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8 Best organic oils and fats for muscle, bone and joint health

Updated on February 18, 2018

Summary: organic and unrefined oils and fats as health foods

  • Oils and fats are chemical hydrocarbons, with a medium chain carbon C- compound.
  • Oils or fats provide twice the energy requirements in the foodstuff to the value of 9 calories per 1g, instead of 4 calories as found in protein and carbohydrates.
  • Oils are found in seeds, nuts, and fish; while you get fats from butter, milk and egg yolk for example. While oils are liquids, fats are solids as seen in egg yolks at room temperature and pressure.
  • Oils and fat take at least 6 hours to digest in the belly. They are regard as bad, and causing heart and muscular diseases a long while ago. But now, new studies have found them nourishing and restoring health to the body.
  • Milk, egg, or red meat solids or cholesterols, is very good for the heart and muscles. Joints and bones.
  • They contained bone nourishing elements like calcium, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and others that in combination will synergies the maximum assimilation or absorption of more than one mineral matter to promote muscle, bone, and joint health.
  • These minerals elements are also found in nuts and seeds, legumes, such as groundnuts, coconuts, and soybean.
  • It is best you combined two foods from both vegetable and animal sources for maximum benefits.
  • Dr. Mercola is a noted physician on natural health. He noted that oils from seeds and nuts are medium-chain-triglycerides, MCT. And, that “increased energy level, improved athletic performance” is listed as health benefits. Hence, consuming these food items regularly, your muscles, bones, and joints are nourished and will improve healthily.
  • Furthermore, atherosclerosis is a disease he opined that MCT oils are combating effectively. Hence, he regards and advocates the consumptions of "organic, virgin and, unrefined" oils as "health foods."

Avocado pear is one best vegetable fat in nature

Avocado pear can boost your energy level
Avocado pear can boost your energy level | Source

The best organic oils and fats for muscle, bone and joint health

As a fitness enthusiast, have you ever wondered about the type of organic food oils or fats fit for your muscle, bone, and joint health?

Not all oils or fats, animal or vegetable can be right for your muscles and joints.

Eating the right type is more beneficial.

Oils are a unique class of food that delivers twice the amount of energy found in carbohydrates and proteins. They also contain fatty acids both good and bad.

To begin with, let’s answer this question: what food oils or fats are necessary and essential for your muscle, bone, and joint health?

The answer can be somehow confusing. But you can be assured that oils in nature are always so good. But not all oils are good for the body. Oils can help nourished your joint and muscles, and you gain weight. But carbohydrates tend to accelerate the weight gain process. Why you may wonder.

Carbohydrates are easily digested than fats and proteins, and because of this quickly released their energy into the bloodstream on short notice. Carbohydrate digestion takes place within four hours in the belly, however fats and proteins takes much longer.

Excess of the energy is stored and this is where I and you gain an increase in the body mass index.

Now, let’s say you eat 100g of carbohydrates, 20g of fats and 30g of protein for breakfast. It will take the usual time to release 4 x 100 calories, which is 400 calories. Within this time frame, either fats or proteins have not yet delivered single calorie!

At the end of 4 hours, you are sure to go for another meal say, a snack that will deliver a quickie, because both the fat and protein yet to make headway. It’s got to be a carbohydrate period. Here an orange, apple, melon, cucumber and a guava are much welcome for me. I think you can do well with any of your favorite fruits and vegetables.

So you see how carbs can make you put on more weight than fats and proteins.

Here we will concern ourselves on healthily oils or fats for muscle, bone, and joint health. We start from the vegetable list of foodstuff, for a human being still hardly realized being a vegetarian.

Organic extra virgin olive oil

Olive oil cold pressed and virgin enhanced heart health
Olive oil cold pressed and virgin enhanced heart health | Source

Avocado pear

Avocado is top of the lists of vegetable oils. Most authorities consider it to be number one vegetable fat. The average avocado contains best 80% fat.

Eating the food alone hardly benefit the body. But should you eat it in a combination of other food items like whole wheat bread, rice, bean and citrus fruits? You can eat it with any food. You benefit much, muscle plus heart health. And, remember the heart is a muscle.

Arthritis is a disease of the bones. A specific symptom is an osteoarthritis. Avocado oil in combination with soybean oil helps relieve the illness.

Its fat content is unsaturated so its omega -3 fatty acids delivers heart health. It is a high monounsaturated oleic acid that is comparable to olive oil.

Depending on your age, body mass index BMI, exercise intensity and metabolic rate, you need one whole avocado after your work out to go with your chop plate. Two or three pieces is enough for a week, each piece is for the day of exercise.

Potassium is found in avocado and is responsible for reduced blood pressure. This has a healthy effect on the heart.

Avocado is 80% fat fruit.

Avocado pear promotes muscle health
Avocado pear promotes muscle health | Source

Let your opinion count

Do you enjoy eating organic avocado pear weekly?

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Avocado is an excellent fruit for muscle and bone health

"Avocado are also excellent sources of minerals like iron, copper, magnesium, and manganese. Magnesium is essential for bone strengthening and has a cardiac-protective role as well."

Organic ground nuts or peanuts

Nuts are polyunsaturated oils. Their oils are liquids at room temperature and pressure. Their hardly become solids unless on converting to other foods.

Many bad things have been said about nuts. Some say these little punches are fatling pointing fingers peculiarly at peanuts in particular. I think if you are a sedentary person, eating half a cup of peanuts regularly once a day during every meal, you fit into the fat club.

I do know some ladies who did this and got extremely fat and now have a high blood pressure challenge.

I have tested this and found it to be true. It is the carbohydrate contents in the nuts that did the trick and not the oil or fats.

I have also tested this as an exercise enthusiast and find it real.

However, the energy released is delivered into my muscles.

Peanuts or ground nuts contain manganes, magnesium and phosphorus that will help calcium to be absorbed and this promotes joint, muscle and bone health.

After every exercise of 30 minutes, you can munch half a cup of the peanuts nearly or half done. In this state, it delivers much of the health benefits.

Some authorities say you should eat only 17 to 27 pieces of the nuts on health ground, which is up to a handful. This may be good for sedentary persons.

A jogger like me needs much more than this amount. Before or after jogging a mile from and to, do you think a handful of peanuts or any other nuts like 20 pieces cashew nuts or walnuts is sufficient for me? I doubt it. Unless one is on a weight reduction program, such measures are not sufficient enough.

I eat between half a cup (a cup is 100g) of peanuts along with other food items and rest for 3 hours before jogging for a mile. Think of the amount of energy I give out during the slow leisurely run (and this has to be replaced) or jogging to go for a mile and back!

And on the whole of this, a cup 100g of peanuts delivers:

Carbohydrates.......................31g or 124calories

Oil………………………………………...72g or 576 calories

Protein…………………………………36g or 144 calories

This in all is 844 calories! Notice the calorie value of the oil alone.

Think of the energy to rest, relax, sleep and work and so on after the jog. All these have to be taken into account or you will be doing your body a great harm.

Other nuts like cashew nut, can power your muscles like peanuts, and because of their polyunsaturated states, profit your heart.

Eat some handful of groundnuts regularly with your meal

Roasted groundnuts are naturally energetic super foods
Roasted groundnuts are naturally energetic super foods | Source

Nutrient content of oils and fats that enhanced muscle health

Oils or fats
Avocado pear
Ground nuts
Soy bean
Coconut meat
Fish (mullet)
Red meat
Nutrient contents of selected foodstuffs

Organic avocado pear helps boost your energy

Eat avocado pear for your muscle and bone health
Eat avocado pear for your muscle and bone health | Source

Organic soybean

Beans have polyunsaturated oils. Soya bean has the higher content of oils than most beans. That of the white bean is low, but the oil of any bean will deliver health and well being to your muscles.

Add some beans meal as a side dish to most of your chop plates.

Bean also deliver omega -3 fatty acid and may benefit not only your muscles and joints but your heart health.

The only bad thing about bean is that it is gas forming in the intestinal tract. I have experienced this when I begin to chop bean daily. However, this is overcome by including roasted garlic lobe in the meal. Two lobes are enough for a plate of the bean.

Best of all, bean, when cooked and left overnight increased its nutritional value, palatable and help reduce gas forming in the belly.

Coconut meat

Coconut is worst of the fruits spoken about by health authorities. Due to its many fat contents, it is regarded as a cause of heart disease.

However, it is a medium-chain-triglyceride compound. Lauric acid is its most important fat coconut meat provide.

According to Dr. Mercola, coconut meat is rich in vitamin, minerals, and calories.

It enables the body to absorbed magnesium and calcium essential for bone health. Weekly eating of the fruit especially by the elderly will prevent the formation of osteoporosis. Dr. Mercola, held it the meat prevent the formation of atherosclerosis.

Coconut meat can be prepared to treat rice meal and gives rice an appealing nice and flavor taste, called coconut rice.

Coconut meat can be used to prepare delicious meals

A plate of rice chop can be garnished with coconut milk
A plate of rice chop can be garnished with coconut milk | Source

Visit any coconut farm during your holiday

coconut farm, Liberia:
Coconut Farm, Liberia

get directions

Fish oil

Fish oil is high on the list of animals, fish being cold blooded. Due to their omega -3 fatty acids, fish oil benefit the muscles and especially the heart, which is one of the most important muscles of the body.

Fish oil is liquid at room temperature and pressure. They are polyunsaturated and contain no cholesterol. Here they befriend your heart much better than any animal products.

As a person who is regular on your weekly workouts, eat fish regularly. It is said one should eat a minimum of 3 oz of fish two or three times in the week. It all depends on your calorie needs. But you are much better off if you eat some fish every day in their varieties, and not just weekly.

Varied your fish food. Eat mullets, sardines, tuna, and cod and eel skippers. Fish or kinds of seafood will include shrimps, lobster, crabs, and so on.

I like sardines and mullets very much, and there is no day that I will not munch a piece or two of either a sardine or mullet not to think of it in my chop plates.

These two spices are very much heart friendly due to their omega -3 fatty acid contents.

At times I extract their fresh oils (for I am a fisherman) and dress my bread with them instead of avocado or butter.

In addition they soft bones are a good source of calcium salt. The bones of mullets when the fish is preserved with peanut oil for over three days get soften as a sardine and is easily absorbed into the bloodstream.

You can eat fish with any food. You can even enjoy it over a cup of tea or a glass of wine or juice along with a handful of peanuts.

The protein of fish is more satiating than any animal or bird proteins. Fish contained up to 18 amino acids.

Fish like mullets has high omega-3 fatty acid content

Fresh mullets will provide your body with 18 amino acids
Fresh mullets will provide your body with 18 amino acids | Source

Red meat from organic grazing cows promotes muscular weight

Be sure to include a generous portion in your chops.

But the fats of meats have one demerit. It has cholesterol. Although this is good to a limited degree, you should buy your meat cut along with bone marrow. These soft bones offer calcium that is easily absorbed by the body in the bloodstream. In addition, the cells of the blood muscles are contained in the bone marrow.

The fat of red meat is easily digested to release energy and can help you gain muscular weight.

Another bad thing about red meat is that it degenerates bone health. This should not happen to anyone who regularly taken up their physical exercise two or three times in the week. If you execute your plyometrics exercises weekly or you jog weekly, the better for you. Osteoporosis or loss of bone is more common with sedentary persons past middle age even if they do not eat meat.

Normally, red meat from inorganic husbandry that is feed from grazing and receives enough sunshine did not carry many polysaturated fats. It is red meat from inorganic farms that you have to be very cautious and worry about.

Grazing cows provides excellent red meat

Grazing cows provides the best of red meat and milk
Grazing cows provides the best of red meat and milk | Source

Fresh organic eggs

Eggs have both good and bad cholesterol. However, they are important for your muscles. Remember your heart is a muscle. The bad cholesterol contains polysaturates; and this is easily taken care of by many good fats (oils) from nuts, seeds, vegetables, and fruits.

Egg fats contain omega -3 fatty acid or the good fat. Eating too much egg means too many polysaturates will be deposit in the bloodstream, which is bad even for a keep fit enthusiast.

Two or three egg, two times in the week is alright for you. Say you eat two eggs on two different days. The math is that you eat four eggs in the week, right? And be sure to eat them with some handful of nuts especially, peanuts that have many polyunsaturated fats or oils. This will take care of the bad fats in the egg.

Organic eggs have complete amino acid

Organic eggs have good cholesterol for heart health
Organic eggs have good cholesterol for heart health | Source

Whey or casein milk

milk is ideally good for the bones. It contains calcium and is easily absorbed after digestion.

Nature design cow’s milk to make baby cows grow well and strong. Cow’s milk contains all the essential amino acid. It has dairy protein casein and whey, which helps in muscle repair and growth. So, you can add milk to your daily meals like tea, coffee, cocoa, custard, and oats.

This will help build lean muscles.

The most vital nutritional content of milk essential for bone and muscle health are:

  • Calcium, necessary for muscle contraction.
  • Choline, vital for muscle movement.
  • Potassium, protect loss of muscle mass.
  • Vitamin D, for bone health.

Milk does not contain vitamin D. But it is added as a supplement.

Milk from cows is will make bones grow strong

Cows grazing in the sun and feeding on natures greens
Cows grazing in the sun and feeding on natures greens | Source

Serving of food portion

The serving or portion of food to eat differs with individuals. It will depend more on age, weight, exercise, physical activity, eating habit, and metabolic rate and so on.

On the whole, the more energy you give out, you have to take in the equivalent amount; plus more to maintain other needs, like repair of tissues, digestion, sleep and so on.

Hence, I can eat a serving of two cup of avocados today if I am very hungry due to physical exertion, via exercise. But at odd times I eat just one cup.

It all depends on each person’s needs.

To your good health!

© 2018 Miebakagh Fiberesima


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