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8 Tricks not to Get Drunk Quickly

Updated on November 10, 2011

Tricks not to get drunk quickly

1. Don’t drink with empty stomach
People can get drunk easily because alcohol is absorbed quickly with empty stomach. Eat something before going to parties, what should we eat? Food contains high proteins is a good choice. For example, 2 eggs, milk, soy bean milk etc. because these high proteins food can combine with alchohol in the stomach and cause reaction. It reduce the absorbtion of alcohol. It should be noted that salty fish, sausages, cured meat should not be consumed with alchohol because this kind of food contains a lot of nitrosamines and pigments, which is reactive with alchohol. It hurts mouth, liver, esophageal mucous membrane and even causes cancer.
2. Don’t drink alcohol with carbonated beverages like cola or soda
This kind of beverages contains components speed up the absorbtion of alcohol. Don’t do it with many kinds of alcohol, for example, drink one bottle of beer and a cup of spirit, then a cup of wine. You can get drunk fast this way.
3. Drink much hot water when drinking alcohol.
For quick passing the alchohol out with urine, go to toilet frequently when drinking beer. Add some ice when you drink spirit. After drinking, drink hot soup as much as possible. Especially fish soup with shredded ginger. It has really good effect of removing drunkenness.
4. Eat much green vegetables when drinking alcohol
Because alchohol has great harms to liver, the antioxidant and vitamins in vegetables can protect liver. Eat some soy products, the lecithin in which can protect liver.

tricks not to get drunk quickly

tricks not to get drunk quickly
tricks not to get drunk quickly

5. Drink some light tea
Tea polyphenols in tea has some functions of protecting liver, but theophylline in strong tea can shrink blood vessels, causing blood pressure to rise. It causes headaches, having some light tea after drinking alcohol is a good choice. Eating some fruit or fruit juice also helps, because the sour components of which can neutralize alcohol.
6. Don’t be too fast in drinking
5 minutes after drinking, the alcohol enters blood. After 30 to 120 minutes reaches its peak. Drinking fast means quick ethanol density rise, body quickly plummetes into drunken status. Drinking slow means having enough time to resolve the ethanol. We do not easily get drunk with less amount of ethanol.
7. Eat something when drinking
Eating pork liver when drinking. Because pork liver can improve detoxifying ability of our body. People who often drink can lose Vitamin B and the pork liver is also a food contains the most vitamin B, so eating pork liver or fried pork liver is an ideal dish goes with wine.
8. Dessert and some fruits
Eating fruit or dessert immediately after drinking can keep a sobre state. Eating sweet tomatoes after drinking makes the alchohol smell go away. Sweet tamatoes contains a lot of fruit sugar to oxidize ethanol. It quickly dissolve and changes ethonol. Dessert has the similar function.


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    • profile image

      Health Guru 3 years ago

      If non of the above works for you, as it doesn't work for me because i kind of like being drunk. I have read about a cool way to get undrunk superfast. Just eat too spoons of honey before you go to sleep...

      There are more health tips here

    • profile image

      Ilsa Gutmann 3 years ago

      Health officials and concerned parents advise us not to mix drinks or to drink on an empty stomach. They don't realise it's exactly what we'll do if it means getting very drunk, very quickly. The aim of the game is to get messy – at any student pre-drinks there will be at least someone who says: "I want to get absolutely smashed tonight." Find out some other health tricks at health magazine:

    • profile image

      Liquor 3 years ago

      I have a developed a quite a good capacity after lots of drinking. Can not get drunk quickly. Drink lots of water after large drink.


    • profile image 3 years ago

      Wow that is great info.

    • oliwier profile image

      Richard Warren 4 years ago from London, United Kingdom

      Great tips to remember whenever I'll drink. Thanks!

    • profile image

      Mark Noo 4 years ago

      Go with the short pour. Tell the bartender/waitress to use only half shots. Or, if it is beer. Don't drink the craft brews, they usually have a high alcohol content for beer. Order a big brewery beer, like Coors Light or Miller. They usually have a lower alcohol content.

      I know a few drunks who have tricked their wives by ditching big brewery beer and going for craft and fotified beers. Six craft beers, if chosen properly, can equal about 10 regular beers.

    • profile image

      Mark 4 years ago

      I had a friend who used to force himself to vomit. Some alcohol is absorbed through the stomach but most is absorbed in the intestines. That is one of the reasons carbonation increase alcohol absorption. Carbonation blasts the pyloric valve and gets the alcohol out of the stomach and into the intestine. (small)

    • profile image

      Dimitry 4 years ago

      Green tea is also very helpful for not getting drunk as well as hangovers. Try it! , I think it's one of the best ways honestly. If you drink some of the best green tea anyway... What do you think?

    • profile image 4 years ago

      great stuff

    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 5 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      Super tips here and most helpful too, when drinking these points must be considered.