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8 Quick Tips to hide the excess fat without dieting

Updated on March 23, 2016

There are a lot of tricks that are displayed, can be used, is a little thinner than we seem him as the body to hide defects, which helps to protect the use of particular types of clothing at Think of accumulated fat in your body,

For example, certain types of skirts or other pants can wear that will help you to hide excess weight in the buttocks area, which can represent for some a lot of trouble, especially since attempts to get rid of excess body weight, is a difficult problem that a lot takes time and effort and will.

The meandering found the body in a private area buttocks when they suffer from obesity caused attract attention even severe embarrassment brought about in some situations, and filled buttocks recently become standards of beauty, especially after what we saw show Celebrities is full of something, but a large excess of the limit are not grainy hidden for this.

This provides you with a "life" in this article some of the clothing styles that help without resorting to cruel food diets hide meandering and obesity in the buttocks area.

1. Body shaping
There are a lot of underwear, which works primarily on body shaping, where there is much common lately some of the products of underwear as "Anchors's" and that raise the work on the body and at the end of the strength of the graceful and harmonious,

2. Wear loose fitting clothes
Make sure to wear baggy clothes from the waist and buttocks, and buy soft fabrics that Tatty look more feminine.

3. Avoid colors that do not match your skin
Avoid colors that do not match your skin and preferred to use bright colors with small Anakouchet because large engravings show the waist and buttocks larger size.

4. Use State attention Accessories
If you want to wear pants, you must select with elegant blouse bright colors the right size for you to bring a big order prefer attention to the upper part of the body to pull and draw the attention of the bum and waist.

5. Exercise
National Movement of the exercise that the buttocks to lift helps to address this problem to get rid of, and always make sure that the activities take work with a healthy diet, you get your ideal weight and even get rid of the problem and buttocks excess.

6. Stay away from short clothes
Remain in the use of short blouses away, and replace it with another nationalist little longer a balanced view of your body to get.

7. Wear pants Petition
Ensure full trousers, the latest cries of pants for this year, focus to bear on the bright colors in the upper part of the body.

8. Piece of cloth or scarf
Junior appearance and the process can be connected to a scarf or a piece of cloth and around the central region, are used, and tried to be made of soft materials, there will be the biggest draw of the body and form coherent and balanced.


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