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Updated on May 26, 2016

Having a healthy body and smart would be a dream of everyone. With a healthy body and smart, it will help us in finding a job or activity. The human brain is the central regulator of all activities of the body which has about 100 million neurons and nerve cells in it. If the brain cells impaired even a mild disorder, can lead to body and mental also impaired. The brain is an organ that is most important and the most complicated. If Brain stops working just for a second, so our body will die. The brain is divided into 4 parts, namely a large brain (cerebrum), the brainstem , cerebellum , and the limbic system. 4 parts of the brain will perform its function at any time.

To stay healthy, our brain requires nutrition and adequate nutrition every day. Nutritional value is of course derived from our food consumption. In addition to health care, there are also some foods that will make your brain smarter than people - the most if regularly consumed. Some foods that are good for brain intelligence is:

1. Wheat

In addition to containing vitamin B which is good for maintaining healthy brain nervous system, wheat is also very good to maintaining the workings of the brain. Because wheat contain fiber that can help the supply process of glucose into the body

2. Berries

Fruits that are included in this type are blueberry, cherry, and of course strawberries. Brightly colored berries contain vitamins and anti-oxidants are quite high. Anti-oxidants are very good for preventing cancer. Particularly brain cancer

3. Eggs

You've probably consuming eggs. But not yet know exactly what the substance contained inside an egg. In addition to containing protein, eggs also contain choline which is very good for brain development or maintain a person's memory so its not easy to forget

4. Salmon

Besides good for heart health, it turns salmon was also very good for brain health. Contains omega 3 and DHA, salmon is believed effective to maintain the development and functioning of our brain. To that end, this fish is highly recommended for consumption. Particularly for children who are growing. For those who are not happy to eat fish, can also by consuming fish oil are sold in pharmacies

5. Vegetables

Various types of vegetables can be encountered in the markets or in supermarkets. But you should know that there are several types of vegetables are good for maintaining health and ability of our brain. for example spinach, pumpkin carrots and tomatoes. The vegetables contain anti oxidants to keep your brain in thinking

6. Milk

In addition to containing vitamin D to maintain bone strength, milk is also important to maintain the growth of brain tissue and a source of energy for the brain


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