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A Child's Diet, How are Eating Habits Formed

Updated on October 10, 2010

Appitites to Habits

   The habits of eating are instilled into a child from birth, and carry forward from then on.  Some mothers feed their children everytime they cry, just to quiet them.  Some mothers feed their kids a sugar treat to stop a certain behavior, or to reward a certain behavior.  Just from these two examples, you might be able to see how some habits go from small to a huge problem in no time at all.  

   I believe that the worst habit, above all of them, is the idea of whatever we are eating, is a diet.  The thought pattern that follows through to the mainstream idea, that we are dieting or going onto a diet, rather than making a lifesyle change is the main problem with not only children, but adults and how they  then fololow through with the idea that we are changing a diet, not changing the way that we live.   The main problem with the weight gain we are experiencing as a whole in this country today, stems from this kind of thinking.

   The idea that the family or the kids are going on a diet, or this diet change is going to lead to a weight change difference, is a plan that is bound to fail.  Just the idea that you call it a diet, leads a person to believe that it is going to be a change that is going to mean a lack of the things that you like.  It is obviously going to be something  negative, that leads to a lot of work and a lot of eating things that we all know we are not going to like.  That is why a diet works, supposedly, becvause it cuts out all the good things, and forces us to eat all the nasty things that we hate.

   If we, as parents, would change our thinking and communication vocabulary to  something that does not even have to be discussed, and will be joined into with the children, a lifestyle change can be worked into our daily routines without the children even being aware of any sort of redical changes.

   For example, if we as parents began with a change like instead of making dessert a sweet syruppy heaping helping of sugar, into a heaping helping of fruit ontop of a fibre type cookie or cake, there are going to be a lot of kids who would not even flinch an eye or blink at the difference.  Most children if given the opportunity will choose fruit instead of some other type of sugar treat.

   Do not introduce a change of eating habits as a diet to your family.  Introduce this change, if you must point it out, as a lifestyle change, or a change because the fruit is so good, and make it a slow and subtle change, not a sudden change that is a shock to the way you eat.  Slow change, and a permanent change is a good way to unteach bad habits at the table and make them become good and permanent changes at your table.  It is very true that kids will follow your example, so the change that you introduce as a lifestyle change will stick with them as the thing to do.


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  • IsabellaRothchild profile image

    IsabellaRothchild 8 years ago from Orlando, FL

    I do not mean for you to publish this comment, just wanted to give you a head's up that you spelled children wrong in your title.