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8 People With Extra Body Parts

Updated on November 10, 2011

Ever wondered what it's like to have an extra head? A couple extra legs? Six extra fingers? These 8 people didn’t have a choice—they were born with all sorts of extras, from individual parts like arms, legs and heads to a complete fetus growing out of their back. Doctors had to perform insane, one-of-a-kind surgeries, but thanks to knowlege-sharing technologies like telehealth, every one of these patients survived.

Extra Head


After undergoing many fertility treatments, Egyptian Naglaa Mohamed was thrilled to finally be pregnant with twins. Her pregnancy was extremely difficult, but it wasn’t until the first twin, Manar, was delivered that doctors discovered serious complications. The twins were conjoined at the head, but an emergency c-section revealed something even more unusual: the second twin, named Islaam, was JUST A HEAD. It was fully-developed and capable of smiling and blinking, and even had its own brain. When one head was smiling, the other could be screaming.

The head was living off of his sister’s organs and caused her so much strain that she suffered multiple heart failures. The only chance for survival was for doctors to surgically remove the extra head—a procedure with a 100% chance of death. But miraculously, she survived the surgery and is now a healthy youngster.

Extra Arm


In 2006, a baby was born in Shanghai with a very unusual condition: a fully-developed third arm. Neither of his left arms were fully functional, but because they were both so complete, doctors had a difficult time determining which one to remove. They eventually took off the arm that laid across his chest because it couldn’t fully extend, leaving the one higher up on the shoulder intact. The boy has to undergo intensive physical therapy to gain function in his remaining hand, which has no palm.

Extra Nose


Bill Durks (1913-1975) suffered from frontonasal dysplasia, which occurs when the 2 halves of an embryo’s face fail to come together completely. In addition to a deeply cleft lip and palate, he also had two noses with one nostril each. Bill joined the freak show in his 40s and, after painting a 3rd eye between the bridges of his noses, became the “Man With 3 Eyes.” Not surprisingly, he was incredibly shy in public and had a hard time interacting with others. But once he met Milly Durks, the “Alligator-Skinned Woman,” he finally found love. They married and had many happy years together until Milly’s death in 1968.

Extra Fetus Attached To Your Back


Being a twin isn’t that unusual, but having a twin growing out of your back sure is! If that sentence confuses you, let me explain. A Chinese girl was born with an undeveloped fetus in growing from her back. That’s right, growing. That twins have grown together, and at 11 years old, the parasitic twin is so developed that you can clearly see an arm and a chest. The girl carrying the fetus is only 3 foot 8 inches tall and her back has been forever deformed by the abnormality. Luckily, her parents finally saved up enough money for surgery and successfully removed the twin from their daughter’s back.

Extra Fingers AND Toes


This six-year-old boy had 15 fingers and 16 toes! His doctor said the most digits ever reported was 25, and this boy had 31, which is probably the world record. His surgery to reduce his digits to the usual 10 and 10 took over 5 hours, but it was very success. The boy is now happy to be able to wear normal shoes and his doctors said he’ll be able to use chopsticks in just a few months.

Extra Nipple

See that mole below Mark Wahlberg’s left nipple? Yeah, that’s another nipple. A little disappointing, isn’t it. He once made a very big deal about having it removed, but he has since changed his mind, referring to his third nipple as his “prized possession.” Lily Allen has one too, as does Carrie Underwood. They’re often mistaken for moles, so maybe you have one too. Check now.

2 Extra Arms and 2 Extra Legs


Lakshmi Tatma was born with 4 arms and 4 legs as a result of a condition called ischiopagus, meaning she is half of a conjoined twin that stopped developing in the womb. When the parasitic twin died, Lakshmi absorbed her twin's arms, legs, kidneys, stomach, chest cavities and nerves. Shortly after birth, a local circus tried to buy her (seriously), but her parents weren’t evil and decided to go the doctor route instead. It took 30 surgeons more than 27 hours to not only remove her extra limbs, but also rebuild her body and save her organs. The $625,000 hospital bill was paid by hospital’s generous foundation.

Extra Uterus


Andreea Barbosa, a twenty-year-old Florida woman, gave birth to healthy fraternal twins. Sound normal? It’s not. Andreea has two uteruses, with one twin born from each side. This condition only happens once in every 5 million births and only 100 similar cases have ever been documented because women with two uteruses have an increased risk of infertility, miscarriage or premature birth.


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    • profile image


      13 months ago

      I love reading stuff like this... did you hear about the 40-year-old man inside a 10-year-old's body?

    • profile image

      that is so sad about them kids 

      3 years ago

      that is so sad about them kids

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      This is awesome and good thing to read and learn from I love it thanks for sharing.

    • profile image


      4 years ago


    • precy anza profile image

      precy anza 

      6 years ago from USA

      Wow! This just captured my interest. I remember watching on the news about a baby born with a tail but I haven't seen this images you posted. Thanks for the post!


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