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7 homework fix saggy butt

Updated on July 25, 2016

Why saggy ass?

Round 3 as one of the criteria for assessing the beauty of women. A circular ring stretch buttocks, stocky always help you confidently wear your favorite dress. Not only that, the plump buttocks round was one for the highlight attraction with men.

In fact, after the reproductive period or working with office requires much sitting, sedentary or erratic increases weight loss ... made the butt of many women within sagging.

How to overcome this phenomenon is the combination of diet, proper rest and strengthening exercise. Here are 7 homework, if regular exercise will help you get round and round 3 stretch toned.

Exercise 1: Kneeling kick back

7 homework fix sagging buttocks - 1

Kick back exercises

Kneeling posture on the floor, hands on his chest, his body parallel to the floor.

Action: Use two hands and knees to do office slowly raised his left leg kicked up high in the leg with thigh posture formed above the rear right angle. Lower left leg down with both hands to lift the right leg as a pole climb rocks.

And so, perform each leg kicked up high turn 10 beats per foot in each training session.

Exercise 2: Lie on your back lifting

7 homework fix sagging buttocks - 2

Supine lifting exercises

Supine posture on the floor, his hands on either side, hands sticking to the floor. The legs to the feet sticking to the floor.

Movement: Use of force neck, hands and feet as office lifting up the back and thighs so that the body and thighs form a straight line above looks like a bridge. Put down the starting position and then raised again. Perform exercises 10 beats per session.

Exercise 3: Scale feet sides

7 homework fix saggy butt - 3

Open kneeling leg exercises

Kneeling posture knees and elbows on the floor as in Exercise 1.

Movement: Use of force and arms as office left knee lift right knee up to the right with his body horizontal range. Next put down as head right knee and lift left knee up as right knee. In turn turns the legs elevated 10 beats per leg during a training session.

Exercise 4: Lie on your back leg straight lift

7 homework fix saggy butt - 4

Exercises supine straight leg raise

Supine posture, arms at her sides, her hands sticking to the floor. Left leg drawn up abreast feet to the floor, right foot straight ahead.

Action: Use force of the left foot, hands and neck lifting yourself up as head so that the body and the left thigh form a straight line, at the same time raise the right leg straight up. Lower yourself to the starting position and then re-raised to 10 beats then lift the left foot switch.

Exercise 5: Lie on the open legs

7 homework fix saggy butt - 5

Research is opening leg exercises

Lying posture, right elbow against the floor, his left hand before the hand against the abdomen, right thigh and placed very close co floor.

Movement: Use of force to do two cylindrical arms and legs, the left leg extended up and then put down. Doing so made 10 beats and then leaned to the left and open leg movements done with the right foot.

Exercise 6: general ago

7 homework fix saggy butt - 6

Previous joint exercises

Standing posture on the floor, legs perpendicular to front, left leg straight behind.

Movement: Slowly lower yourself so that 2/3 of the weight people put on the right leg, left leg straight entail. Perform 10 beats then turned to the left foot behind the front, right foot after the implementation of the action slack left leg during a training session of 10 beats.

Exercise 7: We leaned

7 homework fix saggy butt - 7

Exercise leaned slack

Previous positions perpendicular who left foot, right foot in the back straight, hands placed on the left knee as exercises 6.

Gesture: The sticking out behind his back, and put his palms together and upwards along the bottom all the way down, hold for a few seconds and then take down the old posture. Doing so made 10 beats, then come on back and leaned movements done with the right foot forward.


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