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Weight Loss Tips That Work - 1

Updated on March 24, 2013

Sometimes weight loss is not a matter of one focus – you need to tackle it using various measures and they might all work together to help you lose weight. Here are a few simple things you could try to see if they work for you when it comes to realistic weight loss. You might not be able to put them all into practice but if you can try to follow a few of these weight loss tips, you could see the difference on your weighing scale.

Weight loss and cooling

When it’s hot outside, do we even think twice before we switch on that air conditioner?  Nothing like chilling in the comfort of your home – till you hear what David Allison, director of the Clinical Nutrition Research Center at the University of Alabama has to say. Besides the usual causes like not exercising, eating junk food, not sleeping enough and stopping smoking and snacking, air-conditioning and heating tend to keep our body temperatures in a range where our body stops adjusting and regulating temperature, according to the study.

What happens when our body goes into this sort of hibernation mode? We might feel cool and so comfortable but we are likely to put the pounds on. While there seems to be no ostensible reason for this, the fact is that it does happen. As we grapple with more and more problems associated with obesity, maybe one more reason is one too many.

The question when it comes to weight loss options then would be how to deal with this. Is an open-window fresh-air approach the answer? Or are we too comfortable with life as we know it to change, never mind the pounds! We have spent decades trying to make ourselves more and more comfortable. Gadgets to make life easier, more bearable. So if it’s hot outside, we cool ourselves in our offices, cars, buses and homes and if it’s cold outside, we heat ourselves. If we could change the weather to suit us, we would do that too. Living without our air conditioners isn’t feasible anymore but if we want weight loss solutions, we need to use it judiciously and not all the time.

Your smoking and your child being overweight

An Australian study suggests that women who smoke during pregnancy may be raising their child’s risk to be obese during his or her teenage. This happened irrespective of income, education or the child’s diet. The research was conducted on over 3000 women and their children and was led by Dr. Abdullah Al Mamun of the University of Queensland.

What emerged was that smoking during pregnancy and these mothers were monitored, had a direct effect on the children when they were teens. At 14, a detailed picture of the child’s diet, activities, etc. were put together and it was found that the children of mothers who smoked were usually not breastfed enough, watched more TV, had a poorer diet and were more overweight in their teens. Strange when prenatal smoking usually causes low birth weight in babies. This very often leads to a kind of ‘catching up’ later. Could the smoke affect the appetite control areas of the fetal brain? While it cannot be proved yet, maybe there is an altered state of the metabolic rate which in turn puts the pounds on.

No matter what the reason, what does emerge, as people have cried hoarse over the years, is that smoking is bad for your unborn baby. And that ‘bad’ goes on for years, not just as a baby but well into his teens and maybe even later. So just the thought of putting your own child at a disadvantage through life should be reason enough to stop. And never start again.

The Coconut Oil Controversy

In many diets, it’s right on top with the rest of the fats which you need to avoid. And yet, have you seen any obese person when it comes to those coconut oil consuming countries? Look at the Hawaiians, the Filipinas, the Sri Lankans and coastal Indians. They eat so much of rice and coconuts, fry and season their foods with coconut oil and yet they stay so willowy slim, not to mention healthy when they stick to their traditional diets. So of virgin coconut oil is becoming the latest buzz word in natural cure-alls, it’s not that surprising at all!

If you look at it, coconut oil is a law unto itself. All other oils are broken down into 14 carbon chain fatty acids and stored in fat stores till such time they are called upon by the body to be converted into energy. Coconut oil is absorbed directly and goes to the liver where it supports the immune system and goes from here to the lymph glands and to the cells in the body. So even people without gall bladders and poor digestion do well with coconut oil. To top it all, it is not stored for energy but burned, which in turn increases the metabolic rate in the body. It works well on the skin too – it keeps dandruff at bay and keeps the skin moist and supple.

There is now a renewed interest in coconut oil and it is cold-pressed virgin coconut oil that is in focus. All you need to do is to take 1 teaspoon a day and slowly increase it to 3 teaspoons a day. And people are touting its many benefits - from boosting the body’s immunity to viral infections to losing weight to preventing hypoglycemia to healing sores and skin injuries. Maybe there’s a lot more research to be done but till then, something so natural and good isn’t going to harm you. So get that weight loss started with this oil and you could see results soon!


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