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A Fat Man's Size Acceptance Resolution

Updated on April 29, 2010

As a truly fat man (and believe me, I am truly fat) size acceptance is pretty much an everyday issue. Like I said, I am a truly fat man. In fact, I am a short, fat man. According to what I glean from the infinite wisdom of the media this means I am unattractive, unsexy, I have poor self - esteem, I am shy, and I am destined to be unsuccessful.

Well, I am fat, but I am not stupid, and I will tell anyone who wants to pin those fat - boy labels on me right where they can stick their pins. All of you fat - prejudiced folks can roll that up in a lettuce leaf and eat it (with or without fat - free dressing).

Now don't misunderstand. I am not against people being thin nor do I hate thin people. That is as ridiculous a way to think as to assume that all fat people are self - hating slobs. The issue at hand is about size acceptance. For me, that means fat acceptance.

For others that might mean skinniness acceptance or big - butt acceptance, or no - boob acceptance, or thunder - thighs acceptance, or big - nose acceptance. Whatever. Primarily it's all about self - acceptance.

I have never known one American female or male who has always been one hundred percent satisfied with her or his appearance. Even some of the most beautiful people I know focus on their "imperfections." I have heard countless healthy, relatively thin young women complaining about how fat they are.

We are constantly bombarded with media images of the young and thin and perfect. But even the models who portray these images are unhappy with themselves. We are devoted to an ideal that is impossible to define and possibly dangerous to try and acheive. Anorexia and bulimia kill. Yo - yo dieting weakens the overall physical system and fatness is a sometimes unbearable social stigma. So what can one do?

Well I said, "I give up. Pass the cheesecake!" I don't mean by this that I have chosen to make myself fatter, but what I do mean is that I have chosen to be myself and live life the way I enjoy it: fat ass, double chin and all. Life without the occasional slice of cheesecake wouldn't be worth living as far as I am concerned. I enjoy good, serious food like I enjoy good, serious art and good, serious literature.

I am sure some readers are thinking, "But Hal, what about your health? Obesity has been linked to a myriad of health problems including cancer and heart disease. Aren't you afraid to die?" I answer this in a few ways. First, it is an absolutely unrefutable fact that I am going to die. Guess what... you are going to die too, dear Hub reader! Humans die. It might be a massive coronary that kills me, or it could be a runaway bus headed in my direction. I don't get to choose how and when I will die, so I try not to worry about it.

Second, it's an odds game. Many obese people live to ripe, healthy old ages. I know this is true because there are many of these people in my family. One's overall constitution is a marvelous factor, and I am a pretty tough man.

Third, I do eat fairly healthy things and I excercise moderately. I do not weigh 700 pounds nor am I bedridden.

Finally, is it really my health you are concerned for, or is that just a smokescreen because you have been taught that fat is simply unacceptable? After all, as mentioned above, anorexia and bulimia kill and probably in a more immediate fashion than does my weight.

Continued In A Fat Man's Size Acceptance Resolution Part 2


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    • PaulaK profile image

      Paula Kirchner 

      8 years ago from Austin. Texas

      An enjoyable hub. Thanks for sharing!


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