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A Destress Regime Personalized For Your Skin

Updated on February 15, 2016

Is There A Need To Destress Yourself

Stress, this word itself gives me a lot of tension. Look at yourself in the mirror when you are under severe stress. There would be deep frown lines on your forehead, your face would appear sagged, laughter lines around your mouth would be more prominent, your eyes would look sunken and you would bear a dull, gloomy look. Overall you would look years older than your real self. It is very difficult to avoid this emotion called stress and the aging that accompanies it in today's fast paced, frantic and mad world.

So sit back for a while, take time for yourself to discover the real person in you and relax your body and mind.

Aromatherapy for destress


Destress Your Face

We are all aware of various methods to de-stress, but most of the time we don't bother to practise them. To begin with, stress takes the toll of your entire being, but you would notice its effects first on your face. So in order to motivate you to a de-stress, we first begin with your face. Soft targets of stress on your face are-

1. Under Eyes

Stress leads to dull, sunken eyes, lack of sleep causes puffiness, eye bags and under eye dark circles. To begin with, keep yourself well hydrated. Drink plenty of water and fluids to avoid sunken eyeballs. Cut on your salt intake, that would help reduce puffiness and eye bags. The skin under the eyes is very delicate. Certain strong chemicals in various anti aging creams can cause allergies and irritation under the eyes. Use fragrance-free, bland moisturizing creams for under eye area. Take a regular 7-8 hours night sleep. Our body and mind does a lot of detoxification and regenerates when we sleep. Even the brain releases hormone melatonin, that counteracts the stress hormone cortisol. You can use cucumber slices, dipped chilled tea bags or cotton balls soaked in cold rose water to relax your reddened and fatigued eyes.

2. Lips

Women tend to lick their lips more often when tensed with something. Also, the hot sun outside burns your lips as much as your face. So apply flavourless lip balms and lipsticks with moisturizers and sunscreens added to them.

3. Rosacea or Reddened Cheeks

This is the most bothersome problem faced by young to middle aged women. To avoid blotchiness of face or red capillaries around your nose, avoid exfoliants and creams with harsh chemicals in them. Use fragrance-free cleansers and soothing moisturizers with aloe or cucumber, both of which could calm your skin. You can even rub ice on your face that would make redness less prominent.

4. Breakouts

Stresses skin is more prone to zits which leave marks after they heal. To avoid this, use gentle pore cleansers. Avoid wearing makeup in bed. Always cleanse your face and then apply a nourishing moisturizer before you sleep.

5. Chronic Itchy Skin

Stress aggravates itchiness of the skin. Use soothing oatmeal based baths to prevent skin getting dry. Use fewer skin care products, and that too with natural ingredients. Avoid applying cosmetics with parabens and phthalates, as they contain xenoestrogens which can disrupt your internal hormonal balance. Avoid using toners and commercial cleansers with sodium or ammonium lauryl sulphate. Despite the fact that they cleanse the deep-seated dirt, they actually also disrupt the skin barrier, destroy its water retaining capacity and make your skin dry. Prefer using products with ingredients like avocado, almond oil, safflower oil and shea butter. Avoid using products post date or past their shelf life, as such products get degraded when exposed to the outer environment, and do more harm than good.

Pamper your skin frequently. Do your facial yourself at home, with ingredients of your choice. It could be mashed papaya or banana, followed by probably a honey and egg based mask or almond and oatmeal scrub. Listen to soothing music while you massage your skin. This would release tension off your nerves and make you feel fresh.

Try regular facial workouts. Facial exercises tone up your facial muscles, increase blood flow and oxygen supply to them and revitalize your skin.There are various exercises for the neck area, lips, cheeks, eyes and forehead to reduce wrinkles and rejuvenate your being.

Meditation for Relaxation


Stress Management For Your Mind, Body and Soul

Your face and skin are only a part of your entire self. To relax your entire being, take a break and pay whole-hearted attention to yourself. It could be an hour in the evening, a full day at a spa or a weekend at a holistic centre. You can relax with small day-to-day activities.

Go for a movie of your choice at least once a week, or to a concert, if you like that.

Eat some chocolate. Its flavours will help you reconnect with your senses.

Take a stroll in the garden. walking is the best stress remedy. Feel the cool breeze on your face, the sight of brightly coloured flowers, and their sweet scent in the air, the cooing of birds. follow the squirrel on the nearby tree!

Do something that pleases you. It could be anything from cooking to mopping to shopping; rock climbing, scuba diving, bungee jumping or adventure sports. this helps reduce negativity around you.

Practice deep breathing exercises. Focus on every breath, as the air flows in and out of your body, it carries your thoughts along, making you let go of struggling with them.

Listen to soothing music.

Practise regular meditation and yoga.

Sweat yourself at a regular physical workout session. It could be cardio exercises like running, swimming, or strength training, crunches and pilates.

Try Zumba dance form or tai chi.

You are what you eat. Avoid deep fried, processed and junk food. Eat a whole grain and raw food based diet.


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