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8 Facts you need to know about smoking

Updated on May 5, 2011

  Knowing the facts may help you quit smoking

Smoking  has been proven to be dangerous to your health.   The warnings  are right there on the label of any tobacco product that you  purchase  but the sale of tobacco is still a major purchase in many consumers  lives.  Smoking is now banned in many states in all restaurants  and bars because  of the danger of second hand smoke.  Various  methods exist that offer ways to  quit smoking such as hypnosis,  subliminal therapy, group support, nicotine gums  and medically  supervised treatment to name just a few.  If you still can't decide to stop smoking them the list below from Covenant Medical Center in Waterloo, Iowa may just change your mind.

8  Facts you need to know about smoking:


  1. You would have to drink 6-8 glasses of water a  day for a  week to flush out the nicotine in your body. 
  2.  Eating sugary or spicy foods or drinking alcohol can actually trigger the desire to smoke.
  3. 70% of the tar and nicotine inhaled during smoking is retained in the lungs.
  4. Over 4000 chemicals are found in cigarettes and more than 30 of these chemicals are known cancer causing agents.
  5. Children who smoke are 15 times more likely to get involved with narcotic drugs than childen who have never smoked.
  6. Smoking contributes to one third of all home fires.
  7. A cigarette eaten by a baby or toddler can kill them.
  8. The nicotine in one pack of cigarettes is enough to kill you if you were injected with it all in one dose.

 Tips to succeed in stop smoking:

  • Remember the negative ways that smoking effects your life.
  • The stains on teeth, the foul breath, the smell of smoke that clings to your clothing, skin and hair, etc.
  • When talking on the phone hold a pencil in your hand instead of a cigarette.
  • Take up a hobby that keeps your hands busy.
  • Walk through your home or office and get rid of every ashtray you can find.
  • Make an appointment to get your teeth cleaned by your dentist.  The bright white smile will make will want to make you keep them gleeming white.
  • Avoid boredom and keep yourself busy-read a book, solve a puzzle, go for a walk, etc.
  • Reward yourself for not smoking.



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