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9 Stellar Home Remedies: Proven with 3 Foods in Your Own Kitchen!

Updated on March 3, 2010

Handy, Helpful, and Healthy Solutions

Really home remedies are quick and simple solutions to everyday problems. Some home remedies may sound like nothing more than folklore, while many others have been proven time and again to be very effective. The ones featured here are based on three foods commonly found in most kitchens but put to use in different way--personal health and beauty aids. Imagine that. These include:

1) Olive oil. You might rename this liquid gold! That is because it has so much value in everyday use. For right now we will just take a look at a few uses beyond its obvious culinary benefit, which is skin care:

A) Skin exfoliator: Rub olive oil on hands and face generously. Then apply fine ground sea salt in a circular motion. Rinse well and patient dry. See how smooth it is.

B) Makeup remover: Apply olive oil under eyes, on forehead, cheeks, and chin. Then wipe away from face with damp warm cloth.

C) Skin softener: After showering or bathing, rub olive oil on rough and dry areas. You know the culprits—feet, knees, and elbows! You can put cotton socks on your feet over night to maintain the smoothness.

2) Vinegar in another multitasking agent commonly found in the kitchen. It can serve up time and cost-saving benefits for skin care as well. Note these examples:

A) Facial toner: Use half and half each of distilled vinegar and water. Apply with cotton balls or splash on face and pat dry.

B) Bad breath blaster: Brush your teeth with distilled vinegar at least twice a week.

C) Foot deodorizer: Soak your clean feet, preferably after using antiseptic quality soap, in undiluted cider vinegar for 15 minutes. Pat dry. Remember to dry well between the toes, a harbor for odor and fungus.

3) Lemons. We can certainly appreciate lemonade on a hot day, but lemon juice is also quite handy for the following reason:

A) Hand cleanser: Simply rinsing hands with lemon juice after handling onions or garlic or even seafood will get rid of strong odors.

B) Digestion aid: Drink a little lemon juice in water anytime of day.

C) Sore throat reliever: Drink lemon with tea and honey for soothing benefits to alleviate sore throat.


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