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9 Facts about excess weight loss

Updated on March 23, 2016

There is much talk about effective ways to lose weight, and, therefore, is passed a set of misconceptions that may affect the viability of your body get rid of excess pounds. Between Products diluted and food scorching fat soak at a loss, what do we believe? What actually will help us lose weight? You madam in this article an assessment of all that is common about weight loss, Fattabai with us!

- Low-fat products help in weight loss: Wrong Information

Modern marketing techniques play a major role in passing a series of misconceptions, diluted Products are low-fat and contain less fat and sugars compared with normal rates of Products, but this does not prevent it contains a proportion may be important calories. Also, Vtzmatha products "light" makes us consume large quantities without feeling guilty, which negatively affects our diet, especially as sugars and fats in these products replaced by industrial materials.

- To lose weight, you have to eat less! : Wrong Information

To lose weight, reduce the size of meals taken is not always the most effective solution, but if we who love the rich and fatty meals! If you are accustomed to eating your meals acceptable quantities (75 g of meat, 125 ml of vegetables, 125 ml of starches), Valtkulail including your leads inevitably lead to frustration, which frustrates degrade you and pushes you to disrespect your diet! The ideal is to do gradual changes in your diet, such as selection of lean meat Caldwagn, enrich our meals with vegetables soft and fresh, and the preference for full starches which are available on less than sugars ratio, and consisting of fiber, which helps to facilitate digestion and relieving intestine. But it is necessary to reduce eating between meals did not have negative effects!

- Drink plenty of water reduces weight: the wrong information

Although the water essential to life material, it does not directly affect the weight, but it is necessary to drink a liter and a half of water a day, at least because it helps us to get rid of toxins. It is worth mentioning that drinking water in small amounts during the day helps to fill the stomach, which reduces the sense of hunger and thus reduces the desire to eat between meals. But we must not rely on drinking water and forget about the body, including the provision of energy needs, this is the reason most diets fail! Allow yourself a healthy snack mid-afternoon (fruit, yoghurt without sugar, etc.), according to prefer

- Bread does not increase in weight: the wrong and correct information at the same time

Valor depends entirely on the quality of the bread intake and the amount consumed! Shari H of bread, whether white or brown contains about 100 calories, knowing that we recommend in 2,000 calories a day for women and 2,700 for men.
Bread similar to all the other foods you should eat in moderation, preferably bread consumption of refined rich in fiber, which gives the feeling of satiety and easy bowel action.

- Olive oil in which fewer calories than other oils: Wrong Information

Viz olives contain calories, like other oils: 10 g (about a tablespoon of peanut oil, sunflower oil, olive oil, equivalent to about 90 calories. However Viz olive has important nutritional characteristics compared with other oils: they consist of 75 percent of non-saturated fatty acids, and protect against cardiovascular disease and help lower cholesterol. It is better to rely on these circumstances oils in nutrition instead of butter.

- Burned fat after 30 minutes of intense exercise / right and wrong information at the same time

It is well known that it is necessary to combine diet and moderate physical activity, an intensive weight-loss. It is also said that we do not Nbde to burn fat only after 30 minutes of intense exercise, The body burns energy stored in the muscles at the beginning of the exercise does not burn fat accumulated in the tank body. Therefore, it is after 30 minutes of intensive sport; we can begin to burn stored fat reserve.

- To thinnest, you must say goodbye to fat: Wrong Information

Valor completely related to the type of fat. Advisable to reduce the intake of saturated fat to the health better. However, you should not cancel the necessary body fat, and that comes through nutrition. It comes to omega-3s stationed in abundance in fish, flax seeds, and omega 6. These acids are called fatty acids unsaturated and play an important role in cardiovascular disease.

- You should not eat too much at night: true and false information at the same time

It is often said that breakfast and lunch should be more important than the evening meal. It is true that it is appropriate eating 60 percent of the daily calorie intake in the morning because it is the period when we are more active. But there is no harm in eating a light evening meal; It depends on what degree we feel hungry and on the type of meal eaten. Fujbh balanced and healthy, dealt with before going to sleep, but do not pose any threat!

-To lose weight should eat the hot fat foods: Wrong Information

Foods such as pineapple recognized as an incendiary fat, but it is not true! Valonia's contained an enzyme "Bromelain" which has positive effects on the heart and blood circulation which improves digestion of proteins, but does not burn fat at all. However, the pineapple always gives us a sense of satiety because it contains significant amounts of fiber: can be eaten along with foods rich in protein, such as nuts


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