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9 Lucky Reasons to Love Your Life and Feel Alive Right this Second

Updated on March 7, 2014

It’s hard to see that so many people think of life as a struggle, instead of a beautiful gift that it really is. Below are 9 reasons why you should be grateful about your life right this second:

1. You’re feeling the mouse or the keyboard (or maybe, your phone)

It sounds silly, right. I know. But have you stopped to think that there are people who have neurological problems who cannot even feel anything? If you haven’t, just think about it for a while. Now you know what I mean by you can feel your hands on your mouse or your keyboard. Almost everyone on the earth can feel their hands, but still, that’s something to be grateful about, because there are some unfortunate souls who would do anything just to get that feeling back, because at some point in life, that feeling just got lost.

2. You know how to operate a computer

Maybe you’re thinking ‘what the hell’! But think about all those people in under-developed or developing countries who barely know what a computer is. Had they known how to operate a computer, chances are they’d have been able to get at least a low paying job to feed their hungry stomachs. They’d have been able to live, they’d have been able to laugh, they’d have been able to be happy!

3. You can read and write English

Maybe going to school and learning language is the most basic thing in your community, but believe it or not, many people’s lives will be 1000 times better if only they knew how to read and write English, or just about any language. Knowing this language means that you’ll be able to survive almost anywhere in this vast world, but not so with many unlucky ones in this world. Be glad that you were privileged enough to go to school, because for millions out there, that is just a distant dream they can never attain, even in their dreams!

4. Your brain still has understanding capacity

Weird what I’m writing! But yeah, that’s a big deal too. You’re able to read and understand in this very moment. That means you didn’t have any accident or some similar thing happen to you which made your brain less efficient. This means your brain is working at its full potential, and that you can choose to do anything, because having a brain is power. There are people who, despite being adults, have brains like children. There are people who are in coma. Some people simply get too old and lose brain power. And there are many others who don’t even understand that their own brains are not working properly for whatever reason, because they do not even have that capacity to think!

5. You are in a safe place

Just the act that you’re browsing the internet, and reading this post without interruptions means that you’re in a place where there is no army invasion, riot, or war going on. You’re safe! Thank your stars, because having a life and knowing that it is safe is the single most valuable thing in this world. You’re not kidnapped by someone, and you’re not a slave of someone! You’re not living every minute fearing that your life will end any second, and that is something to be grateful about. If you haven’t realized this lately, realize now that being safe is a gift only the luckiest ones possess. So cherish being safe!

6. You’re looking at the colors on the screen

You know why that matters? Because, there are people who can’t see even if their lives depend on it! There are unfortunate ones who were born without sight. And even more unfortunate ones are those who lost their eye-sight at some point. But you, you’re alright! You do not have to live your life depending on others, taking help from strangers even just to cross the street. You, my friend, have the wonderful gift of sight! Be thankful that you do.

7. You own a computer (or, a phone)

Owning a computer means that you’ve more than enough money to get by. Some people starve their days and their nights, because they cannot just get enough food, because they cannot just get enough money. You have all those things, and that is why you’re able to own a computer or a mobile. Although that may seem tiny, because everyone else seems to have it, you’ve got to realize that not everyone really has it. There are people who have never even seen a computer or a mobile, and worse, there are some who don’t even know that these things exist!

8. You’re privileged enough to have internet

First of all, that means you’re paying your bills on time, you do not have too much shortage of money. Congratulations! Besides, the reason I say this is because most probably you’re not living in a country like China which censors the web and strictly restricts the use of internet. You can browse whatever you want, you can do whatever you want. You know what that is? That is freedom. Only the luckiest souls in the world have that feeling of being free, so be grateful every second of your life that you’re that lucky.

9. You know that internet has all sorts of things

It may not be the most usual thing to hear, but many people all over the world do not even know what the internet is in the true sense, even though they use it every day. They use it for Facebook, or maybe for downloading songs, and that’s it. Other than that, they have absolutely no idea that the internet is so vast that you can get pretty much everything right here. You’re lucky, because you know that you can use the internet in all different ways, and just the fact that you’re reading this article shows that you’re concerned about your well being, which means you’re a wonderful person in every sense of the word!

I hope, by now, you have realized that you have infinite things to be grateful about life, enough to live this life for 1000 more years, even though you may not always think that way. Life gets hard at times, I know, but do not get so blind that you forget to see that life itself is the most wonderful gift you can ever have, that it’s something you cannot trade for all the money or things in this world! Right this moment, you’re alive! So be alive!

How grateful are you for this life?

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    • Masudul Hasan profile image

      Masudul Hasan 4 years ago from India

      Thanks Windclimber!

      It's saddening that so many people lead lives without even appreciating all its wonderful gifts at all! I wonder how tough and discouraging that is, living like that, thinking life is all about misery all the time!

    • Windclimber profile image

      Windclimber 4 years ago from my boat somewhere on the Chesapeake Bay


      Pretty good hub!

      I especially liked #5, Being in a Safe Place. So many people in the world see news stories of war zones and they might think "Thank God I don't live there!" but that moment doesn't even come close to fully realizing and appreciating every day that your physical world is (mostly) stable and safe.

      As am typing this comment I have smooth jazz streaming over the internet, and I'm thinking how easily I can listen to quality music (of whatever kind) that so many people in the world never get to hear even once in their lives. Yes, the internet is a wonderful thing!

    • Masudul Hasan profile image

      Masudul Hasan 4 years ago from India

      And realize that those "small" things are the greatest! Thanks! :)

    • Masudul Hasan profile image

      Masudul Hasan 4 years ago from India

      It's strange how blindly we ignore everything we have in search of some things we do not have! Thanks for your kind words! :)

    • kerlund74 profile image

      kerlund74 4 years ago from Sweden

      This is a great hub:) We should all be grateful about all "small" things in life!

    • Made profile image

      Madeleine Salin 4 years ago from Finland

      Wow, I so agree with everything you mention in this hub. We should appreciate what we have and what we can do. I'm voting up and sharing this hub. It's going to be interesting to follow you Masudul Hasan.