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7 more vegetables and fruits help to lose weight actually

Updated on March 23, 2016

Weight loss is one of the biggest challenges we face when they have noticed an increase in a few kilos screen or felt that our body is no longer to be attractive, but that is not easy, it requires additional effort to ensure to reach the ideal weight.
Often the first step is to abandon the fast-food and grocery stores, which considered the primary cause of weight gain is. Then it is important, can activate a mathematical routine to pass metabolism that helps the digestive system to burn calories.
However, the most important factor for weight loss is to eat more than the foods that will help decrease amounts, such as vegetables and fruits.
This kind of food is one of the most important sources of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, which play a significant role in weight reduction. Also, these foods bring to our body fibers help digestion and improve Cessna saturation.
In this article you will find your fruits and vegetables with the seven nutrients ideal for sharing a healthy diet, contributes to losing weight.

1. Raspberry
This can be used with the delicious taste in many ways in our diet fruit. Raspberry is on anthocyanins, a substance that contributes to the production of a hormone called Balodaponiktin rates associated with low blood sugar.
Raspberry consumption then is a good way to speed up your metabolism and make the desire to eat.
Moreover, Raspberry facilitates digestion and helps to fight in bringing natural fibers gastroenteritis by his contribution.

2. Option
The choice is one of the best vegetables that we consume in abundance. The choice of 95% of the water is, and is an important pillar in the fiber, which improves digestion and increases the feeling of satiety.
Contributes to the choice of the block water in the body's tissues to reduce swelling and promote weight loss, thanks to its advantage, and reduce inflammatory diuretics. Moreover, when the consumption of 100 grams of the option, the body will not only get 13 calories, making it one of the least bring regarding food calories.

3. Lemon Indian
This delicious fruit acid, consists of 90 percent water and provides a significant source of vitamins and fiber, such as vitamin C, vitamin A and B vitamins (B1, B3, B6).
Sarath, while the body of toxins to clean thanks to the reduced food and wealth content, regular consumption of Indian lemon possible to reduce the weight.

4. Eggplant
These shares Alkhaddruyat ability to control blood sugar and thus play a significant role in the function of metabolism.
Aubergine lacks carbohydrates and calories and is a contrast to the basic nutrients that support various functions vital to members of the body.
For this Malangan excellent option, it can be asserted on in the vegetable diet so that they be included in the recipes of various foods.

5. Berries
This small fruit is known worldwide that the best source of antioxidants helps to improve health.
It is said that this fruit to prevent the anti-cancer properties able to is the work of free radicals available to stop premature aging.
connected on the other side, Valtot important source of anthocyanins, a substance that the revitalization of metabolism that burns fat naturally.

6. Avocado
Moderate consumption of avocados helps to lose weight without suffering, along with the addition of essential nutrients in our body.
Despite the fact that avocados among the richest vegetable calories hands are, but assuming the basic spiritual acids and antioxidants work and burn fat appetite nearby.

7. Pineapple
This tropical fruit is available taste fantastic and are subject to the era of taste. For several years it was used as a medicine against pineapple water accumulate thanks to the diuretic properties utilized in the body that help the body in getting rid of excess fluid.
Pineapple is known to the fiber, vitamins, minerals and enzymes Balbrumilen and who is working on the analysis of proteins and other essential nutrients hard on the digestive system. Pineapple fruit is an excellent way to strengthen the diet, is appropriate to reduce Agatha at.
Please note that all these fruits and vegetables and not Kadam at Kmadzat to work in weight loss. Preferably consumption generous to take advantage of the excellent benefits.


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