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8 of the Best Stress Relief Exercises Today

Updated on September 9, 2009

8 of the Best Stress Relief Exercises Today

I now want to teach you methods that will help you get rid of your stress; consider them the best stress relief exercises. There will be various techniques that I will mention and it will be your job to figure out which stress relief exercises help you out the most. Once you have figured them out, I urge you to continue working on the techniques until all your stress has been lifted up and out of your life!

Cardio training - Get that heart pumping by jumping on the elliptical, bicycle, or treadmill. Working out on any of these machines for 30 minutes will help reduce those stress levels. If you cannot workout that long, try doing 5 minutes to start. From there, slowly work your way up to a desirable level of exercise. With your heart now pumping, you will be able to focus on that rhythm and take a break from your usual stressors in your life.

Weight lifting - Pick up weights to reduce the stress of life. Weight training is a good way to build muscle and feel great. You should try working out for 1 hour. This new muscle that you will build helps with confidence levels, which makes a better lifestyle. Not only will you have this new look and confidence, you will have reduced your stress levels because of your committed focus to your weight training routine. So get out there and do some weight training.
Aerobics - If you do not like using the cardio machines at your local gym, why not try aerobics instead. Aerobics can help you lose weight and meet new people. You should part take in 30 minute classes if you can. This will help with balancing the chemicals in your brain with something called Endorphins--the feel good natural chemical in your body. With the combination of everything aerobics has to offer, you will in no time feel your stress leave your body.

Walking indoors - If you cannot handle the fast pace nature of the cardio machines and aerobics, just go for a walk around the track of your gym. Take a friend with you if you want. You can talk, walk and forget all your stress!

Walking outdoors - Take a walk outside and smell the fresh air. See the trees and all the animals. Embrace nature. Focus on all that is around you outside while you are walking.

Stretching - Bring out the yoga mat and give your body a good stretch. By stretching, you help get the blood flowing faster throughout your body. This will help you feel awake and better about life.

Meditation - Pick a dark place to sit in. Make sure you are by yourself. Pick a word. Say it over and over again. Try not to think about anything else but that word for 30 minutes to an hour. Your will feel great!

Fun Activities - This is the easiest and best way in my opinion to reduce the stress. Do something that your like to do. Simple enough. If you like playing the guitar, reading a book, going camping or traveling, do it. Since it is something that you like, you will be able to focus more intently on that which you like than the stressor that occupies your life.

If you practice any of these stress relief exercises, you will definitely see a change in your overall stress levels. The key to this is to maintain your exercise routine. If you fall out of routine, you will only return to where you are right now--SUPER STRESSED OUT! Keep working on these stress relief exercises and make your life better.


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