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A Fairy Meditation

Updated on July 1, 2017

I would suggest either reading this to your child before bedtime or, if you're using it for yourself, recording it to get the best effect. I usually pause for about 3 - 5 seconds at every comma and hyphen and about 10 seconds at every period and question mark. Hope you enjoy it.

I want you to see above your head a beautiful star. This star is very special to you, as it is your very own star. It can be any color you like - you might see it as being a purple star, or perhaps a pink one - or blue - or yellow - or is it a speckled star? Or a silver one? Because it is your very own star, it can be any color or colors you choose.
This special star is filled with white light, lovely white light that shimmers and glows. I want you to see this light streaming down toward you until it reaces the very top of your head. And now I want you to bring this pure light down through your head and take it right down your body until your whole body is filled with this glorious white light.
I want you to feel the light going down your arms, right down, until you feel it reaching your hands and going into each and every finger.
Feel that light going down the trunk of your body, down until it reaches your legs, and when you feel it there, take it right down until it comes to your feet and then feel the light going through each toe.
I now want you to look into your heart and to fill your heart with love for all the people and animals in the world. They are your friends, be they small or large. Can you see your heart getting bigger and bigger? It's expanding because you have so much love in your heart for all these people and the animals, and of course for yourself.
Now your guardian angel is waiting to wrap golden wings of protection around you before taking you into your garden. The angel's wings are very large and very soft, just like down. Everyone has their own guardian angel and that guardian angel takes care of you and protects you always, so you are never alone. It's important to remember this and to know that you have someone who looks after you with love and care.

Your guardian angel is now going to take you to a garden that is your own special place, but before you enter I want you to look at the large tree that is outside. This tree is called the Worry Tree. I want you to pin on this tree anything that might worry you - perhaps you have had an argument with someone you care about or maybe you have a problem that seems to have no solution. This tree will take any worries at all, be it with your friends or your family. This tree accepts anything that you would care to pin there.
Your guardian angel is now opening the gate for you to enter, and as you go in you find the colors are like nothing you have seen before. The beauty of the flowers, the colors, the textures, and the perfume - breathe them in. The grass is a vivid green and and the sky a beautiful blue with little white fluffy clouds. It is very peaceful in your garden; it is full of love and harmony.
In your garden, the sky is a deep indigo blue with huge ballooning white clouds floating by and a yellow ball for the sun, it is o lovely and peaceful. you can see before you a pathway that is winding in and out of the trees. I want you to walk down that path until you come to a small clearing - i fyou look very, very carefully you can see the fairies. They have bee waiting very patiently for you.
I want you to see yourself becoming smaller and smaller until you are just the same size as the fairies and the elves. they are very excited to have you visit them an dthey have made you a fantastic costume in your favorite color, and it glistens and glows in the sunlight. The fabric is so likght it could float away if you didn't hold on to it.
To go with this magical outfilt is a pair of wings that sparkle an dshimmer in the sunlight. They are in a lighter shade than your costume. I want you now to dress up and put your wings on - and don't you look wonderful. The fairies are giving you a crown of flowers and herbs, and the perfume from these is rich and exciting.
The fairies want you to go flying with them, and they will take you to examine the flowers that they look after. each fairy has its own special flower and the perfume and clothes reflect its color and scent. When the fairies take off together, it's like looking at all the colors of the rainbow.
Two of the fairies, one on either side, will help you to fly, because this is the first time you have used your wings. It feels glorious to be free in the air. It's as though you were floating. they are taking you to their special flowers. you will land on the petals, which feel like velvet. if you lie down you will feel the softness of these petals and the sun warming the flowers.
When you have finished looking at the flowers and you feel it's time to rest - after all, flying can be very tiring - I want you to come back to the clearing. The fairies and the elves are having a party for you. There will be fairy cookies, fairy bread, and gingerbread cakes. You will sit on a small toadstool with a bigger toadstool for a table, and you will drink from tiny pink shells.
There are many games to play, and I know you will enjoy playing with these little people.


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  • Fatehyab Ali Syed profile image

    Fatehyab Ali Syed 6 years ago from Rawalpindi, Pakistan

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