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A Christmas Tree in August: Learning-Teaching On-the-Fly

Updated on October 29, 2015
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"Every artist dips his brush into his own soul and paints his own nature into his pictures." - Henry Ward Beecher, 1813-87, Writer/Reformer




For the teacher is not really the one who does the teaching.


Usually when I’m not pressed for time after a silent sitting, I do a by-the-shore visualization. Not being actually on a beach, I merely imagine I am. For me, it somehow solidifies the subtle yet profound gain from the sitting.

Yesterday as I did my visualization, I saw snowflakes on the tip of a pine needle.

That turned into the image of a Christmas tree. With the various linkages among the neurons in my brain, it somehow brought the recall of another sitting from weeks ago, where a dog tag was presented as a gift. Apparently, the gold-wrapped gift under the Christmas tree in my visualization, contains the dog tag that was earlier presented.

If you are adventurous enough, you might wonder why there is only one present under the tree. Which might be answered with the thought, “It is only the beginning,” presented with the image of numerous presents filling up the space underneath the Christmas tree.


The ideal teacher is one who can telepathically learn from his or her students.

I say this because lots of opportunities for learning are missed because the shy or introverted students are prevented from asking outside-of-the-box questions for fear of ridicule from their extroverted counterparts (e.g., classroom bullies). If the teacher can ask the question in behalf of the shy one, i.e., posing it as if a challenge for the entire class to answer, it may turn out that the bright introverted ones actually have the answers. (This is not to rule out the fact that there are bright students among the extroverts as well.)

Thus a telepathic faculty could be an advantage to both teacher and learners. Such that truly the teacher role is not a fixed role that is established with the ‘official’ teacher, but something that transfers from teacher to student then student to teacher and back in a dynamic cycle. The teacher learns the next question from how the student answers, for example.

In the hub, Morphose, if you followed along, you may have noticed my mention of the ‘tsk-tsk’-ing of a house lizard, and having used that as a cue for us to learn from the house lizard.

Spirit is dropping clues all the time.” Spirit uses animals, plants, people, everything and anything to catch our attention and give us information. It is merely a matter of filtering out external noises for us to pick up Spirit’s clues, cues or telepathic messages.


“Imagination is more powerful than knowledge,” is a famous one from a most prominent scientist that is Albert Einstein.

He did not attribute his discoveries to intellect alone, but gave us a clue.

Once one picks up on an external cue, all one has to do is to follow the thought that arises from that external cue.


Telepathic communication or ESP is common among the family members, especially so with the husband and wife, parent and child, etc. Also between lovers. For example, you actually catch yourself thinking of your husband right before he calls.

I am guessing that it is because we focus on their needs and give them undivided attention. Because we love them. That also possibly means that if we love our students or teachers so much, there will be telepathic communication even in the formal classroom environment.


Because we bend down to the level of a tiny pebble, we can know how it feels. Because we bend down to the smallest of her children, we know how Mother Earth feels.

And she entrusts us with her secrets.


I cannot pretend to have an exact science as regards the process of telepathy, but what I do know in my experience is that:

  • It begins with love and compassion, to self and others.
  • It needs stillness, to be able to listen.
  • It needs a trusting heart towards the love and generosity of God and His Universe. (e.g., If a complete thought does not crystallize, let go to allow it to come back at a later time.)
  • It needs for us to trust and honor our imagination.

Albert Einstein ”made up” the theory of relativity. Then he proved that it was mathematically possible. Thomas Edision “made up” the electric light bulb and the phonograph, seeing them in his mind before he was able to create them in fact. He believed in the picture in his mind so much that he tried hundreds of times to create the light bulb and kept going even when everyone else told him it could not be done. Everything in your reality existed as a thought before it existed in reality.

Can you comprehend the richness of your imagination? Your imagination can link you with other universes.

It is your imagination that transcends matter.’

- Opening to Channel, as channeled by Sanaya Roman and Duane Parker from Orin and Daben, high level guides


For the teacher is not really the one who does the teaching.

- A Course in Miracles (ACIM), as referred to in “Who are Their Pupils?” by the hub ’We “are” Looking for a Man (or Woman), …”, ‘ … Certain pupils have been assigned to each of God’s teachers, and they will begin to look for him as soon as he has answered the Call.’ (ACIM). You may have likely found yourself to be in a mentoring role and you are bound by that bond, e.g. with your spouse, child, lover, subordinate at work, etc.

Corollarily , you would have found yourself learning from your ‘pupil.’ It has in fact been said that the answer arrives with the question. When the pupil is ready, the teacher arrives.

Spiritual Insights

You may eventually find the need to provide insightful information to those around you. In this case, you may want to refer to Sanaya Roman and Duane Parker’s book, “Opening to Channel.”

In the meantime, in case you have already started getting messages seemingly from nowhere, it is possible that your spirit guide or Spirit has already established a connection with you. There will be plenty of opportunities to be a helper in the community aside from being a teacher: counselor, healer, volunteer worker, good employer, … Creativity can also be greatly enhanced. Name it, we have it. You can get the help and guidance from your guide, who is aligned with you in terms of your contextual experiences and life purpose.

Not to forget the need to approach your creativity with the attitude of joy and fun. The creative juices are strangled from an ego-driven force or struggle. Let the idea come of its own accord.

As regards to the source of the ideas of these hubs, ultimately they all come from God. “All my thoughts are Your thoughts.” But as regards to my guides, I believe that would be Quirinus, a group of high level beings from the multidimensional, multi-consciousness realm, and Amadeus, my higher self.

Only accept those messages

which ring true to the

deepest part of your being.

- Orin and Daben








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    • Quirinus profile image

      Queirdkus Ω Ibidem 2 years ago from Sitting on the Rug

      So glad to hear it’s a shared experience that can’t be more aptly nor concisely described than that in your comment.

      Indeed, there is an abundance of learning experiences available to one with an open mind.

      Am sure there are many in our midst of the same heart and mind---One in Spirit!

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 2 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      A wonderful insight into our mutual energy. We are so blessed with so many talents and skills. It is good that we make inquiry and use of as many as we can understand. As a teacher, certainly my classroom is full with family and friends. And as a student I need only open my heart and there is abundance of teachers. May your Christmas Tree continue to be blessed with more presence.