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What Foods Help You Lose Weight?

Updated on November 27, 2018

"What should I eat for weight loss?"

Weight loss has been a big problem for many people in past years. In recent times many products have been coming out to get rid of unwanted fat, but none have seemed to work. Products such as "slim-fast" or pills that enhance weight loss have been a total disappointment with the whole "lose weight fast scam". The thing is, weight lose is not an easy thing and it takes time to do. In my opinion the only way to lose weight is the natural way. The first thing people need to do is eat right and living in a country like the US it seems pretty hard, but truly it is not a difficult task. Stay away from fast-food restaurants, in fact just stay away from restaurants themselves. My grandmother always said to me, "the more you cook the healthier you are". Hopefully the difficulty of losing weight and controlling it will become easier with the foods I have listed below. These foods will enhance your body's ability to lose weight and sustain a healthy diet. Also remember that these foods will not make your fat disappear, but will help you towards your goal. Exercise is always needed when it comes to weight lose, but these 8 key foods to weight loss will make it a whole lot easier for you.

Eat Apples to Lose Weight

The Benifits of Apples

Apples were always known to being a great weight loss food due to its low calorie high fiber make-up. An average apple contains 60 calories and a recent study shows that 3 apples can help ward off hunger for 4 hours because of its fiber contents. An apple also has a very sweet flavor that favors the mouth and is not one of those foods that need to be forced down because of a strict diet. For example, when I was dieting to get back into shape I found it extremely hard to eat egg whites and gagged every time a piece touched my tongue. That consequence is not needed for the sweet treat. As a matter a fact I considered an apple my dessert for dinner because of this sweet sensation. Anyway, other benefits apples have in store for the human body is lowering the risk of heart disease and cancer, but make sure your eating the skin, for they have the most nutritional value. The apple resume just keeps getting better. A recent study performed at many University's, including the University of California, found that apples contain negative calories.

Negative Calories? How could this be?

Well as I said before , the average apple contains 60 calories, but after your body is done fully digesting the fruit your body has went through a non physical workout. Its sounds crazy, but is the honest truth. Your body actually burns more calories digesting the food than the calorie count the apple actually has. Apple's can help you to control weight loss and is a great nutritional food to the body.

Oatmeal can Help Weight Loss

Oatmeal Oh Oatmeal!

Oatmeal has been and will always be one of the best diet foods for a person to indulge in. Oatmeal is a good source of many daily vitamins such as vitamin E, zinc, selenium, copper, iron, manganese, magnesium, and the most well known feature of oatmeal, protein. Oatmeal also contains whole grains which recent studies has shown, they help you control your weight. A normal sized bowl of oatmeal contains about 110 calories, and fills you up due to its high level in fiber. In this low calorie breakfast food, oatmeal contains stanols which help reduce cholesterol. The fat content in a bowl of oatmeal is extremely low also, it only contains 2 grams of fat making you not feel guilty in the morning. Oatmeal also keeps you full for many hours of the day so you don't have to force down fattening snacks before lunch time.

Oatmeal has many health benefits, but you must make sure you keep it healthy. First off, do not buy instant oatmeal because they are heavily processed and you will probably not be getting all of those great benefits. Do not add sugar! Sugar causes belly fat, so use stevia or add fruits like cranberries and apples. Personally, I like adding a half cup of honey nut cheerios with cranberries, great way to start off the day. My recommendation is to buy Steel Cut Oats by Quaker, they are the tastiest kind so you don't have to add bad things like sugar.

Almonds Support Weight Loss

Almonds For Weight Loss?

Yes, almonds don't just taste great but are great for your body and helping control your weight. You must be asking yourself, don't almonds contain a lot of fat. Almonds do contain a good amount of fat, about 15 grams in one ounce, but you need fat in your body and fat is not all that bad. When people hear that they just ate something with fat in it they think their stomach will bulge within one night. That is obviously not the case, you must of coarse eat these nuts in moderation. A perfect amount per day is about 24 whole almonds or one ounce. This will help ward off the hunger for a couple of hours, and it contains excellent nutritional substances. Some of these so called substances are Vitamin E, rhihizeritrol (a anti-inflammatory agent), calcium, and twelve percent of your daily protein. This mid-day snack can also help ward off many cancers such as heart cancer, Colan cancer, and cervical cancer. Not to shabby for a mid-day snack.

Be careful, make sure you always buy all natural almonds not the kind that are packed with salt and artificial flavors. The more salt a person intakes the higher their blood-pressure will be, making, getting rid off all those great qualities in an almond. Also these artificial flavors contain a lot of sugar, which leads straight to your stomach producing that big belly. Great ways to enjoy almonds is crushing them up and adding them into your salad or yogurt.

Salmon - Great for Losing Weight

A Healthy Catch

A delicious meal could not be anymore nutritional. Salmon is packed with proteins and a very infamous fat called omega-3 fat. Oh no more fat? Yes, but this fat isn't the kind that adds to your belly, it actually reduces the mass of that stomach. Omega-3 fats are known for reducing fat by increasing metabolism. Metabolism is increased a lot of insulin is produced by the food your body is digesting. For salmon, massive amounts of this insulin is produced by a combination of vitamin-D, selenium, and omega-3 fats. This omega-3 fat also enhances your vision, cardio-vascular health, and your brain. Salmon helps the body feel more energized and keep you wide awake during the hours of the day. So, if your not just watching what you eat, salmon can help you get through that intense workout at the gym. It doesn't just stop their though. Salmon, only containing about 100 calories for 3 ounces contains almost 17 grams of protein, 0 carbs, and less than 9 grams of fat. Protein, like fiber, helps you stay full for a long amount of time, and is why salmon can help you do just that. Salmon is a great meal for dinner and will help get rid of your night munchies, where the belly fat really builds up.

Again, eat in moderation. Salmon does have a pretty high count in regular fat so don't indulge. A perfect amount of salmon is 3-4 ounces, but because it contains such a high protein count it will keep you full. Eat salmon with a side of greens so the fiber count can increase keeping you hungry for a longer amount of time and overlooking the urge to eat late at night.

Eggs Good for Weight Loss?

Dairy Can Cause Weight Loss Too

Eggs have always been known for their great nutritional value and their ability to help out those who are trying to gain muscle and lose weight. In a recent study from Rochester Centre for Obesity in America, eating eggs can help you reduce the amount of calories you intake during the day. It showed that people who eat eggs in the morning on average eat 400 calories less than the cereal eaters. Just like other foods mentioned above the high amount of protein causes this feeling full effect. One eggs contains about 80 calories, 7 grams of protein, and 4.5 grams of fat, which are great numbers for a diet. The cholesterol in eggs is fairly high though, containing  215mg of the substance. If you are watching your cholesterol I would recommend eating egg whites, it pretty much wipes all of it out. But, if your not watching your cholesterol, eat the whole egg because the yoke is where all of the nutrients is. Some things eggs can help prevent are heart attacks, blood clots, strokes, and breast cancer. The things an egg can do for your body is helping vision, promote healthy hair and nails (B12), and of course help weight loss.

Once again take it into moderation, don't eat 6 eggs for breakfast because then the cholesterol will really start building up and I guarantee you don't want those problems. Also don't add a bunch of ingredients into your morning omelet. If you have too put a slice of cheese in it for calcium and sprinkle some salt on it. Don't add fatty meats like salami, sausage, and all types of hams. My favorite way of making eggs in the morning is scrambled with peppers, spinach,  tomatoes, and one slice of cheese. It's a great way to start off a long day. I highly encourage heavy lifters to eat eggs on a regular basis, for it will increase muscle and help heal muscles quickly so you can hit the gym regularly.

Yogurt Assisting in Weight Loss

A Healthy Dessert

Yogurt is one type of food that is made with something called good bacteria. this good bacteria is great for your immune system to help ward off nasty virus's and sicknesses, but more importantly it helps the digestive system making is faster to process food and increasing your metabolism. Yogurt is also another low calorie, high protein food, so as you already know it is great for stabilizing hunger. On average one cup of yogurt contains about 10 grams of protein and 110 calories, that's a lot of food for a small amount of calories. Yogurt, being a substance from milk, contains a good amount of calcium, and researchers at the University of Knoxville have found that dietary calcium directly influences your weight loss efforts. They found that high calcium foods, such as yogurt, showed that they increase the body fat breakdown and helps preserve metabolism during dieting. The researchers said that getting three servings a day will benefit you the most. Increasing your calcium will also reduce belly fat, helping you slim out your stomach and making your body figure look a hole lot better. The reason yogurt is the best dairy product for you to get this calcium is because you don't have to give up anything when it comes to yogurt. Milk has a high count of fat in it, same thing with cheese, but yogurt does not and it has a low count in calories plus a high count in protein. yogurt is the perfect dieting food and should be eaten daily if you are dieting.

But make sure you are buying plain yogurt, not the kind with the fruit on the bottom. The fruit on the bottom yogurt contains many types of sugars and artificial flavors that are highly processed. This would ruin the effect of getting rid of belly fat because sugars lead straight to your stomach. I will agree plain yogurt does not taste very good, so what I did was add some cinnamon and put about 1/4 of a cup of honey nut cheerios. It taste great and the extra cinnamon holds more nutritious facts to help your body loss weight.

Spinach - A Weight Loss Staple

The Greens

In history spinach has always been used as a healthy ingredient to a meal, tracing back to the ancient Greeks. Well, this isn't much of a surprise because this green leaf holds many benefits including helping you shed some pounds. Spinach is a very high nutrient-dense food, contains high counts in vitamins, minerals, and other phytonutrients. The excellent sources that spinach includes is vitamin K, vitamin A, manganese, calcium, vitamin B12, potassium and vitamin B6. Also, for those people who have a low count in iron, spinach is the answer to your problems. The list of vitamins and minerals in spinach that help the body can go on all day, but I would like to point out three more sources in spinach. Remember the omega 3-fat in salmon, well its back. This omega 3-fat helps weight loss and supports your body with being full for a longer time. This part really tops it off, spinach is a good source of protein, helping the body heal muscles and creating a full effect. Finally, spinach being a vegetable it contains a lot of fiber giving even more of a full effect. Now, lets get to the statistics about spinach. Spinach contains 7 calories for every 1 cup of raw leaves, 0 grams of fat, 1 gram of carbohydrate, and 0 cholesterol. Pretty amazing, I don't think you will have to worry about how much spinach you eat, in fact eat as much as you like. Because unlike the almonds and salmon you are not giving up anything, and the benefits are endless.

Don't ruin the great benefits of spinach by putting fatty dressing on top of the leaves. If you can't eat spinach in a salad without a ton of mayo based dressings load it up on your sandwich for lunch. Everyday I eat a wrap containing turkey, tomato, and spinach, its a nutrients yet filling meal.

Chicken - Protein and Weight Loss go Hand and Hand

Poultry Power

Chicken is, in my opinion, one of the best foods to eat. I am a lifter and love eating chicken after my workouts because I know that chicken will produce that powerful punch to help me build up and stay lean while I'm doing it. In one ounce of chicken you are getting about 6 grams of protein, 0 carbohydrates, about 1 gram of fat, and only 35 calories. Hands down, chicken is the best type of meat for your body to lose weight. Its ability to keep you full with all that protein and not adding on the pounds due to its low counts in fat and calories, keeps this one at the top of my charts. Chicken, like spinach, has been traced back thousands of years ago as being a main food source to the human body, and is why you never see any painting in caves of fat people. Chicken is made up of all kinds of vitamins and minerals, to help your body survive longer, including vitamin B6, vitamin B, iron, and selenium. These certain vitamins and mineral help protect Alzheimer's, cancer, and bone lose in older people.

Once again be careful with this type of food, just because it is chicken doesn't mean its good for you. Stay away from fried chicken and eat chicken that is grilled, roasted, broiled, or pouched because it will save you a lot of calories and fat. Chicken has its own natural flavor that is not bad at all, but if you have to eat it will lemon or mustard. Mustard and lemon are great condiments to use on anything because they contain no extra calories. A great meal is grilled chicken sauteed with mushrooms and onions, and then add a couple of drops of lemon with a side dish of brown rice. Remember "the more you cook the healthier you are".

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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Amazing hub! Thanks for a great post

      Ron from

    • onrea profile image


      8 years ago from Rochester, NY

      Nice article about losing weight. Very helpful, especially the part about eggs. I eat cereal, oatmeal, or egg whites for breakfast and the info on eggs is beneficial. Thanks again. I'm goin' to make breakfast now and then go on my run lol

    • Oldskool903 profile imageAUTHOR

      David Flores 

      9 years ago

      Haha thanks Lady_E.

      Pretty weird but I am the same exact way with the greens, I hate most but love those peas.

      AND PLEASE share away haha

    • Lady_E profile image


      9 years ago from London, UK

      Mmmh this is very interesting and useful. I like everything you have written except the "greens". lol. I hate Veg. (don't mind mushy peas though)

      Thanks for writing this and I will be reading it again after xmas. Must share it with friends too. Best Wishes. :)


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