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A Day Without Worry

Updated on July 13, 2015

How to achieve it

How would it be to wake-up to a day without worry. A day to look forward to. A day to say it's ALL in someone else's hands. That someone else was taking care of your problems, your worries, your fears. What a day that would be!

I used to wake up, and the first thing that would happen would ALL come flooding in like a dam had overflowed. My mind would fill with turmoil and distress from worry. It was the very first thing that entered my mind. This had become a daily task/My daily routine/like clockwork. How was I going to survive it/overcome it and be free of it? To wake-up to a clear mind. It seemed impossible. One by one the worries of yesterday were here today. My day was ruined, disabled. A disability I lived with everyday. How was I going to disable it before it disabled me? That was my battle. Did my mind have control over me or was there a possibility that I could have control over my mind?

Each one of us bring on our own outcome. It's through the choices we make. Don't get me wrong. Some matters are not by choice but by events and things happen. But rather than what is necessary and move ahead. Clinging to it won't change anything except make you sick. It's all in how we overcome. We can either move or be immobilized. It's a hard truth to face but it's a fact.

Is worry a good thing or a bad thing? If it's keeping everything in order (which is an illusion) then it must be a good thing, right? How can worry be good? Especially when it hurts you and those around you. It effects everyone. It can literally tare your whole world apart. So how can it ever be considered a good thing? What's it's purpose? What does it obtain? except to ruin our lives. Worry has no purpose. Worry does not heal or protect. In fact it does the opposite. It destroys hope. It's an illusion brought on by fear. Fear of the unknown. One must believe that if something is unknown then it is unknown which we have NO control over. Now...Take a DEEP BREATH and LET GO OF IT! It's USELESS!!!

Some steps to recovery

What good does worry do except to destroy our sanity. It doesn't change a thing. The problem is still there and it may be there for quite some time. And to think of the years we've wasted doing it and accomplishing nothing. Yes something or someone needs to change and yes there's a process in how we respond/react to it. To be able to live happier healthier more productive lives. Living in the here and now rather than imagining every kind of outcome before anything has happened. Driving ourselves absolutely crazy.

#2. Think about it. Who's really sick here? Could it be that we both are? Maybe not in the exact same ways. But we're carrying around something and it isn't good. Anxiety, being overwhelmed. The worry is making us sick. The frustration, the 'what if's' everyday. But can we really in reality change them. I'd like to see someone try!!! Why we can't even change ourselves. So how is it we even think we can change someone else??? Quite a task I believe.


Now that we realize that over the years we have developed the ability to worry (and we do it well) maybe it's time to replace it. I mean it really has taken up a lot of space in our minds that if removed could make room for better things. Maybe we should try to focus on that for a change. Maybe we should open our minds to peace first thing in the morning. After all, it can't hurt. Take a moment and release the force of worry and ALL the things that are attached to it and say Peace be with me. Just for a moment and allow it to enter. It may only last for a moment but as the days go by it may last even longer. Now we're doing something about it. Replace worry with peace. A peaceful Garden where ALL things are good.

Have you ever noticed that the less we worry about things they seem to take care of themselves. I wonder why? For those who believe in God the secret is that once we remove the clutter we make room for God to enter and do His work. He gave us free will. If we choose to do things our way he let's us. Basically we have chosen to shut him out. Now we're on our own. But when we choose to make room for Him, He enters. We need to trust him with our lives. We need to Let Go and Let God. God does things we can't do. We must believe! God has a plan for each one of us if we put our faith in Him. Otherwise we will face many struggles. That's not to say there won't be times that our faith is tested. We must remain faithful. God loves each and every ONE of us. He was persecuted but he remained faithful to the end.

Many of us carry a guilt complex about letting go because we feel we don't deserve to enjoy life because our loved one isn't. But we must take into consideration that we have all chosen different life styles. It took what you or I have done to get to where we are today so don't say we don't deserve it. We do deserve it! We could have chosen to take a different turn BUT we didn't. This is where the scripture says 'Ye Reap what ye Sow'. If your loved one is sowing the wrong seeds, they are reaping the consequences. If we are sowing the right seeds then we should reap the rewards. One should never ride the same train if one is choosing to go down the wrong track. We should be an example to them and stay on the right track.

The outcome has yet to be determined so settle down and focus on the present and only the present. Nothing has happened. That's a positive thought and positive is good. You don't have to live or dwell in a negative world. There's room for positive. After many years have we spent focusing on the negative and nothing has changed. And all that time was wasted. Time that we could have spent enjoying our life. Are you willing to let three more years go by without taking some of that time for yourself? Your putting yourself in the same stoop they are in by choice. If they don't move, you don't move. Your both stuck in a rut. And why? Is it possible we might be afraid to let it go? When did fear step in? Do we think that if we let it go that it will only get worse? It's like our worrying is keeping it safe/alive and well. Yes, we're keeping it alive...BUT only in ourselves. When did we become someone with special powers? If something is going to happen, it's going to happen.

Breaking the hard habit to break

Worry is a HARD habit to break. It's like the things we do everyday in our daily lives. We can't go a day without our coffee or a cigarette. Well we can't seem to go a day without worry either. It's that simple. We've become consumed and addicted to it and that can be very unhealthy as well. We're stressed, our daily activities, our relationships have ALL been effected by it. We have become a victim to Worry. Time is precious....Use it wisely. Here are some scriptures that pertain to worry. Psalm 13:2 Proverbs 12:25 Philippians 4:6-7 Matthew 6:25-34.


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    • TimeHealsAll profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada

      Thank you No body. It has been a struggle for me as well. To know what it takes to overcome and putting it into action isn't easy. Much love to you as well.

    • no body profile image

      Robert E Smith 

      3 years ago from Rochester, New York

      I read that "Whatsoever is not born of faith, is sin." Worry is not trusting God to have the best in mind for us. We take on the job of figuring out different ways that things can "work out." Well, God is still on the throne right? so we don't have to busy our minds with all the scenarios, each more frightening than the next. All we have to do is lay our lives at the feet of Jesus. Listen to Him so that we walk in His path. We will see possible dangers, possible monsters in the night but they are not our problem. They are God's problem. It isn't choosing to be blind it is watching what God can do with our lives. It is noticing how close we get and how the Lord rescues His children. He protects us like a young child or a baby. He will guide us and will take away our fears. I loved this article Vicky. Voted up and awesome! Much love, Bob.


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