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9 Tips to be Happy

Updated on March 19, 2016

Wherever you go in this world, you have to cope with a simple question ‘How to live a happy life?’ Is there any secret which we do not know? Yes, there is a secret in living a happy life even in adverse situation. Here are some tips to be happy.

1. How do you perceive this word?

This is the most important part of your current life situation. Everybody is not equal in this world. What one person thinks, the other person would not be thinking like that. This method of thinking is based on a person’s nature.

At a same position you are at this time, you think that you are very sad person. But, if another person is in the same situation as you are, then he would not be as sad as you are. Why it is so? The reason is that, all the persons don’t possess the same level of emotional intelligence.

You can develop emotional intelligence just by doing some research on other people. The main difference between a sad and a happy person is that the happy one is able to control himself and the sad one can’t do that.


2. Try to adapt to the situation:

We know, we could not control the nature. We have to endure cold, heat and rain. But, we have learnt to adapt all these situations. Same way we have to learn to adapt to some situations in our life, because we could not control other people’s acts.

For example, I don’t like what my neighbor does. Once I have tried to persuade him. But still he doesn’t stop doing that thing. Now I have only one option of adapting to the situation. There is a rule of nature that only the one can survive who can adapt the situation. Try to adapt the situation to be happy.

3. Always think positive:

Positive thinking has its impact on one’s life. Is there anything wrong in thinking positively? If you are going to do something risky then think rationally. For example, if you are going to start a new business, then surely you have to think about the negative side of the business.

But, once you are in the middle of the situation then think positively. Positive thinking could not alter the situation, but it can make your mind calm. A peaceful mind can solve any puzzle, but a restless mind could not even solve a simple puzzle.

Positive thinking has its impact on disease too. A positive person becomes well (recovers from the illness) much faster than a negative one. This is the impact of peace of mind.

4. Be self-reliant:

Self-reliance is another name of happiness. Remember, do not become burden on anybody. Don’t rely for your subsistence on your parents or your brothers. Earn enough for you and your family. Self-reliance gives respect to your own self. This is the only one way to be happy.

5. Don't expect everybody to obey you:

I have seen many people being sad because of other people’s acts. This is an amazing thing I have noticed. You have nothing to do with other people’s acts, then why to become anxious about that.

For example, I am being anxious about other people’s expenditure. On seeing other people spending too much money, I always become anxious about them. This is very bad habit. Why should you have to become sad because of others deeds? You do your job well and be happy.

6. Give up what you can’t do:

What we need in this world? Peace of mind is the only answer. There may be some goals which we could not achieve due to some adverse situations. If you can’t achieve some goals, then leave it. Sticking to unachievable things is a bad mentality. Instead we can think about something new which could be achievable and better than the unachievable one.

For example, I have seen many students sticking to one examination even though they have failed many times. Instead of such exams they can do some creative things that could be better than passing exams.

By such mentality we only waste our precious time for waste thing. Even if you can achieve such difficult goals after a long time you could not exploit it properly, because probably you would have lost your time. I don’t advise you to think negatively, but be realistic to be happy.

7. Don’t be crazy for only one thing:

This thing leads to the same situation that I have just mentioned in above paragraph. What happens when you become crazy for one particular thing is your brain stops thinking about other similar things. Always try to think outside of the box. Once you have lost some opportunity it does not mean that you will not get another good opportunity of doing something else.

8. Do not reveal your secrets to anybody: Revealing your secrets to other people may sometimes worsen your situation. Do not share your secrets even to some of your friends. Because you don’t know the privacy policy of your friends that who do they share your information. Secret means social secrets related to financial condition, love, and your own weak points .Only share your secrets with your best friends and your parents to be happy

9. Don’t rely on anybody, but God:

Just rely on God. Thou will make everything fine. Work hard. Hard work pays at last. There is one rule to be happy: work more than others, expect less than others. If you want to be more successful than others then there is only one way, work more than others. If people works eight hours a day then you work ten hours a day.


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