy causes, but it is certainly odd to have a belly button that feels like it’s on fire for half the day or a spot on your chest that burns a few times a week. The best explanation that doctors have for these strange sensations is raging, changing hormones. Using cool moisturizers and ice packs always provides some relief.


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    • profile image

      Blackwood 2 years ago

      It really depndes on your current situation. Most insurance companies require high deductibles, co-payments and out-of-pocket maximum. The best insurance I had was through an employer who were self-insured and under PPO. If you are trying to get private insurance (not through your employer), depending on which state you reside, ob-gyn and pregnancy is usually not covered. If this is the case, try using an insurance broker who can find you the best plans at the best rates that meet your needs.

    • HoverLock profile image

      Hannah Overlock 3 years ago from Maine

      This was a really helpful article! I'm looking forward to many of these, although some I am rather nervous about.

    • Moneback Rusty profile image

      Dominic Toretto et sa famille doivent faire face � Deckard Shaw, bien décidé � se venger de la mort 3 years ago from en streaming - fast

      painted our walk in closet all by myself, home alone with the toddler.

    • Kierstin Gunsberg profile image

      Kierstin Gunsberg 3 years ago from Traverse City, Michigan

      Oh man, the nesting! I am experiencing that big time this pregnancy--yesterday I painted our walk in closet all by myself, home alone with the toddler.