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9 Smart Ways to Deal With Anxiety and Depression

Updated on December 30, 2017

How to Deal With Anxiety and Depression

How to deal with anxiety and depression: keep your mind and heart on Jesus
How to deal with anxiety and depression: keep your mind and heart on Jesus


Do you want to know ways of dealing with anxiety and depression every day? Do you need health tips on dealing with anxiety and depression without medication? Are you coping with anxiety and depression and looking for ways to help you cope better? Then read on!

In this article, I want to show you how to deal with anxiety and depression, both naturally and spiritually, so that you can improve your mental health.

Now, what are some of the things you can do to fight these two mental disorders?

Exercise Often

Aerobic exercise is one tool you can use to deal with anxiety and depression. According to the Harvard Medical School, exercise can calm one down as well as help one to relax. Furthermore, exercise provides stimulation, which can boost your mood and help you to battle the negative feelings that accompany depression.

Additionally, exercise causes the brain to release chemicals called endorphins which ease depression and anxiety. Moreover, exercise increases the temperature of your body, which can help you to calm down.

So exercise every day. Choose to exercise with a partner who will remind you to exercise, and who will encourage you to work out when you don’t feel motivated to go out and exercise. In other words, engaging a partner will help you to stick to your exercise regimen so that you can reap the benefits of exercise.

Additionally, as you both exercise, you can share your fears, worries, frustrations, and negative feelings with this person so that he or she can give you emotional support and words of encouragement to help lift your spirit.

Read Books

When you are suffering from anxiety and depression, you tend to feel that you are the only one who is experiencing these two disorders. However, reading books can help you to change how you think. When you read of characters who also experienced what you are experiencing, it will help you to relate to how the characters grow throughout the book, how they learn lessons from their experience, which helps them to transform to become more mature people, how they adapt to challenges , and how they handle their anxiety and depression, and that will influence you and you will also begin to change the way you think, and that will affect the way you feel about the negative things happening in your life.

So, grab a romance book or read a literary fiction novel. These are the kinds of books I read to deal with my negative feelings and thoughts and I feel better after reading such books.

Practice Yoga

Doing yoga can help you to deal with the impact of excessive stress on your body—it will help you to reduce your heart rate and lower your blood pressure. Additionally, it will help you to breathe calmly, all of which can help you to soothe your emotions and calm your nerves so that you can be better able to deal with anxiety and depression.

Get Enough Sleep

According to the Harvard Medical School, chronic insomnia can increase your chances of developing anxiety or depression. This is because when you don’t get enough sleep, you wake up feeling tired and that can increase the likelihood that you will feel irritable.

Additionally, lack of sleep can make you feel confused, which can increase the likelihood that you will think a lot of negative thoughts and this can worsen your depression.

So, do your best to organize yourself well during the day time so that you can make time for sleep in the night. Create a daily work schedule in which you include at least seven hours for sleep. Furthermore, prioritize sleeping in that schedule and label it “VERY IMPORTANT” so that you will give it urgent attention every day.

Moreover, avoid taking on too much work, or doing too much work in a day—learn to say no to people so that you can do the amount of work that will not stress you too much, which will make it easier for you to get time to sleep.

Additionally, here is an exercise you can do to help you sleep soundly:

  • Lie supine on your bed and think a happy thought, such as the day you got a prize at school or the day you got married.
  • Take in five deep breaths and breathe out through your mouth.
  • Stretch your arms straight over your head. Additionally, stretch your heels down and your head and shoulders up.
  • Then, twist your left hip over. Make sure it goes as far as it can go whilst you keep your shoulders on the bed.
  • Relax and then twist your right hip over, making sure it can go as far as it will go.
  • Then, keep your hips on the bed and twist your left shoulder to the right.
  • Then, stretch hard.
  • Relax and twist your right shoulder.
  • Stretch hard. Relax.

Spend A Lot Of Time With Your Pet

Research shows that pets can help people to deal with these two mental disorders by helping to lower the heart rate of people so that they can feel calm. Additionally, a pet can help you to slow your breathing and your mind so that you will not feel frustrated and angry.

Furthermore, a pet can distract you so that you will stop worrying and thinking about negative thoughts. Moreover, touching a pet will help to lower your heart rate as well as boost levels of “feel-good” hormones in your body so that you will feel good.

The responsibility associated with keeping a pet can also help you to feel that you are doing something important, which can help you to build your self-confidence.

I have rabbits which I play with sometimes and it helps me to take my mind off my anxieties and troubles. Additionally, sometimes they do funny things which make me laugh and forget my problems and that makes me feel better.

So, draw closer to your pets during this time. Cuddle them, touch them, play with them, go for brisk walks with them, talk to them, and watch them play and it will give you something to focus your heart and your mind on, which will distract you from your mental battles and that will make you feel better.


This is one strategy I use to battle my mental disorders. When I start worrying excessively, or when I feel sad and worthless, I pick up a book and I start writing. As I write my negative thoughts and feelings down, I feel as though I am letting go and that gives me emotional comfort.

Additionally, because I focus on what I am doing whilst writing, I stop focusing on negative thoughts and that makes me feel better.

Therefore, practice this exercise regularly:

  • Pick a journal and create three columns on a page.
  • Label the left column “My Worries and Fears,” label the middle column “The Reality” and label the right column “Who I Really Am.”
  • In the first column, write down 20 of the fears and worries that haunt you the most, that is the imaginations and negative fantasies that come to your mind about your life and your future.
  • In the middle column, write down 20 fears and worries you had in the past which never occurred.
  • In the column on the right, write down 20 good things you have done for other people in the past month.
  • Read over what you have written and say it aloud to yourself until it makes an impression on your mind.

This exercise will remind you that the imaginations in your mind are just imaginations and that the reality is different from what is going on in your head. That will help you to see that you do not need to worry and fear because those worries and fears will not happen.

Additionally, this exercise will also remind you of the fact that you are a generous person, which will boost your self-esteem and make you feel better about your personality.

Keep Your Heart And Your Mind On Jesus

The Bible says in Isaiah 26: 3 that, “Thou dost keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on Thee, because he trusts in Thee. Trust in the Lord forever, for the LORD GOD is an everlasting rock.” When you focus your mind on God often, when you remind yourself of the fact that God can help you to handle any problems that you will encounter, when you remind yourself often of the fact that God loves you just as you are because He made you, it can help you to feel calm inside. Additionally, it can help you to feel loved, which can lift the sense of unworthiness and sadness.

How can you keep your mind on Jesus?

  • Pray every day. Talk to Jesus and He will soothe your fears and worries.
  • Read your Bible often and meditate on the words you read.
  • Do intermittent fasting often during which you ruminate about the work and personality of Jesus.

Sing Praises To God Often

Singing together with other people can make your brain release chemicals which can make you feel good. Additionally, when you sing, the vibrations of the music which pass through your body can help to change your emotions so that you can feel happy.

Additionally, in 2 Chronicles 20 of the Bible, when Judah started singing and praising God as they were on their way to fight their enemies, the LORD set an ambush against their enemies and routed the enemies of Judah. In other words, when you sing to God and when you praise Him, He will deliver you from the negative thoughts that trouble you, and from the negative feelings that trouble you, by making His Spirit comfort and induce joy in your heart.

I do this when fear grips my heart or when I feel sad and that helps me to focus on thoughts of hope instead of focusing on thoughts of fear. Additionally, praising God brings joy into my heart, which drives away thoughts of gloom and doom.

So, make it a habit to glorify God every day. Sing joyfully from the bottom of your heart and thank Him for His goodness. Additionally, dance whilst you sing and your mood will change so that you will feel happier.

Worship God

Another thing you can do to deal with anxiety and depression is to worship God every day. I do this and it helps me to calm down. Additionally, it changes my mood when I feel bad and it makes me feel happy.

So, every day, worship God by saying words such as, “O God, You are the LORD who reigns on high. Jehovah, You are the holy and righteous God who is robed in majesty. You are girded with strength, O Holy One. You scatter Your lightning about You. You cover Your hands with lightning and You command it to strike the mark. Jehovah, You are clothed with honor and majesty and You cover Yourself with light as with a garment. LORD, You are exalted in Your power. Who is a teacher like You? O LORD, You are glorious and You are more majestic than the everlasting mountains. Miracle-working God, You are the God who works wonders every day. I give You the glory and the honor.”


This is how to deal with anxiety and depression: exercise every day, read interesting books in which the characters have problems with these two disorders and in which they deal with these problems effectively, do yoga, get at least seven hours of sleep every day, play with your pets often, write down your feelings and thoughts, keep your mind on Jesus, sing praises to God, and worship God often, and you will feel fine.

How to Deal With Anxiety and Depression

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