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70% of AIDS Patients are Sexually Transmitted, Mostly Gays

Updated on September 11, 2011

Curing is a kind of precaution

December 1st is the world AIDS day. According to statistics, the number of newly increased patients is falling down, however, the number of patients through sexual contact are increasing. Experts say many patients are in late stages when found, if detected earlier, the life can be prolonged and the disease can be prevented.

Latest statistics show that the number of newly increased AIDS patients is slowing down, this has something to do with the precaution and emphasis the world has on the disease. At the same time, the antiviral method aiming to cure the disease has been very effective, because the antiviral treatment for AIDS patients can lower the detectable virus to the minimum level, which makes it not easily transmittable, so many experts suggest take treatment as the main precautionary method.

Many patients are found ill in their terminal period

It is common that AIDS are not easily detectable, many patients are found ill when they go to hospital for other diagnostics. Some patients are found infected because of recurring pneumonia. Others found with small injury or found with some blood platelet, white cell are not detectable; some others found in surgery or obstetrician.
Many patients are found in their late period and before that, they transmit the disease through various means, so AIDS make more emphasis on early treatment and discovery. In this way, patients can prolong their life and the ill conditions can be slowed down, and the subsequent damage can be lowered relatively.
Warning: gays AIDS patients are increasing
Sexual contact has been the major way to spread AIDS, nowadays around 70% of AIDS patients are sexually transmitted. Many experts point out that gay or lesbian AIDS patients have been increasing at the most rate, especially gays. Because no precautionary measures taken, anal sex easily cause infection.

Seven kinds of people should check early

1.    People who are not using condom during intercourse
2.    Share injectors, drug containers, tools that can poke skin with others.
3.    People who use unchecked blood or blood products.
4.    The baby born from HIV positive virus carrier
5.    Share Unsterilized tools using to make tattoos, pierced ears, also razor and toothbrush
6.    Rescuer who are in contact with the blood of the injury
7.    People who have acted highly dangerous: having many sex partners or pimps and prostitutes, share the same injectors or someone with HIV positive partner.


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