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7 Youth Retaining Yoga Exercises To Stay Young

Updated on August 3, 2016
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I am a health freak and curious about things that help in living well. I appreciate aesthetics, love to gain and share good knowledge.


In Today’s competitive times we all face numerous stressors, growing up in a globalized world, surrounded by electronic media and confronted with pressures and increased competition in multiple aspects of life. There definitely needs to be a constant stress buster and even better if it comes with anti - ageing benefits. That's where the power of yoga lies, the ages old exercise form practiced from more than 1000 years before. Time tested yoga has numerous benefits for where other exercise forms focus on physical aspects only yoga heals and benefits mind, body and soul. Listed are yoga exercises specifically for youth retaining. Practice them daily to keep signs of ageing at bay.

NOTE : Please learn correct and complete pose form. And do confirm of any precautions as some exercises are prohibited or should be best avoided for people with certain medical conditions.


Head Stand ( Shirshasana )

This exercise need to be learnt and practiced carefully before incorporating it into your exercise routine. Also known as king of all asanas ( yoga exercises ) due to its multiple health benefits. It speeds up the blood circulation and ensures that brain receives sufficient well oxygenated blood which rejuvenates them resulting into youthful glow and increased thinking power. This asana is a tonic for those people who tire quickly. It ensures a proper supply of blood to the pituitary and pineal glands in the brain. Our growth, health and vitality depend on the proper functioning of these two glands.

Pimples and wrinkles are often caused by inadequate removal of waste materials and insufficient nourishment from the blood. Sirsasana directs an oxygen rich flow of blood to the facial skin thereby improving the facial skin. It brings youthful glow, stops wrinkles from forming in the first place and also heals many skin conditions. Hair loss, greying of hair and baldness are often caused due to bad blood circulation in the scalp. Sirsasana doesn’t only direct enriched blood to the brain, it also sends it to the scalp. The transforming of grey hair into its original color and good growth of hair is possible through the practice of this headstand pose. One minute practice of this yoga pose regularly can reverse the age clock and bring out the young new you.

Shoulder Stand ( Sarvangasana )

Shoulder stand is often referred to as the Queen of all yoga postures with Headstand being deemed the King. The many benefits of shoulder stand cannot be ignored, as it is a complete pose, meaning that it aides in the function of the entire body. With main benefits due to increased blood flow to the face, wrinkles are reduced and stopped from forming. If practiced daily you will notice improved complexion and overall skin health.

Shoulder stand promotes deep sleep and can assist in providing rest which again result in proper skin repair and rest to the body necessary for youthful appearance. Sarvangasana balances the hormonal glands, allowing for proper hormone production. This pose also has a soothing effect on the nervous system, those easily irritated, or prone to anger or nervous breakdowns can be stabilized and less reactive to life’s circumstances. Adding this exercise to your daily routine will bring you benefits you'll enjoy for life.

Fish Pose ( Matsyasana )

Start by lying down with your back flat and arms resting on the side. Slightly arching back, while keeping your bum on the floor using your hands and forearms as support. Naturally, your shoulders will be lifted and you want the crown of your skull to touch the mat. There should be very little weight on your head. Hold this pose for 5 breaths. And repeat 5-10 times.

Doing the Fish Pose is like natural botox. It firms the skin from your face to your neck by toning the muscles in those areas. Other than that it has numerous other benefits too. As it helps relieve tension in the neck and shoulders and provides relief from respiratory disorders by encouraging deep breathing.

Plough Pose ( Halasana )

This yoga pose involves lying on your back with both legs extended backwards on ground. Position your hands on the floor to support your elevated lower body. Then raise legs take them backwards while crossing the body. Let your feet touch the floor, position your arms straight along your sides. Hold it for 5-10 counts and repeat 10 times.

The pose stretches your shoulders and your back. Plough pose stimulates digestion, improves oxygen flow to your lungs and reduce blood pressure. With that comes glowing skin and sufficient oxygen in blood and increased circulation helps keeping wrinkles at bay.

Rabbit Pose ( Sasakasana )

Rabbit pose like other yoga poses has numerous benefits and most importantly anti-ageing benefits. As it feeds the nervous system with fresh blood and oxygen. Which is vital and encourages youthful appearance. Add rabbit pose to your daily exercise regime and see it for yourself how it improves physical appearance and mental abilities. It also rejuvenates thyroid and parathyroid glands, balancing and regulating your body’s metabolism and calcium.

For performing Rabbit pose you will need to get on your fours i.e palms and knees. Then bring your head down so that it touches the ground and lies close to your knees. Let your hands reach ankles. Hold this pose for 10 counts and repeat 10 times. Regular practice will surely improve your overall personality.

Nail Rubbing ( Balayam )

This yoga exercise is particularly for hair. Strong hair that lasts long. By regular practice of Balayam you are not going to face any hair fall problems for present and in future. It even helps with greying hair, as it stops further hair greying. Also known for treating other hair related problems.

Rub finger nails good enough so that the nerves under the nail in the nail bed gets good amount friction. Because the nerves under the nail have connection to the scalp, friction generated by the nails help in stimulating flow of blood to scalp and also helps in pumping of oxygen to scalp well. And one more thing, many people do mistake by rubbing their fingers instead of nails.

NOTE : Never rub your thumb nails if you are a girl, as rubbing thumb nails leads to moustache and beard growth.

Breathing Exercises ( pranayama )

Many diseases can only live in an acidic body. Deep breathing reduces the acidity level of the body making it more alkaline. I also reduces the stress levels which when elevated can increase the acidity levels. Even 5 minutes of slow deep conscious breathing once or twice a day can make a huge difference.

Pranayama breathing techniques are beneficial in treating a range of stress related disorders and improves the autonomic functions. It reduces the signs of oxidative stress in the body, providing its anti- ageing benefits. Incorporating pranayama everyday can assist in steady mind, strong will power and sound judgement.

When you catch yourself breathing a shallow breath into your chest or not allowing yourself to complete exhales, slow down. Take a few deep breaths to remind yourself what it should be like.

Alternate Nostril Breathing (Anuloma Viloma) :

Alternate nostrils are closed, generally by using the right hand’s thumb, ring and little finger. The thumb is used for closing the right nostril and the ring and little fingers are used to close the left nostril. The mouth is closed, and is not used for breathing. No sound should be produced while inhaling or exhaling. Breathing pattern goes like this inhale left – exhale right – inhale right – exhale left. Doing 3-5 minutes of this breathing exercise would be enough each day.

Skull Shinning Breath ( Kapalbhati ) :

Kapalabhati consists of alternating short, explosive exhales and slightly longer, passive inhales. Exhales are generated by powerful contractions of the lower belly (between the pubis and navel), which push air out of the lungs. Inhales are responses to the release of this contraction, which sucks air back into the lungs. You can do the exhales and inhales continuously for upto 3 minutes, which should be enough for each day.


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      2 years ago

      My Dear,

      Is this exercise suitable for male? Can we do that?

      Happy Hubbing.


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