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8 Simple Steps to Increase Your Income, Protect Your Future & Succeed at Life

Updated on June 2, 2017

Succeed In Life - Understand Your REAL Situation. The Eye Opener

Ever feel you need to clear your throat, completely congested and after coughing up a mess, you feel completely clean and clear, breathing easy? What you will read next may feel the same.

The steps to increasing your income comes with your first step being the hardest. The first step is about clearing away all of your congestion. It took me a while to get this lesson, but once I did it, the following steps became much easier.

To succeed in life, just don't skip this first step!

OK!....but it begins with a story...

I remember interviewing Robbie Williams when I was a radio personality and understanding that he was on a multi-million dollar contract and I was on around $40k per year, ascending to my dream to be famous. I realized that I was just a small instrument for him to earn his money. He answered my questions, catering to his ego, promoting his album and portraying him in a way that assisted him in selling more albums.

I believed I was succeeding in life and winning life's game. I was working 6 days a week, was networked around the country and my whole purpose, I realized, was to keep everyone dumbed down, listening to repetitive music, pretending they actually had a vote in a pre-set Hot 30 countdown and running silly competitions that kept them tuned in and the phones lit up.

It took me a while to understand my situation. Then I realised this was not a congruent path to succeeding in life at all. There would be no enlightenment or deeper attainment.

I had a good life but there was no future to it. Provided I was only about work, and never looked beyond it, my job was safe...for a while. Too many media personalities had fallen, winding up unemployed with no other real skills. In fact, some of my greatest mentors were forced to move to small country towns to find work.

I could not crack the fame AND money code. And being a big fish in a small pond was as far as I wanted to take the fame thing.

As I tuned in to commercial media again and again in my car or when I dragged myself home at night, I constantly found myself depressed or feeling unintelligent, because there was only ever doom and gloom. Only the lowest common denominator was being catered for. I wondered what the wealthy people listened to or watch? What was I being denied? Were there daily reading, listening and viewing habits dictating how they would succeed in life?

But as I was much closer to the situation than most, I could understand the machine running in the background more that kept the wheels turning on this draining, slave creating system. I could observe more than most and I knew I was just contributing to it for just under $40k per year, with the carrot always dangling that next ratings season, I might earn more, so just "Stick with it!"

This is was NOT succeeding in life.

The money never came by the way.

Maybe you can relate to constantly feeling drained and not quite understanding why. Each day begins with a little dread and by late afternoon you are just wondering what's on television that night. In my early days, because I had no mentors to guide my mind even just a little, this was how I lived. I thought that I was succeeding in life, yet the reality is I would be very stuck unless something changed.

A bottle of your favorite beer or wine you saw advertised on that billboard seems like a great idea at this point. That will dumb the sense and make you feel as though you are living the 'simple things in life'.

Perhaps you constantly feel your job is at threat and so you are too scared to take risks that could greatly benefit you.

Perhaps you constantly feel the threat of a potential interest rise and so you save as much as you can and make the harsh decision to put off your dream vacation.

Perhaps you feel depressed that you think you have no time for the gym, due to the time it takes to navigate heavy traffic at night and then cook a healthy meal. And so you read in mainstream media about some "miracle fat loss drug" that will give you the body you want in your so limited time frame. But it will cost you! And so you put off the next adventure in place of saving for that new miracle cure that the mainstream media is pushing on you.

Perhaps you feel you have missed the boat when A Current Affair shows how millions of people are making money on Ebay or creating some cool app. Maybe you just feel dumb.

Perhaps you are getting caught up in the "mainstream" seminar system where a 'wealth guru' speaking onstage has a miracle business system for you for $50k. Just rush up the back at the end as their course is STRICTLY limited!

Perhaps those repetitive songs you hear on the way to work are just playing in your head, among all of the other negative feeds that have been forced in there to help keep you in your place, depressed, with little hope, no answers and no cognitive ability to properly think for yourself.

Yet, because you don't know where else to look, and you have been completely indoctrinated into believing that mainstream media and a mainstream seminar system has your best interests at heart, you just feel even more lost and confused. Why can't you crack the code?

Well, I not only have some answers for you below, but I also have a plan of action. Let's go!

Switch off ALL Advertising

Step 1 - See No Evil. Hear No Evil. Speak No Evil

Here is a VERY direct and profound statement. There is no longer any journalistic integrity.

Look, I have met the owners of radio stations and television stations. They are only about making money. I have met many journalists and they are only about keeping their jobs, filling their time slots and are scared of budget cuts. They have bills to pay just like you. But they also know that they are not paid well, yet at the same time know there are thousands of "wanna be journalists", straight out of university and college who are eager to replace them on minimum wage. They must deliver. They must also shorten their stories to 1-2 minutes. They have a set number of hours to work, just like you, and just like you, must navigate traffic to get home, completely drained.

A journalist doesn't even need to leave the office now. There is always somebody sending in smartphone video footage that they can edit and voiceover. It saves them time. So whatever they are feeding you is really just to keep their jobs, toe the line and go home. The owners know that in order to make money, they should keep the public dumb and aim for the lowest common denominator. This sells advertising.To do that, they keep the journalists either scared or feeling apathetic,

So no, you are not being fed groundbreaking news...ever.

The same goes with music. Same beat, rhyming words, with certain sounds that put you in a predefined mood, some auto-tune and a little bit of scandal to sell the albums.

Labels just churn the music like meat through a grinder. It is a money making system meant to feed you an up and down mood, taking you back to painful memories and throwing you completely off track.

It's time to turn all this crap off and concentrate on money making objectives, completely unclouded of mainstream opinion and depression.

Here is a test. Put your best news presenters voice on and read what's below, out loud and tell me if it sounds all too familiar:

"In the mainstream news today...

Dozens of male perverts have been arrested for stalking kiddies, a sharp rise since 2013 and it should only get worse next year. Also half a dozen rapists have been caught stalking women at night, in every major capital city, also an incline from just last month. Yes, any time you see a man hugging a child, he is most probably an evil perve.

There has been a sharp rise in men naked in trench coats flashing people in parks. Please don't enjoy the public parks. They may look welcoming but monsters lurk there.

There has been a sharp rise in armed, home robberies, so please stay scared in your homes tonight. Next time you see a guy with tatts, he is probably a criminal.

Next, is every man evil and creepy? A new study says yes! Here is a lady in a white trench coat to talk about this some more.

There has been outrage somewhere too... Yes outrage... We love using this word, so let's use it in our next piece...umm... There has been outrage because somebody with a Christian belief said that marriage is for man and woman only. So much outrage that peaceful protesters have threatened to burn the churches down....peacefully, because everyone has a right to an opinion, unless of course you have an opinion against gay marriage.

Also, outrage as the people who claim the dole may actually be forced to work for the dole to get some actual work experience. Pure outrage. This is disgusting. Let's go to some poor suburb and get their outrage so you feel outraged or you feel outraged that you are paying for their ciggies and alcohol, because that is all they do, drink and smoke. Feel outraged!

To politicians and it seems they are only out to destroy the environment and do no good for anyone, anywhere. Governments are evil. This politician has been accused of 'rorting' poor people and beating up the homeless.

Meanwhile thousands of jobs may be made redundant some time in the future and people will be struggling to put food on the table at some point.

Thousands of Africans may die of starvation because of the white man and seas will rise and animals will be extinct in the next 20 years unless you feel more guilty and don't start liking more animal cruelty stories on Facebook and making abusive comments, while at the same time giving nothing to a wildlife charity. Please feel extremely guilty about crimes you never committed in other countries and for things you can do nothing about. We hope you feel even more helpless to act.

Next, to the wars...wars, wars, wars that have so far killed just women and children, the only people worth reporting on here because who has sympathy for innocent men stuck in a battle trying to protect their family? This won't sell advertising. (Quick! Edit any footage of men out, especially the ones trying to do some good, and only film men who have a gun in their hands and are shouting out something in arabic... So that we get the monkey's who watch and listen to this crap to hate Muslims...inciting more hatred. Ok now cut to the kids crying. Saweet!! Perfect editing guys! Good to see you only filmed out in a country village somewhere so that we make their whole country look like a desert, hiding the actual, peaceful cities.)

Oh and finally, to end the news, here is a cat doing something cute with his new friend, a parrot..hahahaha...oh those cute fluffy animals. Til tomorrow, have a great night."

Arrrghhhh!!! How depressed can one get on a drive home with the radio on, or cooking with the TV on in the background?

It is amazing how the majority population soak up this crap and live on it.

Look, you may know that mainstream media is bad for you. You have read it on the Internet. But take it from somebody whose career revolved around it, You are REALLLLLLLY being taken for a ride. turn it off! Don't pick up a newspaper. Don't buy a magazine. Don't wait for your favorite television show to come on. In fact, if you REALLY love a television show, you should never need to wait for IT. It should wait for you. Get it online, not on television where you will be subjected to painfully long and mind-numbing television commercials.

Switch off advertising. From today onwards, you will no longer see advertising.

To switch off advertising, do the following:

For the radio on the way to work, head to and create your own free radio station. It's free to sign up. Type in your favorite song or artist and Pandora will populate an entire radio station with just that style of music, no advertising. Music only.

For the television, go online. Ad free television stations await you for a VERY small monthly fee! There is also Yotube. If you are sneaky, you can even find FREE livestreaming television websites where you type in your favorite TV show, click play and have you ad free 45 minute show fix. Not that I encourage that...but it is available when you look outside the box.

Just do a Google search.

By switching off the mainstream media altogether you release the systems grip on you. It may still have your earnings in its tight grasp and it may still control your daily movements and life experiences, but it can nl longer control your mind.

And your mind is the most powerful tool you to increase your income!

Just do it! I am surprised how few people I have met who have completely shut off the corrupt, mainstream media altogether. Most people I speak to still continue to watch and listen because it just seems easier (noooo it is NOT).

Stop and Collaborate

Succeed In Life Step 2 - "Alright STOP. Collaborate and Listen..."

A lesson I learned about succeeding in life and making money, long ago, is that if you help others to make money, you will make money too. By making your boss more successful, you are securing your job and potentially increasing your income. Many people hate their jobs, but there are many depressed unemployed people who hate being unemployed even more.

I am not one of those coaches who believes you need to completely escape working for a living to follow your 'la de da' dreams. You will not succeed in life this way. It is VERY easy to be swallowed up in this current climate and the issues are far greater than you can ever understand from just experiencing in your small world. An ant making its home in your backyard has no idea of the world probably even a 200 metre radius from its underground lair. Now, bring the situation to scale. You quite probably have little idea what is REALLY happening in the world outside of the radius of your home to work. The media won't tell you what is REALLY going on.

succeeding Lin life is to truly be aware of what is happening outside your bubble as it offers true perspective.

So I do not advocate stepping blindly out into the world with no back up financial plan. I guess that is where the saying, "don't give you your day job" comes from.

I believe in collaboration over competition. Your boss is NOT your enemy. You CHOSE to work for him and in doing so you created a clear opportunity for yourself. You are now in a position to leverage your skills to a higher degree and increase your net worth, creating greater success in life. It is time to appreciate what you have and look for ways to add value to the system that the founder of that company slaved over many years to make successful.

A great thing about replacing a human with a machine is that a machine is never satisfied or dissatisfied. It just works. But a greater aspect to a human employee is they have the ability to improve by thinking outside the box and becoming innovative. But when employees no longer provide that value because they refuse to collaborate their skills for that paycheck, that's when employers seek alternatives. Your employer is seeking to succeed in his own life and you will not be part of that equation.

Next, let's look at business success and one of the aspects that help a business to be financially successful:

  • Are there any businesses, relevant to yours, that could definitely use your business to help make themselves more successful In life?
  • What would those businesses provide to YOUR business to help you expand and excel beyond that of your competition?


Instead of competing for every dollar, collaborate where others compete so that everybody makes money. It is better make new friends than new enemies.

People are happier when they are making money and can be sneaky and nasty when they see you ripping business away from them. Ok, if they are no good in business and cannot offer the same level of service you can, then you are winning business fairly.

But many times you will find ways to refer business to each other.

Here is an example:

One of my businesses is a party bus (Yes, sounds fun right?) Well my party buses run at night only and my niche is the nightclub and pub crawl market. Often though I would receive enquiries for much smaller groups wanting to take a wine tour during the day. Well, how lucky was it that I could refer them to a business collaborator that would pay me a finders commission for the referral? If not for me, he would miss the lead and if not for him I would have just needed to turn the business away.

Now his business was similar. He would sometimes receive enquiries for night tours for large groups and his charter business does not have vehicles large enough to fit those numbers of people, but mine do. If he could make those leads hot and then send them my way and they went ahead, I would give him 20% of the sale! Easy money for him and he didn't need to do a thing except for hand me the lead. to succeed in life is to collaborate.

Listen to what your competitors want out of life. Just like you, they have an entrepreneur mindset and they came up with the same or similar idea. Together, perhaps you will make much more money and succeed in life, rather than continually stealing leads from each other.

Collaboration over competition works much more often than you think.

Succeed In Life Step 3 - Do The Dirty Work

Taking on a second or third job to achieve your dreams is admirable, provided you are doing so to reach out to that larger picture and not just living in survival mode. Succeeding in life is NOT living in survival. All steps you take to succeed in life MUST have a greater purpose outside of excuses and survival.

Write a list of mindless jobs out onto a piece of paper. How many can you come up with?

Once you have that list, jump online and research what each of those jobs pay on an hourly basis.

Then, work your way from the highest paid to the lowest and search on all of the job networks for a position in those fields. Suck it back. Ok, so your husband, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend might feel you are spending less time with them, but if they are hindering you from making more money, you need to have THAT conversation with them. Pull them into line quickly. This will create greater life success for you both.

Get your CV together and get to applying. It is a sure guarantee that you will face rejection after rejection. You might even be shocked to be turned down for stocking shelves! You might say to yourself, "I am 48 years old, an accountant and I can't even get a job packing boxes?? You are kidding me!" Perhaps you will really question how much you really did succeed in this one life considering you could not even get a menial job. But this could also show you how far you have really come.

But keep going. Work your way through that list until you land it and succeed.

Remember, that by this point you have completely wiped out external noise from mainstream media and the potential thoughts from society about what you are doing. You are refusing to listen to doom and gloom. You are goal achieving. There is no bad in the world. There is only you and those goals.

And with the mindset of collaboration, you know that you will be taking on this menial work with a sense of pride. You will not be viewing this job as something to get you by. You will walk in as a collaborator, knowing how much value you will bring to your job. And your new employer will notice it too!

Work Hard Mindset

Succeed In Life Step 4 - Work Out Where To Invest The Extra Income

If you were to take on three jobs, yes, most definitely, you will be earning more. Great! But the moment you stop working any of those jobs, your income decreases. You are not escaping the rat race at all! And no.... You will not succeed in life and enjoy the abundance this world has to offer. You will just be keeping busy. What is the point in having money if you can never enjoy spending any of it? You need freedom. Freedom is succeed.

That extra income must go somewhere that yields a POSITIVE cash flow that is PASSIVE, which provides freedom, bringing you closer to attainment of success in life.

I have identified some great passive income strategies that so far, have given a 100% guaranteed success rate. In saying this, I have NOT invested in them all. Life is a game of strategy. But at least I have a complete strategy. I have achieved several on this list and am working towards the rest.

1) Purchase an ATM.

Yes, I said it! You can actually purchase an ATM. And I know the best company to purchase them from, so just ask me below and I can refer you (Part of my effort to collaborate!)

So how does purchasing an ATM work? Well it is quite simple. ATM's cost money to build, to distribute, to operate, to refill and to insure. When you purchase the ATM itself, the company you purchase it from will rent it back off you, find a location and then take care of the rest. They will pay the location a small amount of rent to have the ATM there and they will pay you rent for the use of your ATM. They will restock, insure, repair and take care of any invoicing. Plus for any amount of transactions above a certain monthly transaction limit, you will receive a small percentage of every transaction fee.

A $13,000 investment in an ATM will yield $26,000 in 10 years. The more ATM's you purchase, the more money you make!

Would you succeed in life with 10 ATM's providing passive cash flow? You bet.

2) Shipping containers

Have you seen those HUGE cargo ships with container upon container piled up upon each other? Well, just like an ATM, it is better for those cargo companies to rent them from somebody, like you, instead of purchasing them outright. It is just not financially feasible for them. So if a cargo ship holds 1000 containers and they are owned by 1000 individuals, they simply pay a small rental fee to the owners, fill those containers, charge the exporters and make a profit.

What this means is that everyone involved has gone into the venture with only a small layout of capital, including the cargo ship.

Be careful with this one though. Be very well researched. Owning an ATM or shipping container may just be a Ponzi scheme. But when it is genuine, people are making a passive income.

3) Cash flow POSITIVE property.

I often hear about negative gearing, where you put renters into your investment property, they pay most of the mortgage through their rental payments, but you still pay the backs $100+ as the remainder owed on the minimum weekly repayment. And the encourage you to do this based on the potential increase in property value when you sell in 10-15 years.

Only the banks are succeeding. You are sold the lie. You are only living fora. Future that may never come. You need cash flow now in order to succeed.

Did you know that you can buy a 4 bedroom house and then rent out each room? By renting each room separately, you can actually positively gear your property by $150 or more per week, provided you purchased the property borrowing a much lower amount and going in with a higher deposit.

4) Cash flow positive website

Websites take some time to make profitable. Having a cash flow positive website is all about ensuring all of your systems are in place to make the website passive.

One of my websites assists people on How To Divorce. It is an audio series. People purchase the audio series through the website, then log in and download the audio. So perhaps a divorce is not succeeding life. But when you are at breaking point and all trust has been broken, your best chance to succeed in life is to go it alone until you find your ultimate partner. I created this website to turn my negative into a positive. This give me the opportunity to succeed in my own life and reinvest he earnings.

The hardest part for me was interviewing the highly qualified experts and then ensuring that all of my business systems were in place. So if I can make an extra $80 per sale through the site and I make 10 sales per month, i have have increased my income by $800 per month, multiplied by 12 months, multiplied by the next 20 years. Imagine the compounding effect on that!

There are just a few others but so far these are great PASSIVE income streams that do work.

Influence is...

Succeed In Life Step 5 - Learn To Conquer Sales

Do NOT skip Step 5. The world can swallow you whole if you don't learn to hustle. Succeeding life is dependent upon your ability to sell yourself.

Too many people tell me, "Greg, you have the gift of the gab..." What is that???
Ok... I Googled it, so I know. But these same people also tell me they were never born with it. If they only knew MY history!

If I was born with this so-called gift of influence I would have been the most popular kid in school and I was not. I would have had the girls falling at my feet and I did not. I failed at so many things and worked extremely hard for everything I achieved, step-by-step until I had the strength and confidence to ask for and demand what I wanted and to get it in abundance. If I had not learned the art of selling myself, I would have been doomed to failure. It allowed me to build a successful commercial radio career and to start a successful business. It was only then meeting and staying with the wrong partner that would drag me back down.

You just need to get out of your shell. Break that she'll and succeed in life...really. Do it now.

Now, learning how to sell is not just for sales people. Heck no! Anybody who wants anything in life must learn to sell. Why? The art of influence is vital to landing a job, and landing a great partner, winning the new career position or being the ultimate catch for the opposite sex. You must also sell yourself to yourself to convince yourself to consistently train at the gym. You will always need to sell yourself reasons why you should stick to your training program.

There are so many fantastic books on succeeding in life through influence that you should read, including Robert Cialdini's book, Influence.

Perhaps you want to learn "The Game", a highly researched field of social dynamics and relationship mastery. This field was spurred by extremely lonely men who wanted to conquer their fears of the opposite sex and learn why they were always a woman's last option. They learned the art of influence. The Game then expanded to the realm of female's and dating and why they could never land a great guy and a loyal, loving life partner. This industry alone as cured millions of lonely hearts and has led some to the most amazing worldwide, adventurous romances. They succeeded at life by their romances bringing them world adventure.

By learning sales and influence you are also learning about the human drama. You are learning empathy for other humans because you really understand what motivates people in general and then what motivates one person specifically. This allows you to get more of what YOU want out of life.

But here is an amazing thing about learning learn how to, and you create the most confidence to, successfully close, whether it be to kiss close that guy or girl you love, close that sale, or negotiate and win!

Selling is selling and it doesn't matter if you are selling yourself or selling a service or product. It is all selling. It is one person convincing another person to do something they were never likely to do.

Learning sales gives you essential life skills that many others do not possess.

Succeed In Life Step 6 - Learn The Compound Effect

For every small step you take, continuously, you are compounding small, positive effects, into large, positive effects Bringing you the attainment of succeeding in your own life.

By altering your spending or eating habits just positively 1%, over time, you are creating a compounding effect that could extend your lifespan and have you traveling the world in the next 10-15 years.

By setting an extra $50 per month aside that you never touch will give you a compounding effect of not just a fat bank account in the next 20 years but you will have learned how to compound your patience to never touch it and wise ways to divert your attention from it.

By taking just a little extra time to speak with somebody, be a little more open and honest, you will be increasing the good will of others who will want to help you succeed in life.

Having a small increase in your empathy towards others will eventually barrel out of control and will create opportunities for you that you never knew existed. I have read stories of people who began giving just a little more compassion to others and it has led them to free overseas travel to work at sanctuaries in exotic destinations! How is that for a compounding effect? Is that succeeding in life? Absolutely.

Why earn money? To have a great life! What if somebody gave you that travel for free and had you volunteering in exotic locations having experiences you never dreamt possible? All because of just a slight shift in attitude that compounded over time.

The compounding effect should reach all areas of your life to succeed, not just your wallet and your physical health. By allowing it to reach you deep into your psychology, small shifts create massive changes.

Succeed In Life Step 7 - Invest In a REAL Relationship

Ok, this is an area I sometimes feel a little retarded in. Divorce rates have skyrocketed over the past two decades and people do not seem to value relationships as they once did. The effects of this are yet to be seen. But I dare say that you are not succeeding in life if you are learning how to divorce.

This is not just about earning more money. This is about protecting your future. Losing everything you worked so hard for is not succeeding in life. When your parents have passed on and your brothers and sisters are all living in different cities, who do you think you can rely on when all hell breaks loose? Who is there to drive you? Who is there for the passion and compassion? Who is there to know you better than you do?

When you are older and have learned how to divorce, ending your marriage, it is not the same as your twenties, where people are not yet too jaded. They simply find new love. But if you are alone in your fifties, and you thought a divorce was a great idea, you will soon realize that it was one of the worst decisions you made.

Now, I have met men and women who lost the lot and say they would never marry again. I put it back to them that Karma helped them lose the lot. They took divorce advice and relationship advice from people who did not succeed in their own life. The cost of ending their marriage was everything and the effects would ripple for the rest of their lives. So it wasn't not being married that was the problem. They should have been saying they will never get divorced again.

This is also pointed at the 'players' and the 'gold diggers', who believe that succeeding in life is to drain the life force from other people; the princesses who live believing the world owes them, the bitter nerds who feel the opposite sex are horrible, who live with constantly negative thoughts, the guys who spend their fortune on bar girls abroad who are slowly being drained, you must invest your time wisely in finding actual love and then, through THICK AND THIN, stick to it.

But to do that, it is not about doing things or having things. You should not be thinking, "What do I do next to get her / him." You must ask yourself who you must become to succeed in life to get a partner that you are truly drawn to, whatever that is. Does it mean becoming a supplicating fool, or does it mean that a partner you find attractive is attracted to someone more brooding, dark and alpha?

Take some time out here.

Here is a lesson I learned from some of my greatest mentors: Using honesty in your conversation and asking direct questions to women or men you are attracted to gives you all of the signals you need and the information you need to attract the man or woman they believe is similar to them. So, you may not 'get them', but you are being given an outline of their relationship rules.

Recently I met a beautiful woman I would say is my type, but I found myself doing all these silly things that kind of pushed her away. So laying back on a lounge and just chatting as friends, I just began asking her questions about her rules on men. She revealed that she felt all men were the same, that no guy ever challenges her, they are easy to get and therefore she cannot fall in love. This is just one thing.

And so I observed my own behaviour and noticed that I had acted in some of those ways that she does not like. I did it because I naturally felt I wanted to, yet I was still putting it on a bit. I learned through this conversation to alter my behaviour that would be more challenging to the next woman I attracted to my life. Fun, sweet, but challenging. The test is now whether I can pull that off!

So take your time to find other peoples rules. Once you know them and you can alter your own way of doing things to negotiate with their way of doing things you have a better chance at attracting them. This will help you succeed in the relationship arena of your life.

But hey, relationships are still a mystery to me. The more I analyse, the further I feel I am from my goal, even if I feel wiser. However, I can see how these behaviour negotiations and understanding another persons rules has worked for some very happy couples.

So let's have a look at the basic concepts of general, negative thinking:

Women think men are the same and only want one thing.

Men think women are the same, just gold diggers and play too hard to get.

This is how we think, simply put.

So how do we get past all this stuff And succeed in life?

Start with yourself and write down what you believe prevents you from attracting somebody. This is at least a start. (Hint: Do not write about other people. It is a time for self-reflection)

If you are the type of person to have one-night stands, don't do it anymore. If you believe that you will find a life partner through a one nighter, you will end up alone. And even if you end up in a relationship from it, you will always be on edge knowing their morality allows them to cheat easily.

If you are the type of person to want to wait until you are married, I put it to you that you will also lose. It is good to wait, yes. Value those moments more. But don't make people jump through hoops of fire to get to that point with you. They will just give up and believe you are not interested.

Be open and honest. Tell them you like them, but no pressure. Tell them that your opinion of them is not revolved around their opinion of you, to set them straight. Be strong, open and honest and then just leave it to them.

The honest person wins, even if they don't win that guy or girl. There are many other ways to win in life. One of them is winning as a congruent, direct human being.

By investing in one REAL relationship and sticking to it, you are giving your future a greater chance at success, through having somebody there to share your successes and help you through tragedy.

Is This Your Baby?

Succeed In Life Step 8 - Create your Offspring

Ok, straight up, at this point I don't have little Greglets running around the house and I am unsure when I want them. BUT I know I want them. It comes down to who chooses me and who I choose. I have already done the extremely high maintenance, narcissist partner situation and there are many lessons there about who would make a horrible mother.

So provided I see that genuine, caring nature spring forth from a phenomenal partner, plus she is an adventurer, I can feel safer knowing that my little Greglets will be raised very well indeed.

Now, I have a wealthy older friend with 5 children and he has been divorced 3 times. He refuses to settle down again. But he is in his fifties and loves to party. In fact, he has a phenomenal party life and he constantly meets single, younger women and he is extremely happy. BUT I would not suggest this lifestyle for a never married, childless man. It is just creepy. Not only that but it becomes so short lived. Succeeding in life also involves creating your family.

What my friend did correctly was to ensure he has children to care for him in his very old age. He does everything for them and they love him completely.

The men and women I have met over time who have chosen for one reason or another to be childless have sealed their fate for lonely days in a tiny nursing home with nobody to visit them. You need somebody there for for you if your partner passes on or your marriage has failed yet again.

Raising your children well ensures you are protecting your future and all that you have done to raise them, will be paid forward into your final years, completing a well rounded success in life.

Provided you have increased your income through passive means, you will also have a healthy retirement plan, have seen the world with the one you love (or met him or her while traveling abroad), have cleared your mind and life of social conditioning from mainstream media, be always positive,happy and most of all well taken care of into that twilight!


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    • SolveMyMaze profile image


      4 years ago

      If there was one mandatory hub that everyone should read, it should be this one. I would say that for those that are writers as well as readers on here that they're already taking the steps to build their bank balance (presuming they have an Adsense account).

      I agree that setting around a small amount each month into a separate bank account is a great way to have a small nestegg for the future. We never know what's going to happen but by taking the steps to safeguard ourselves, we should be able to offset the worst from happening.

      I totally agree that building a portfolio or 'little' earners is also a great step. I myself have several websites that I've been building up over the last 6 months or so, one of which is now on page 1 of Google for a particular financial term. It's still not making great money yet, but the seeds have been planted and it's position will only get stronger over time.


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