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A 4 Step Process to Become a Powerful Healer

Updated on May 25, 2019
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I’m a Stress Relief Coach specializing in helping people who are dealing with the negative health effects of a long term stress and anxiety

The power behind miracles

Most people don't believe in miracles. They think that those who claim they have experienced a miracle are either imagining things or are not telling the truth.

Probably most of us want to believe in miracles and secretly desire that they were real and will benefit us in a good way, but we usually don't take it any further than that.

If we would dig a little deeper and try to understand what's behind, maybe we would change our minds. Often what appears at first sight to be a miracle, is when we take a better look at, the way that the universe works.

When we understand the basic principles that are at work, we see that the forces of nature itself is behind it, the pure energy that lives inside all of us.

Being unattached

When we direct our mind onto something positive and focus on the good feeling that follows it, without expecting anything else to come out of it, we are on our way to something wonderful. We can do this for example by sending ourselves and others unconditional love, concentrating on the feeling but not the outcome. Just staying in the moment, feeling this unconditional love and enjoying it.

To enhance the feeling, we can think of someone we love dearly, it can be someone in our family, our friend, a pet or it can be a group of people, just anything that helps us to elevate that positive feeling of unconditional love. Generating a powerful moment of such an elevated state, will both nurture ourselves and those around us.

An intentional state like this is the key to making something good happen. Not forcing anything, just enjoying the emotions that flow along a positive mind. Staying like this for a few moments will help us on our way to bring healing and happiness to both ourselves and to others.

The healing process

When we want to be able to heal ourselves or someone else we have let go of our conditioning and everything else that holds us back. When we're healing someone else, the other person may be attached to the outcome or not, is doesn’t matter to the healing process. What matter is what state you as a healer are in. The way you see yourself or the other people in a positive way is how the creation will manifest itself. Once a clear intention and a thought is established surrounded in an unconditional love, in the form of being unattached, healing can take place.

Healing a crowd of people

In a very interesting interview on Gaia with Bill McKenna, who is a keynote speaker, an author and more, said that he had dedicated his last 10 years in studying and working with a simple but powerful healing process. He said that anyone that wanted could do this healing and helped in that way both themselves and others. He told many stories about how he had seen people healed with just thought and feeling alone.

An example he took was one time when he was talking to a group of 30 people. He asked those in the group that were dealing any emotional problem or were stuck in some situation in life that was causing them problems to stand up and only to sit down again if that problem went away or ceased to exit. He then closed his eyes and saw and felt everybody in the crowd as blissful and happy, after 2 ½ minute concentrating on that everybody in the room had sat down.

Practice makes the master

What happened there seems at least to be out of the ordinary. How can we be sure that a healing happened. The answer is that we can't really sure unless we try it ourselves and find out what happens.

When we try something ourselves, we can stop either believing or disbelieving because we will know the truth.

Below is a step by step the healing process that Bill talks about. I would recommend that you practice it a many times as possible to become better at it. It’s with this as everything else that practice makes the master.

The 4 steps healing process

  1. First we ask the person we are going to heal to give us the pain or difficulties they're experiencing on the scale from 1 to 10.

  2. Next put the tip of you tongue on the roof on your mouth, doing that closes an energy circle.

  3. Now you see the person in a blissful state where she is completely healthy and filled with love. You want absolutely nothing from her, not even want a thank you note or an acknowledgment. You only focus on seeing the bliss in her.

  4. Hold this focus for 3-4 minutes and then check in on the person. Ask her if the pain or discomfort is down, if it's down to maybe 6 or 7 you do it again for another 3-4 minutes. You repeat this until the person is happy with the result.

    You can also use the method on yourself, following this same process, just remember to be completely unattached to the outcome.

The miracle we're looking for

We are so much more powerful then we can imagine. When something is troubling us, whatever it is, psychical or physiological we can always try to help ourselves with the power of our mind.

By thinking positively and believing in our own power and in the power of the person that's working on healing us, we can contribute to a healing process. It will never do us any harm but it can help us a lot.

A healing process like this can at least be a helpful addition to any other professional and medical help we receive. Hopefully experimenting with this will turn out to be the miracle we're looking for.


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    • Lorna Lamon profile image

      Lorna Lamon 

      10 months ago

      This is such an interesting topic, and I agree the mind is a powerful thing. Your points are worth trying.


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