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7 deadly causes of depression

Updated on June 3, 2014
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I am a SEO content writer and love to writer because writing is my hobby.

Depression is the one of the alarming diseases current time. This unexpected disorder starts from some irregular practices in daily routine. This disease may happen for many reasons. Today health conscious people are tensed for these types of problem. The experts did not get the actual reason of this illness but they have given some effective information for sufferers. Normally it is explained as a mental disease but most of the times the side effect of this disease create some bad impacts on patient’s physical fitness. So it can be said that it is not only a psychological disorder but also a physical disease. We have thought to ensure the real causes of this disease.

Depression is a curse for normal life. It damages a beautiful life at glance. In every moment we must be aware of this disease. Our consciousness can make us free from this problem. There are many reasons are noticed for this disorder but in this article we’ll try to inform you about 7 deadly causes for depression.

For visitor’s benefit we provided a list. Suggested to follow consistently:

  1. Mentally sickness: it is a great cause of mental disorder that we have ever known
  2. Failing in exam: most of the time patient fall into sadness after failing in the examinations
  3. Reducing stamina or fatigue: patient might fall into depressive disorder when they lost stamina or fatigue.
  4. Tiredness: it is a critical problem for professional person when they get tired for over duties.
  5. Helplessness:normally patient think they are helpless so that they fall into this disorder
  6. Less sleeping or over sleeping: this problem is located in lots of people and they do not know it is a real cause of disorder.
  7. Breaking relationship: this is an extreme reason for depression.

These are some primary causes these are highly responsible for this problem. Decreasing these reasons patient might be able to safe themselves.

People suffer a lot of unexpected problem due to depression. Naturally human is created weakly mentally or physically, they do not control themselves in some critical moment in their life. Doctors prescribe them but they lose trust on them. They think that their life has been finished, so that they drop into mental disorder. They become frustrated and they try to finish their life for simple reason. At this moment they need extra caring. Caring and love inspire them to live for others. We have to make them understand about the importance of life, so that they will try to preserve themselves.

Depression in life is a devastating problem. It can surely spoil our life in a single moment. Lots of lives have lost from this beautiful world due to this terrible disease. It is not a visual disease but its awfulness ruins human life. People do not know the bad effect of this problem as a result they easily fall into this disorder. We must care of the patients with love and good behavior.

We have tried to notify the latest information through our little trying. If you interested to know some additional information you would get suggestion from doctors. We hope you’ll save your life from this curse.


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    • rousho profile image

      Abu sahadat md ayeat ullah 3 years ago from Dhaka,Bangladesh

      Thanks emilyzeinert.

    • emilyzeinert profile image

      Emily Zeinert 3 years ago from Central Coast, NSW, Australia

      Great article, rousho!

    • rousho profile image

      Abu sahadat md ayeat ullah 3 years ago from Dhaka,Bangladesh

      Thanks Janellegems

    • Janellegems profile image

      Janellegems 3 years ago from United States

      Thank you for an informative hub about the causes of depression. Very helpful and useful. Voted up!!!