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A Fear of Peanut Butter: Arachibutyrophobia

Updated on January 24, 2009


Of all the things that someone could inadvertantly have a fear about, can you imagine if you were deathly afriad of Peanut Butter sticking to the roof of your mouth?

I was astonished that it even had a name in the long list of phobia's that phsycologists have named. Suprisingly enough, I was in my 'sitting room' reading Uncle John's Supremely Satisfying Bathroom Reader when I came across a snip it of this information.

I was so intrigued that I had to do some research to see if this was really a fear and what the details were about people who were afraid of this cooky fear.


Here some if to see if YOU might be an Arachibutryphobic:

General Symtoms:


*Dry Mouth

*Feeling Sick

*Inability to Speak or Think

*A Fear of Dying

*Anxiety Attacks


*A Strange and Irrational Fear of Having Peanut Butter Get Stuck to the Roof of Your Mouth...

That symptom is the most obvious.


You would never think that a fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth would be the hidden phobia behind the 18 letter name 'Arachibutyrophobia'. It sounds more like something that would describe a fear of somebody touching your butt (arach-i-but-yor-phobia it is pronounced). In anycase, this strange fear is irrational and unexplained.

Maybe somebody choked on some PB&J when they were young? Who know's.

There are not many cures for this phobia, as doctors are not really sure what causes it. You will obviously want to seek out a mental health professional if you find yourself afraid of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth.

The best treatment for this phobia is 'Anxiety Medications', or at least that the only information I can find on a cure/treatment.

Maybe the PCA ( Peanut Corporation of America) can donate to your cause and help you get some treatment.

I tell you what, this must make a big difference to anyone who suffers from Arachibutyrophobia, since the PCA has recalled tons of peanut butter products due to a salmanela break out. What a way to get anyone to stop being afraid of peanut butter...


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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Ok when my mom made us pbnj&j sandwiches for school lunch I wouldn't eat it. There was no name/phobia for it back then.. 1960's. I still wo.t eat peanuts/peanut butter or anything associated with it. MY PHOBIA IS REAL!

    • profile image

      me too 

      6 years ago

      I have this, and I got, it think, ALL of the general symptoms the last time I had peanut butter - I think I was 16, and it might have been the first time I'd tried it. Not that I had any reason not to; I love peanuts. It doesn't seem too strange to me, though - although, it might be because I've got a friend who's got an even odder phobia; one of my friends has a phobia of ketchup.

      I've never had any bad experience with peanut butter (to my knowledge).

      Although, trying to cure it? Seems kind of pointless. Why would I need to "obviously" get professional mental help? I have quite a severe reaction to the phobia, but it's not like being unable to eat peanut butter has any real detrimental impact on my life.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      my bf is afraid of peanut butter, not because it sticks on the roof of the mouth. It just makes him crazy

    • profile image

      Beth Messner 

      7 years ago

      This made me giggle, I have recently been studying different fears as part of my Psychology course and this, by far, seems to be one of the most bizzare. Thank you for the list of symptoms, I have been looking everywhere, and until now have not been able to find them.

    • profile image

      oswald walkinhy 

      8 years ago



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