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A Daily Diet Plan that Works

Updated on November 11, 2010

Daily diet plans work like New Year’s resolutions. You write them and then you write them off. This is usually the case. The number one reason is we usually get carried away and write more than we can chew. The second reason, and this is as important as the first one, we write everything at one time expecting to do them during the whole year. And the third one, we treat them as permanent and unchangeable. Do I hear a fourth, a fifth and an nth more?

Excuses are made to sound reasonable in defense to the promises that are meant to be broken. There’s no end to excuses because promises keep getting busted.

We go back to our list. The first one is we’re writing too many plans and resolutions. Make them few.  List the calories that needed to be taken daily and determine what foods involved and the activities you should do to offset the calories. Second, write your game plan on weekly basis. This is easier to manage than if you do it monthly or yearly. Writing them daily would be too much of a hassle. Third, what you wrote in your menu pad are not Gospel truths. You can change them if you need to but only if they complement the previous entry.

Another way of doing it is by writing a diet plan as an afterthought. You’d say, I ate this high caloric food last Monday, today I’ll have nothing but salad and supplement food the whole day. Or, you may say, Last week I had nothing but diet foods and protein drinks, this week I’ll treat myself to some low calorie ice cream. You might also write, this weekend I’ll go for a walk and go to the gym for some exercise. Or, you may add, I’m going to a party tonight, I promise to stay clear of the main table and concentrate on the salad bar.

This is a give and take situation; a carrot and stick treatment which is easier to remember and follow. Whether you follow your plans or not, there’s always a corresponding comments below them:  if you did good, you’d get a bonus; and if you didn’t you’d get nothing and you’ll have to make amends for your indiscretions.

The second daily diet plan should be more enjoyable. It’s akin to writing losing weight tips as you continue to chart your daily adventures and misadventures. Don’t miss more than two days or you’d forget and laziness will start creeping on your mind. One more perks: Who knows you’re diary will become a best seller someday?


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