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9 successful weight loss strategies in autumn and winter

Updated on November 10, 2011

weight loss strategies in autumn and winter

Winter and autumn is not like summer, you can get sweaty everywhere you go and burn the fat. Things get difficult in winter and autumn so we should have to look for chances to lose weight. For example, exposing to more sunlight to make it easy. I will introduce 9 strategies to let you lose weight easily in autumn and winter.

Wearing a few close-fitting sweater

The reason why it is difficult to keep good figure is because wearing too much in winter. The fatness cannot be seen. If you are careless about your figure and wait for the season to wear fewer clothes, it could be late. So you can buy some close-fitting sweater to give a push to your weight loss endeavor.
The another aspect is that because close-fitting sweater is close to skin and the warmth retention property is much better than loose outfit, giving it some time to exercise to let yourself sweat is really good. It works like an amazing rubber belt to let you burn redundant calories.

taking hot water bath
taking hot water bath | Source

Taking hot bath

Taking hot water bath has the same effect—keeping body calories and speeding up metabolism. It is a great joy taking a hot bath in winter. It can relax your stressful mood and virtually has the effect of losing weight.

When your body entirely soaked in hot water, the pores should naturally enlarge to let you forget about the coldness of the outside. In a season where we cannot easily sweat, this strategy burn the redundant fat off and discharge it with sweat. It is really comfortable. In the same way, soaking your feet in hot water or using hot water rubber bag to warm body can also improve blood circulation.

Spending More time under sunlight

The sunlight is milder in winter, but if you want to keep good figure or lose weight, you should not be lazy. Do not save your time under sunlight to save chances of exposing to it. The excersie lessened in winter and fewer exposure to sunlight. The bodily functions lessened and the fat started to accumulate. Wake up your body by exposing to sunlight and the lazy parts of your body. It is the healthy weight loss solution.

weight loss strategies in autumn and winter
weight loss strategies in autumn and winter | Source

Taking a walk with your pets

Keep a dog, everyday it reminds you to take a walk around. At the same time you can breath some fresh air. Develop the habit of walking dog regularly to virtually set yourself a weight loss plan and not letting anyone to know about it. According to the research conducted by Harvard university, the weight loss exercise should not be strenuous. You can control the speed of dogs to follow your lead. 120 – 200 steps every minute speed is fine when jogging. Spend 30 minutes everyday, it takes effect after 2 to 3 months.

Having more soup instead of meal

Every week at least have 4 times of soup instead of meal and keep it for 10 weeks, you can get 20% of the fat loss. The soup can adhere to the stomach walls and increase the feeling of being full. I recommend you to have a bowl of soup before dinner, it makes you absorb 100 to 190 less calories. In order to prevent growing fat, it is better to have soup at lunch. You should not have much soup at supper or the nutrition is quickly absorbed in the body and leading to fatness.

Slowly burn your body fat

In order to conceal your figure, pick a close fitting vest to solve the problem. For preventing rebound weight gain, I recommend catgut implantation at acupoint. The good point is it does have any disadvantages, making weight loss process enjoyable. The doctor choose different acupoints according to the causes of weight loss and then implant catgut at acupoint. Implant catgut in your body every 15 days and the catgut is naturally absorbed by body. It is different from eating weight loss pills, diet or heavey exercise to have instant effect. This method is somewhat slow but safe, if coordinated with massage method, the result would be gratifying.

Keep your weight loss effort moderate

One loses 1 to 2 pounds a week or 4 to 8 pounds a week is safe, otherwise it would affect good health. Failing to follow scientific weight loss methods would compromise the renal and cardiac functions and would pose potential dangers to people's health.

Don't engage in anaerobic exercise in winter

Excercising is always a good way to lose weight, but in winter, explosive anaerobic exercise can easily distort bodily functions and not fitted for fat body. It is suggested that jogging 30 to 45 minutes everyday, it can burn 100 to 200 calories.

Don not stay in warm environment for too long

The winter is the best season where we can lose weight, this is because we can burn more calories in cold weather than in hot weather, so don’t stay in hot environment for too long. The air conditioner can make your body lazy and relaxed, so in warm surroundings, wear as little as possible. Keeping sympathetic nerve active can help in reducing fat.


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