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Find out 8 Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

Updated on March 20, 2013

Green Tea Benefits

Green Tea Benefits

You might be one to drink Green Tea every now and again when you get sick or in the winter. But did you know Green Tea has a host of benefits when you drink it regularly. If not, here are 8 benefits of taking a daily dose of Green Tea!

1.) Lowers Bad Cholesterol

Green Tea aids in lessening the absorption of cholesterol in your blood stream. Also, it helps to remove bad cholesterol in blood stream and overall cholesterol total.

2.) Healthy heart

Green tea has great antioxidants that aid in promoting a healthy heart by dilating it, improving blood flow, helping to decrease chance of clogged arteries due to processed and fried foods. Clogged arteries can lead to stroke or severe heart disease.

3.) Weight Loss

If you are already on a weight loss regimen, you'll have a bit more of an edge incorporating Green Tea in your diet. Hot Tea is a great way to increase your metabolism, but the nutrients in Green Tea and the fact that it is one of the most natural teas out there, works wonders. Also, add in some cinnamon to help bring up your metabolism a bit more and add some flavor to your tea!

4.) Helps to regulate blood sugar

This is a great drink to help with diabetics. It's always a battle to maintain a certain glucose level and this helps stabilize it better. Also, it helps with using your insulin in better ways. If you don't have diabetes, regular green tea consumption is good for keeping yourself in check. Get full off your green tea and omit those sugary fruit juices and sodas. You'll be saving yourself and you don't even know it! As a result of keeping your weight in check, this will help you as far not getting type 2 diabetes as you get older. The cause is often due to being overweight.

5.) Liver Protection

Excessive drinkers are subject to liver damage/liver diseases. It's smart to not only drink responsibly if you do drink, but also help detoxify your liver with water and green tea. The tea will help to clear your body of toxins due to the natural antioxidants. That's one of the main benefits of green tea over other teas (it's least processed).

6.) Helps to prevent certain cancers

It helps to lower chances of breast cancer in women. Not smoking is the best way to prevent lung cancer but green tea helps smokers and non smokers cleanse their lungs. There's even research from the National Cancer Institute that suggest a topical form of green tea to help with precancerous skin growths.

7.) Boost Antioxidants

With so many toxins produced in the air or in chemicals we use, it's important to have a way to help destroy these on a regular basis. Green tea helps to keep your skin healthy and do a reversal to the degenerative cells in your skin to keep you from appearing older. Your cells will remain healthy and vibrant. The antioxidants helps to ward off diseases and foreign substances from getting in your bloodstream. You'll also have more antioxidants absorbed in your stream for a longer period of time.

8.) Boosts your immune system

If you are the type of person to get sick during a weather transition, you may want to stock up early on your green tea. This will help you boost your immunity to the common cold. The flavonoids in green tea help greatly with keeping a sound body. Also, the chlorophyll and fiber helps to reduce waste in your intestines and colon. This gives your body more focus to help keep foreign substances out. The more effective your body performs, the less chance of you getting sick.

For more information on green tea, check out Green Tea For Body.


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