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7 ways to stop anxiety attacks

Updated on November 30, 2012

If you're noticing that you are starting to suffer from anxiety, here a few simple tips and alterations you can make to prevent and stop anxiety attacks. There are many different types of anxiety. You want to start to understand when you suffer from your attacks, so that you can learn to understand when and where you experience them. You'll also be able to learn different techniques to overcome your anxiety if you understand the cause of it. An anxiety attack doesn't have to mean that you're unable to move and hyperventilating, those are extreme anxiety attacks. If you are suffering from those types of attacks then you should consult your doctor. Anxiety attack, can be a sudden shortness or breath, chest pain, sudden sweating, these are common reactions to an anxiety attack. There are also other symptoms of suffering from anxiety like going red, chest tightness, difficult to speak, shaking, fear of social situations.

Here are 7 tips and tricks that you can use to overcome anxiety attacks.

1. Health - How is your health lately? Do you notice a difference in your health and diet between when you considered yourself happy and confident to now? If you do then become active again. Even if there hasn't been a change in your health you should still do daily exercise and eat better.

2. Caffeine - Caffeine has been linked to depression. The constant short burst highs and come downs can create a viscous cycle of constantly trying to pick yourself up. Cut out tea, coffee and fizzy drink and replace with fruit juice or water and notice the difference.

3. Control your breathing - You have probably learnt by now when you're about to suffer from an anxiety attack. If you feel it coming on, sit yourself down, stop what you're doing and slow your breathing right down. Focus on taking deep breaths in and slow deep breaths out, whilst relaxing your body.

4 Thoughts - Thoughts are the root of anxiety. As you start to understand the causes of your anxiety you'll notice more and more the negative projections you put in your mind. If you're constantly running the worse case scenario through your mind STOP! Start to see positive outcomes and see your self in a positive light.

5. Accept it - Accepting your anxiety is the first step in overcoming it, many people try to hide their anxiety and avoiding every possible situation that causes it. Social anxiety sufferers can develop Agoraphobia, as their fears and anxieties develop over time by constantly trying to avoid social situations. Most people have suffered from anxiety in their life. By accepting that you are suffering from anxiety and talking about it to close friends you will become less afraid of your anxiety.

6. Where you at? Your surroundings can be the cause of your anxiety. Are you in a job you hate? Your relationship bad? These can cause a heap of negative emotions. Now you can't change anyone else, but you can change yourself. Pick up your mood by listening to upbeat music and watching your favourite comedy programs. Do this on your way to work, whilst on your lunch and when you get home. Your mood will be recognise by others and you will also feel happier in yourself.

7. For the next 30 days try out these tips. Put yourself on a negativity fast, the minute you notice yourself have negative thoughts change them for postive ones. Change your diet, cut out the junk and replace with natural foods. Try and put yourself in situation you would normally feel uncomfortable and seeing a positive result. Take steps each day.

If you would like more tips to overcome anxiety and ways to increase your confidence then check out this site. If you've found this article helpful, please share it by using the the facebook like and twitter buttons at the top of this page.


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