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9 Easy Weight Loss Exercises You Can Do At Home

Updated on August 24, 2016

Weight Loss

There is no dearth of weight loss programs and various exercise forms out there. From dancing exercises to yoga there's a lot to choose from. But not every exercise form fits everyone. So, if you are looking for easy to perform exercises and equally effective for weight loss. Read on for selected exercises that can be done by anyone and everyone.

All the listed exercises can be done by both men & women of any age and any weight. Just watch the instructions carefully learn and then do correctly. People with any medical conditions please consult your doctor or physician before taking on these exercises.

6 kilos or 13 pounds weight loss per month is a healthy amount of weight to lose. Losing too much weight too quickly can affect the immune system and that’s why it’s important to do it at a medium pace. So figure out the difference between your current weight and desired weight. See how many months it will take. After you reach your desired weight loss. Stick with weight maintenance and don't fall back on weight gain track ever. And Enjoy Life !!

Read more of my articles on weight loss for adding more benefits to your weight loss journey. Any suggestions or experiences are welcome in comments section.

Warm Up

The first step towards a good exercise routine is warming up your body. It opens up your stiff muscles and get the blood circulation on, making exercise process smooth. There are different ways to warm up your body like :

  • Walking
  • Jogging
  • Climbing Stairs
  • Breathing Exercises

10 mins of walking, jogging or climbing stairs + 5 minutes of breathing exercises. Spend at least 15 minutes on warming up your body. Then follow up with at least 30 minutes of exercise, with time you can increase the time to 60 minutes. Exercise regularly to see results. You can take Sunday OFF.

So this makes 6 day workout for 30 minutes (exercise) + 15 minutes (warm up) = 4.5 hrs workout a week. Which is not at all bad for beginning. You can increase hours to 8 hrs a week, which is sufficient to your body's total weight loss and reaching your desired weight. Missing days and irregular exercise will do more harm than good to your body. Just stick with your guns ( no excuses ) and see the results flowing.

Breathing Exercise

Sun Salutation

This exercise has 12 easy steps and works on all parts of your body. Also known as surya namskar this full body workout yoga exercise gives a good start to your workout. Learn all 12 steps and do them in continuation one after the other. 12 steps in one go makes 1 repetition. Do 10 repetitions each day.

Jumping Jack

Jumping jack exercise is one of the most popular forms of exercise. In addition to being a weight loss exercise this is also a cardio exercise ( for your heart ). It is good for exercising your arms and legs. Jumping jacks exercise is a good way to improve stamina and endurance as well. Do 2 sets of 10 reps each day. i.e 10 reps is 1 set, so 2 sets will be 20 reps. You can take a little rest in between sets. 10 reps rest ( a few secs) then again 10 reps.


Crunches are a great for belly fat reduction and abs exercise. They can be performed anywhere with no equipment needed and can be performed by people of all abilities. Do 2 sets of 10 reps each day. i.e 10 reps is 1 set, so 2 sets will be 20 reps. You can take a little rest in between sets. 10 reps rest ( a few secs) then again 10 reps.

With time you can learn it's variations and do them if you get bored by the same exercise.

Lying Bicycle

Number calories burned while performing lying bicycle depends on your weight, the number of repetitions and the speed at which you do the exercise. As the abdominals and obliques become stronger and more developed through this exercise, you will see a rise in overall metabolic rate as your muscles burn more calories throughout the day. Great for weight loss and your digestive system as well. Do 10 minutes of lying bicycle everyday.

Russian Twists

This ab exercise mainly targets your obliques, your back muscles will be engaged to strengthen and support your spine. Extra points if you add weight with a dumbbell or medicine ball in your hand. Great for loosing fat and strengthening abs, obliques as well as back. Twist your torso as far as you can to the left and then reverse the motion, twisting as far as you can to the right. That's one rep, do 3 sets of 10.

Wall Push Up

Floor push ups need more strength and can be difficult for people with more weight. In that scenario, wall push up can be comes to your rescue. A workout regimen which provide all the strengthening and toning benefits of a floor push up. Can be performed by any one. You can add more dimensions to your push ups and increase intensity. See video for more instructions and variations. Do 20 wall push ups each day and then slowly increase up to 50.

Leg Lift

Side Lying Leg Lift - The side leg raise primarily works the abductor muscle group, a group of muscles that are responsible for moving the thigh to the side of your body. These muscles are extremely important for daily activities and sports, and strengthening the abductors can make your movements more efficient. The side leg raise is also an effective exercise for toning the hip area.

Front Lying Leg Lift - The lying straight leg raise is an exercise that primarily works your abdomen, thighs and hips. The abdominal muscles help you to hold the weight of your legs as you lift them during the exercise. The rectus abdominis muscle covers your abdomen and is responsible for drawing your body toward your hips. The final muscles engaged are your obliques, which curve around your sides towards the front of your abdomen.

Do 10 leg raises while lying on the left side + 10 leg raises while lying on the right side + 10 leg raises while lying on front.

Donkey Kicks

Have you ever heard about Donkey Kick exercise? Most likely not! This is the latest fitness mantra that people are swearing by. Simple to do exercise has all its benefits packed in there. Great for hip and lower back muscles. A study conducted by the American Council on Exercise named it one of the best butt exercises. 1 rep = raising right leg 10 times + raising left leg 10 times. Do 2 reps each day.

Seated Forward Bend

In addition to weight loss benefits, this exercise is also a great anti-ageing exercise to do. So get the fat out and youth in your body with this great exercise. Never force yourself into a forward bend when sitting on the floor. Often, because of tightness in the backs of the legs, a beginner's forward bend doesn't go very far forward and might look more like sitting up straight. Start with as much cover as you can. Push little every day. Cover more distance day by day. In a few days you will be able to do full bend. Do seated forward bend 10 times everyday.


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