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5 Ways to Make a Bad Day Better

Updated on January 18, 2015

"Cause you had a bad day, you're taking one down. You sing a sad song just to turn it around. You say you don't know. You tell me don't lie. You work on a smile and you go for a ride."- Daniel Powter lyrics from the song Bad Day

If you've never heard this song before you need to broaden your music knowledge. Bad Day by Daniel Powter came out in 2005 and is still relevant today.

Everyone has bad days. The good thing is that there are a million and one ways to make a bad day better; I'm here to tell you the top 8.


1. Go outside

Breath in the fresh air, feel the ground beneath your feet and (depending on the weather) feel the sun (or snow) on your face.

Fresh air can do wonders for a person who is feeling sad, frustrated, anxious, depressed, yada yada ya. Going outside and breathing in fresh oxygen can clear your lungs, help you focus and even lower your blood pressure.

Nature is all around us and how often do you really notice it? When you go outside, look at the trees; the way the leaves move in the breeze and how (when you look closely) you can see the outline of each leaf making that tree beautiful. Look up at the sky; see the colors above you and notice how the clouds seemingly melt into the picture.

Now close your eyes and notice what you smell. Do you smell freshly cut grass? Rich soil? Lavender or eucalyptus from a nearby garden? Hotdogs from the street vendor outside you city apartment? Use your sense of smell to become aware of the natural wonders around you.

Noticing details in nature can help you to calm and realize that a bad moment doesn't need to become a bad day.


2. Exercise

Walk, run, cycle, swim, dance or jump up and down to your favorite song because it doesn't matter what form of exercise you do as long as you do it!

Exercise boosts mood in multiple ways:

1. Can you say endorphins? Getting your body moving releases endorphins into your system. Endorphins are produced in your nervous system and act (almost) like a drug when confronting pain. So…work out, feel the pain and then feel the endorphins.

2. Working out gives you confidence. Have you ever felt so exhausted after a workout but so happy you got moving? When you workout you gain confidence by knowing that you accomplished something. Also, who doesn't feel good knowing they are improving their health?

3. Sweating releases toxins. When you work out you sweat out all the nasty toxins residing underneath your skin. In America today people are absorbing toxins through food and environment. It's important to rid your body of these unwanted toxins and sweating through a workout is the perfect way!


3. Eat something healthy!

Yum! Any sane person loves food and we know that most people go to food when feeling down. It's ok to eat when you're sad but it's important to fill your body with the nutrients it needs to alleviate your bad mood.

There are certain foods that are especially good for a person feeling sad:

-salmon (can you taste those omega 3s???)

-dark chocolate (if you are going to eat something sweet, this is the best option)

-banana w/ almond butter (something sweet and salty)

-dark, leafy greens (iron can help to balance mood)

-green tea (friendlier than coffee and it's yummy!)

So there are things you should eat when feeling down but there are also things you should not eat.

Foods to stay away from when feeling sad:

-bread (but bread and butter is comforting! No. It will very possibly make your mood worse)

-pastries (I see you eyeing those cupcakes! Don't do it!)

-anything processed (chips, cookies, pizza, crackers…stay away!)


4. Hangout with a friend.

Spending time with a friend is always a great way to make a sad day better. Having a companion can help you to forget about your problems and focus on a conversation, book, show, etc.

Make sure, before you go to hangout with your friend, that it is someone you can trust with your feelings. When you are feeling down it's good to know you can tell someone about your emotions and they will listen and not judge. When you are feeling down you want a friend who will let you fume about whatever is bothering you but you don't want a friend who will stoke the fire.

Stoke the fire?

What I mean by "stoke the fire" is when someone is going off about something they are upset about and the person they are talking to agrees with your way of thinking but then gives you more and more reasons to be angry. Don't be a stoke the fire friend and don't go to hangout with a stoke the fire friend when what you need is a put some water on it friend.


5. Laugh

Laughter is the best medicine.

We hear that phrase a lot; from our friends, employees, doctors and maybe even ourselves. This phrase is so popular because it is so right.

Laughter can immediately turn that frown upside down because it actually releases chemicals in your body that fight against a bad mood. When you laugh your body produces endorphins, which we learned earlier fight against pain (and stress). Laughter also can lower your blood pressure and reduce anxiety (just like going outside for fresh air).

Next time you are having a bad day I suggest you take a walk with a friend, eat a healthy meal and then watch a funny movie. Your day will improve dramatically. Trust me!


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