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99 Ways to Cope With Stress!

Updated on March 1, 2013

* Say "no" more often

* Make copies of important papers

* Smile

* Avoid negative people

* Use time wisely

* Simplify meal times

* Be prepared for rain

* Tickle a baby

* Go on a picnic

* Anticipate your needs

Coping With Stress—Ways 1-20

* Get a massage!

* Prepare for the morning the night before

* Avoid tight fitting clothes

* Write it down *

* Avoid relying on chemical aids

* Walk in the rain

* Practice preventative maintenance

* Set priorities in your life

* Set appointments ahead

* Make duplicate keys

Coping with Stress—Ways 21-40

* Repair anything that doesn’t work

* Break large tasks into bite size portions

* Believe in you!

* Ask for help for jobs you dislike

* Look at problems as challenges

* Look at challenges differently

* Feed the birds

* Don’t know all the answers

* Un-clutter your life

* Take a bubble bath

* Look up at the stars

* Look for the silver lining

* Say something nice to someone

* Pet a friendly dog/cat

* Schedule play time in every day

* Teach a kid to fly a kite

* Read a poem

* Stop saying negative things to yourself

* Visualize yourself winning

* Dance a jig

* Watch a ballet

* Buy yourself a flower

* Stop a bad habit

* Take stock in your achievements

* Find support from others

* Ask someone to be your “vent-partner”

* Do it today

* Plant a tree

* Memorize a joke

* Remember stress is an attitude

Coping With Stress—Ways 41-60

* Say hello to a stranger

* Practice breathing slowly

* Learn to whistle a tune

* Read a story curled up in bed

* Hum a jingle

* Develop your sense of humor

* Have goals for yourself

* Ask a friend for a hug

* Do a brand new thing

* Listen to a symphony

Coping With Stress—Ways 61-70

* Do everything in moderation

* Work at being cheerful and optimistic

* Put safety first

* Pay attention to your appearance

* Learn the words to a new song

* Maintain your weight

* Strive for excellence NOT perfection

* Stretch your limits each day

* Look at a work of art

* Stand up and stretch

Coping With StressWays 71-90

* Learn a new doodle

* Practice grace under pressure

* Keep a journal

* Learn to meet your own needs

* Become a better listener

* Know your limitations and let others know them too

* Throw a paper airplane *

* Tell someone to have a good day in pig Latin

* Get to work early

* Clean out one closet

* Get enough sleep

* Play patty cake with a toddler

* Take a different route to work

* Leave work early (with permission)

* Put air freshener in your car

* Always have a plan “B”

* Go to a ball game and scream

* Exercise every day

* Be responsible for your feelings

* Watch a movie and eat popcorn

Coping With StressWays 91-100

 * Write a note to a far away friend

* Cook a meal and eat by candlelight

* Recognize the importance of unconditional love

* Practice a monster smile 

* Remember you always have options

* Have a support network of people, places, and things *

* Quit trying to “fix” other people

* Talk less and listen more

* Freely praise other people

* Get a Massage!


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