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A Guide to Self Care

Updated on May 12, 2020

It’s not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself, and to make your happiness a priority. It’s necessary - Mandy Hale

Why do we need self-care?

The present day homosapien is laborious than ever before. We cater to our busy lives where our bodies function continuously for twenty-four hours per day thinking and making decisions concerning us and our loved ones around us.

It is not a secret that every person today in the 21st century works excessively to fulfill his dreams of getting a new beach view house or to get his hands on the brand new piece of technology. But, amidst all this we tend to forget that in order for all our dreams to effectuate, we need to provide our bodies and our minds with food. And by food I do not mean pizzas and hamburgers or a classic Italian dish. Our bodies and brains need the spiritual and emotional food to cater to our everyday chores.

What is Self-care?

Most people would answer this question instantaneously and say "to take care of ourselves" which is actually right considering its definition. But do they really understand what it actually is?

Well, according to me, self care is not just a mere word. It is a process. A process which should be given importance to by each and everyone of us. It should be something which we must act upon every single day.

Self-care in its truest meanings is actually a routine which makes us capable to think for ourselves emotionally instead of always thinking about ourselves materialistically. It is about doing things which gives us joy. It is the routine which, when followed gives us satisfaction and makes us feel content and at peace.

It seems like it is a difficult task, but , it isn't. The best part about it is that you don't even need money or have to spend your hard earned money on applications which claim to provide you with self-care. Think about it !. How can someone, or a program of algorithms can give you inner peace and satisfaction. Not to say these applications are a scam or that these do not help at all. They might trigger you to start taking care of yourself. But, in the end it is you.It is only you who can do it. All you have to do is trust yourself.

How to start self-caring?

There are no hard and fast set of rules that can be followed to promptly start self-caring. But there are certain tips which can be adopted to start the process of self-caring. It is not necessary that every person can start self-caring by following a certain set of advice and tips. Everyone is different and has his/her own way of thinking.So. each and every person will have his/her own ways for self-caring.

Here are some tips you can follow :

  • Eat healthy

Your diet must contain little bit of everything from proteins to limited carbs.

  • Try to go for a walk or exercise at your home daily

Try to use at least 15 minutes of your time for exercise which will help your body to function properly.

  • Take breaks while working

I cannot emphasize enough on the importance of taking break between work.Taking breaks will ensure much more productivity than not taking breaks and working continuously which will strain your mind and eyes as well.

  • Develop a hobby

Try to develop a hobby like reading books, watching documentaries, playing scrabble or anything you like to do.

  • Take days off if you can

If you can take your days then plan an annual leave. Take care of yourself during the leave.Give yourself space and rest Visit parks and beaches. You will feel much more energized and your capability of doing work will be escalated after the leave.

  • Don't overwork yourself

Never overwork yourself. Work only as much as you can.

  • Maintain healthy sleep cycles

Develop a habit of maintaining the sleep cycle. The better the sleep cycle, the better it will allow you to focus on your work during the day. 6-7 hours of sleep are advised for adults.

  • Spend time with your loves ones

And the most important thing is to spend quality time with your loved ones. Surround yourself with people you love. Talk with them and share your problems with them. Keep your doors open for people who want to be a part of your circle. Engage with people. Communicate with them by talking about your favorite topics.

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