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A Closer Look into Hemorrhoids

Updated on June 1, 2010

Hemorrhoid facts

For those who don’t really know anything when it comes to hemorrhoids, here is some facts you should really know about. Hemorrhoids affect almost 89% of the whole American population. A lot of people actually have hemorrhoids but the sad truth is, they never even know they have them. For those people who eventually do discover they have hemorrhoids, they actually discover about it in one of various ways.

If you see bright red blood on the toilet paper, on your stool or in the toilet bowl, then it is an indication that you have hemorrhoids. One more way to know that you have hemorrhoids is when you feel a lump or an external hemorrhoid just right outside the anal opening. You will also feel pain, itching, and burning in your lower rectum as well as anus. These are the symptoms and signs that you have hemorrhoids.

Types of Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids actually have two types – internal and external. Both are similar in the sense that it can cause bleeding as well as discomfort. The only difference is that external hemorrhoids are the ones causing the most excruciating pain, itching and also discomfort.

Hemorrhoid symptoms can vary from mild, moderate to severe. In mild hemorroidal cases, as mentioned a while back, some may never even know they have them. In extreme hemorrhoidal condition, hemorrhoid pain is hard to ignor. Those people who severe hemorrhoidal cases may experience much pain and unbearable itching as well as burning which in many instances can cause people to have difficulty in carrying out day to day activities.

Different Hemorrhoid Treatments

There are different treatments available for helping relieve hemorrhoid signs and symptoms. A lot are over the counter drugs like creams, ointments and also suppositories. There are also the presence of all natural oral medications that have already been proven and tested to be really helpful. These all natural ingredients have fully shown to help with even the most severe and discomforting cases of hemorrhoids. These kind of medications are also offered in ointment form which consists of healing aloe helping soothe the irritated area.

If you notice any of the symptoms of hemorrhoids early on and you think you may have them, it is best to start treatment right away to be able to get rid of the symptoms and prevent them from getting worse. In addition, try to increase water intake or consumption by eating foods high in fiber. This will aurely aid in promoting healthier digestion as well as easy bowel movements helping prevent hemorrhoids from developing further.


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