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A Comparison of Stop Smoking Self-Hypnosis Products

Updated on November 30, 2014

There are a variety of types of stop smoking self-hypnosis products on the market today. This article will explore the more popular products.

Quitting smoking has become big business ever since it became more fashionable and chic to be a non-smoker than a smoker. Much of this mental shift in thinking can be attributed to greater knowledge about the health risks and addictive nature of nicotine which are now better understood by the general population than ever before.

Here we discuss the pros and cons of the main types of quit smoking self-hypnosis products. They include self-hypnosis books, CDs, MP3 downloads and private session self-hypnosis CDs. Let us begin …

Stop Smoking Self-Hypnosis Books (Pros)

The cost of a self hypnosis book is relatively cheap so most people can afford this kind of solution. There is a large selection of self-hypnosis books ranging from thin instructional books to thick reference volumes aimed at clinical psychologists.

Self-hypnosis books tend to cover a wide range of topics to which you can apply the benefits of hypnosis. You can study any of these books at your own pace and in the privacy of your own home, and at a time that is convenient for you.

If money is tight or if you just want to review a selection of books before purchasing anything, then consider a trip to your local library and check out their collection of self-hypnosis books. There is sure to be a handful to peruse.

Quit Smoking Self-Hypnosis Books (Cons)

If you are looking for a speedy solution to stop smoking then be prepared for the fact that quite simply- this is not it. Depending on your reading and comprehension ability it can take weeks to a few months to complete a reading of one of these books.

It will take a while before you will feel ready to practice and begin the self-hypnosis exercises. While the author may be a well-respected and established professional hypnotherapist, their success at transferring this knowledge to teach self-hypnosis has more to do with their writing abilities than their success as a hypnotist.

As these books are mainly generic in their dealings with any specific challenge such as smoking cessation, I unfortunately have been disappointed with their stop smoking self-hypnosis coverage. You can expect in a 200-page self-hypnosis book to find maybe only 10 to15 pages devoted to scripts for quit smoking. The rest generally covers other uses for hypnosis and what I call filler content to justify the price.

It can also be hard to remember all the steps when you are reading them in the book and you may not be able to read and do the exercises at the same time. Therein lays the danger of this stop smoking self-hypnosis method. Annoyance and frustration can set in very easily which will make your attempts at hypnosis seem like a terrible waste of time. This would be an awful shame.

Stop Smoking Self-Hypnosis CDs (Pros)

As with books, you can work at your own pace when it suits you. But unlike books, there is no prerequisite reading and you can get started on your quit smoking self-hypnosis session immediately.

Getting started is as quick and handy as opening the package and putting the first CD into your CD player. Owning one of these products is like having your own professional hypnotist available 24/7. It is convenient from the word go! Whenever you have the time for your session, you just pop in the Stop Smoking Hypnosis CD and you are off and running!

Other benefits include the fact that you do not have to learn self-hypnosis as the professional hypnotist guides you through the program. All you need to do as a student of hypnosis is relax and listen.

The CDs are devoted to a quit smoking which means that you get a comprehensive and focused method to aid you in conquering your nicotine addiction.

Quit Smoking Self-Hypnosis CDs (Cons)

While the self-hypnosis CD program is focused on stop smoking it is still very much a generic session that you will be listening to through CD equipment. Unlike a private hypnosis session, it is not customized to your specific challenges and circumstances.

Other considerations are the need to find a quiet location free of interruptions, access to CD audio equipment – preferably a personal player device - and maybe the most important quality of all- your level of discipline.

It makes no sense to invest in a stop smoking self-hypnosis program and then only listen to it once or not even play it at all. That is a waste of time, energy and money. You would be surprised at the number of smokers who spend hard-earned dollars on a hypnosis product and never listen to it. These programs work best with repeated listening on a consistent basis.

You will need to find the discipline to allocate time each day for the first few weeks to listen and then once every few days in later weeks. If you cannot commit to this then you should look at other methods to help you quit smoking.

If you are concerned about your ability to follow through consistently then consider booking a private session with a smoking cessation specialist and save yourself a great deal of stress and frustration.

Stop Smoking Self-Hypnosis MP3 Downloads (Pros)

Many of the same pros attributed to self-hypnosis CDs can be applied to MP3 and download products as the difference is just the type of media. A major advantage of websites providing their products on MP3 files is that you can download them to your PC with no waiting time involved.

There is no waiting for the package to arrive in the mail. With the click of a mouse the audio sessions are downloaded to your PC and you can then transfer them to your MP3 player or burn them onto a CD and begin.

Within a few minutes of purchase you can have your first self-hypnosis session under the guidance of a professional hypnotherapist. This means that you do not have to call and book a session and wait for the scheduled time to arrive.

I have also found that in most instances stop smoking hypnosis download sessions can be less expensive than purchasing a quit smoking hypnosis program on CD. This is usually because there is no physical product to manufacture and ship.

Quit Smoking Self-Hypnosis MP3 Downloads (Cons)

Again, many of the same cons exist for MP3 download products as for self-hypnosis CDs. Due to the fact that MP3 stop smoking hypnosis products are easier and quicker to create than CDs, they are more popular than ever.

This makes for much inconsistency in terms of the quality of these products. There are even free downloads available on the Internet today that upon closer inspection are not so free after all.

While companies offering MP3 self-hypnosis sessions are fairly new, there are some that are pioneers and produce quality and professional hypnosis recordings. Seek these out when researching products you can download.

In the same way, do not purchase a download product unless you intend to transfer it to your MP3 player. Leaving it on your PC is guaranteed to ensure that it will not be used. A PC simply does not provide the appropriate atmosphere or flexibility for listening to a stop smoking hypnosis session.

Private Session Self-Hypnosis to Quit Smoking CDs (Pros)

Most professional therapeutic hypnotists provide their clients with free takeaway CDs after their hypnosis session. These CDs are usually pre-recorded by the hypnotist and are designed to reinforce the work covered in the session.

Use of these CDs increases the likelihood that the client will remain smoke-free. The benefit to clients is that the voice on the CD sessions matches the voice they heard in the private hypnosis session and for that reason, there is a level of consistency in the presentation. This is good news.

Private Session Self-Hypnosis to Quit Smoking CDs (Cons)

There really are not any cons to mention with this combination. It is a win-win situation. For the price of a private session or two you also get a set of CDs for self-hypnosis sessions. 

In Conclusion

A few years ago you could purchase self-hypnosis tapes but as the world has switched to digital I have not seen this available except on eBay and to be honest, you would be happier with the digital choices you have now any way.

If you have decided to travel the stop smoking self-hypnosis route then review the choices presented here, and get started on eliminating cigarettes from your life once and for all.


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    • profile image

      PsycheSeas 4 years ago

      Very informative article. I love the way you have gathered all the links and resources and provided an excellent view of the Pros and Cons of all ways to quit smoking.

    • ahmadraza212 profile image

      ahmadraza212 7 years ago from Pakistan

      well thinking

    • profile image

      CathyH 8 years ago

      Self-hypnosis sounds like an area I should look more into for self-improvement. Smoking not an issue for me.

    • gifts4u2send profile image

      gifts4u2send 8 years ago from Massachusetts

      Nice comparison of products for getting rid of the habit. You seem to know your subject well.

    • ToysBycbj profile image

      ToysBycbj 8 years ago

      Thanks for an informative hub on these tpyes of hypnosis products.

    • Addison profile image

      Addison 8 years ago

      Well thought out hub on the subject of self-hypnosis products.

    • beccas90 profile image

      beccas90 8 years ago from New York

      Thank you TomCat, glad you enjoyed my analysis.

      There is no one best way for everybody. Some people are able to stop smoking by cold turkey and others struggle through patches, gum, hypnosis, acupuncture, books, and prescription drugs.

      At the end of the day quitting is the outcome smokers want.

    • profile image

      TomCat 8 years ago

      This is a useful and informative hub - thank you. Like the way you covered pros and cons.