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A Dutch family in France

Updated on December 25, 2010

Moving to France

12 December 1997, I´m 32 weeks pregnant of my first son (great planning) and we move from the Netherlands to France.

We just bought a campsite and are going to live our dream. 160 plots with 3 mobile homes and 3 chalets. A main building with a bar, restaurant and recreation area, and the reception. In the same building we have our house. A nice big living, plenty of rooms to expand the family and a blue kitchen (not exactly my favorite colour).

Due to give birth on the 6th of february, we are making plans for Xmas, new year, a say goodbye gig of Arno´s Rock&Roll band and much more.....

Destiny´s choice was slightly different...

Being new and pregnant I made an appointment with a gynaecologist to meet on the 17th. A very kind and professional woman, she suggested to check everything while I was there. I can´t say she stressed out or panicked but her easy going attitude changed into a very serious one. Did I feel pain? Cramp? Anything? No?

She said she was going to send me to the hospital because I had a 2 cm opening and she wanted me to be checked for contractions.

In the hospital I was put on this machine to time contractions and the force of them. I still didn´t feel anything at all! Every 10 minutes I had a contraction according to this machine. They decided to transport me by ambulance to the city hospital in Aurillac, where they have a premature born babies department. It was a 45 minute long drive in the ambulance to get there. In the hospital I got a drip with anti-contraction medication and a bed to lie in.

I stayed there for 3,5 weeks!! I did learn my French in these 3 weeks, surrounded by French nurses, doctor´s, cleaning ladies, meal ladies and everyone else. And every 3 days they had to renew my drip because it would infect and every day the medication went up.

I spent Xmas in the hospital with a hospital Xmas meal a glass of wine, I spent Sylvester and new years day in the hospital and we had to cancel the Band´s last gig in Holland. What a nice way to start this new adventure!

After 3 weeks I reached the limit, my heart and the babies went berserk, I had to stop with the medication. But they told my the baby was OK, with 36 weeks the chances were good and if it was born in the next few days it wouldn´t be a problem. They stopped the drip somewhere in the afternoon.

That night I had cramps, diarrhea, dizziness, which I related to bad food and no more medication (withdrawal symptoms). At 7 in the morning I called the nurse and asked here for a paracetamol. Now she flipped, asking me for how long I had these cramps and diarrhea. When she checked I had a 8 cm opening already. Diego my first son was born at 9 o´clock that morning.

He´s going to be 13 this 6th of January (2011)



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