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Using a Cycle Trainer

Updated on June 5, 2012

Getting fit with Spinning or a Cycle Trainer

Cycling to Nowhere

Cycling as well as a great sport for getting or staying fit is also an economic form of transport getting you from A to B.

But what if you were just cycling for the exercise but actually going no-where. This apparently useless sounding activity does have a name, it's called. Spinning.

Spinning, means you can continue cycling despite the weather and cycle off season to maintain your fitness until the weather improves.

A small industry has sprung up to exploit this sport. There are spinning bikes made for the gym, instructor led classes as well as your regular road bikes plus attachment.

The regular road bikes are mounted on special supports that lift the rear wheel off the ground. These supports are referred to as cycle trainers.

Cycle trainers with variable tension settings allow you to get a more realistic cycle experience such as climbing hills.

You can use cycle trainers in your garage. Or, if you have a very tolerant spouse or partner - in the living room.

Costs vary from an inexpensive model around the £100 mark to models costing £300 plus.
Spinning, means you can continue cycling despite the weather or off season to maintain your fitness when the weather improves.

Types of cycle trainer:

· Wind - cheapest and possibly the noisiest - uses a fly wheel to create the resistance

· Magnetic- quieter than wind but with level resistance, so less likely to feel the experience of climbing hills

· Fluid - quietest, feels more realistic cycle experience and the most expensive

· Rollers- quiet but you need great balance to avoid falling off

What to look out for if you're going to buy a cycle trainer:
1. Try two or three different models in your cycle store
2. Listen carefully for the level of noise the cycle trainers generate, preferably you'd want the quietest you can afford
3. How close is the cycle trainer to the real cycle experience? If the model you’re trying out makes you feel part of a machine then the cycle trainer is likely to get little use

Get the right cycle trainer and cycling nowhere could turn out to be a worthwhile experience.


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    • Gaarf Rosewell profile image

      Gaarf Rosewell 5 years ago

      Sounds like a good way to get in a cardio workout .. especially when the weather is too cold or too hot!