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A Better You, Don't Do It Alone

Updated on December 2, 2013

Holiday Weight Gain

Well, it's that time of year again. Thanksgiving dinner is done but Christmas is around the corner and you know what that means! Christmas parties packed with delicious food every weekend, family nights filled with sugar cookies and cups of hot coco galore topped with whipped cream, marshmallows and peppermint.

It's hard to control yourself, with the excuse "It's the holidays, Christmas only comes once a year" and its easy to pack on the pounds. But now it's time to get pack into our skinny jeans.

I'll share some healthy tips I've learned over the years that has helped me lose 40 pounds and keep it off.


I love this quote so much. I was a chubby child and became aware of my body imperfections at a very young age. I have never felt comfortable in my skin and swimming is a miserable activity for me, even though I really do enjoy being in the water. Having been born in the summer, I love having my birthday parties at local water parks, but I feel so uncomfortable in my skin. I have lost 40 pound, but I still have a way to go before I can flaunt my body with confidence.

I made myself a motivational board on Pinterest where I keep several pictures that encourage me to stay away from the chips, cookies and chocolate. If you have the extra money or time, making a scrapbook that you can carry with you is sometimes nice although I prefer being able to just have my motivation pictures on my phone.

Now, I realize, it is near impossible to look like the woman in the magazines, and not every woman strives to have the perfect flat tummy and abs. Your motivational pictures are whatever it is the encourages you!

How often do you exercise?

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I work out!

Changing your diet is a very important part of weight loss, but getting your body moving will help you see improvement quicker!

30 minutes of cardio 3 times a week is all you need to see your body start changing, but the more often the better.

  • cycling
  • walking
  • elliptical
  • running

these are all amazing options to get your cardio in. (I did elliptical everyday when I was losing weight, even if I only had the energy for 15 minutes) Get your body moving!

Spend some time researching healthy snacks that you'll want to eat!
Spend some time researching healthy snacks that you'll want to eat!

Workout buddy!

You'll stay more committed if you do it with a friend!

Find someone who has the same goals as you and keep each other on track. Find a time of day that works for both of you and go to the gym, grocery shop together, make meal plans! This can be a great bonding time for you and your significant other, best friend or that friend from the office you never get to spend time with!

Water is Essential

If you weigh...lbs
To figure how much water you should drink, multiply your weight by 2/3. Then, add 12 ounces for every half hour that you exercise.

Don't get discouraged

This IS a slow process, there is no miracle diet to drop the weight over night. It is a lifestyle change, it is a commitment to yourself to become healthy and strong. It will be hard to make healthier meal choices but it will be worth it in the long run.


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