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A Chakra Meditation

Updated on January 11, 2018
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Jen is a preschool teacher, mom, wife, witch, writer, blogger, author, Disney fan who is from Philly and now living in Joplin

Before you start, choose an affirmation or mantra. You'll need that towards the end of the meditation. For timing and pauses and such, I suggest read slowly and pause for about 3 -5 seconds for every comma and about 10 seconds for every period. The best suggestion would be record yourself in a quiet space so you ca fully relax when you want to listen to this.

You feel rested, you feel relaxed, you feel safe, you are rested, you are safe, you are relaxed, you feel calm, you feel secure, you are open minded, and as you open your mind, all the muscles in your body begin to relax, every muscle, beginning from the top of your head, relaxes, and let's go of its hold, moving down through your body, just letting go completely, all the way down to the bottom of your feet, you feel rested, you feel open, you feel relaxed, and as you breathe in deeply, and exhale slowly, you let go of all the tension, and the anxiety, in your body, leaving you rested, and calm, you feel relaxed.

Relax deeply, feeling your senses becoming very alert so that you notice every detail of your imaginary surroundings. Start by walking along a short lane that takes you to three stone steps, giving you access to a field. A sea of red flowers, grows in this field. They represent the vitality, and growth of the base chakra. a foot path leads you gently uphill across this field to another sey of three stone steps. Follow this path, absorbing the vibrant redness, feeling the solid ground beneath you, and the movement of your legs, and feet as you walk. Inhale the natural earthy smell of living, growing plants.

The next set of three stone steps takes you into a grove of orange trees laden with ripe fruit, representing the sensuality of the sacral chakra. Enjoy the abundance of nature, and its glorious power to reproduce, and sustain life. Eat some of the fruit, letting the delicious juices flow in your mouth. Dance your way along the path to the next set of three stone steps.

These lead you into a field of golden sunflowers, representing the light, and heat of the navel chakra, which is often called the solar plexus. Here we store our reserve of energy, or prana - just as the seeds of the sunflowers store the energy of life. Feel confident that your reserves of energy will always support whatever you set out to accomplish. At the end of the field is a gate in a wall.

This gate opens into a formal walled garden with a path that takes you under a long archway festooned with climbing roses in every shade of pink, luminous against their glossy green leaves, and exuding heavenly scents. This beautiful garden represents your heart chakra, with its atmosphere of peace, and joy. You touch the velvety petals, and the roses lean down to share their beauty with you, inviting you to pick them. You take just one to keep as your companion, before passing through the gate at the end of the garden.

You find yourself on high ground under a wide blue sky across which birds are flying, and calling to each other. The sky is relfected in pools of blue water from melting snows, and vivid blue flowers open their faces to the warm sun. This scene represents the throat chakra, and the energies of pure space, and sound. You hear your name being called, and walk trustingly towards a high pass ahead of you.

Someone comes to meet you, offering to guide you onward, and representing you own higher wisdom, found in your brow chakra. This chakra is often called the third eye: the all seeing eye of the higher mind that unites the two hemispheres of the brain - logical intellect, and creative imagination - to create insight. Your guide may tell you something, or give you something, to ponder upon later, before leading you over the pass.

Beyond is a grassy glade surrounded by trees. In the center is a small white building - clearly a very special, and spiritual place - that represents your crown chakra. Your guide gestures to you to enter alone, which you do very respectfully. There you sit, and repeat the affirmation or mantra that you chose in the beginning of your journey. You repeat it slowly, and clearly, three times. You remain in this place, absorbing its spiritual energies, until you feel it is time to return to everyday awareness. You say thank you before rising, and leaving to walk slowly back the way you have come, knowing that you can return here whenever you wish.

Back in the lane where your journey started you become aware once more of your physical body. Take a few deep breaths. Move your fingers, and toes, yawn, and stretch. Get up slowly.


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