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A Few Facts About Caffeine

Updated on January 26, 2018

caffeine facts


Caffeine is consumed as part of energy drinks, foods, sodas, over-the-counter drugs and other products. Most of the North Americans are regular consumers of caffeine as per a research study.

Fourth drug in the world

Among the widely used drugs in the world, caffeine stands in the fourth position. As per the global drug survey carried out in 2014, marijuana could not edge out caffeinated energy drinks. Tobacco is in the second position while the alcohol tops the list.

Caffeine isolation

German chemist Ferdinand Runge could identify the chemical that was isolated from rare coffee beans gifted by the writer Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe. This chemical was declared by the magazine called “Today’s Chemist At Work”.

Ingredient in popular drinks

Caffeine is considered as the ingredient of three most popular drinks like coffee, tea and cola.

Blocks the inhibiting brain juice

Adenosine accumulates in the brain later in the day and makes you tired. Adenosine is similar to caffeine and it blocks the receptors of adenosine leaving the brain from the feeling of fatigue. Caffeine enhances the dopamine release that is important for the pleasure. These chemical reactions take place in the prefrontal cortex that is usually associated with the planning of cognitive skills.

Coffee-Ethiopian origin

The coffee bean was discovered after a goat herder called Kaldi, who could see that his goats were dancing on the coffee berries. According to this legend, these beans were thrown by an Islamic monk into the fire. They were roasted and utilized for a cup of coffee. Another legend reveals about a Yemeni dervish named Omar, who has moved out form the city of Mocha. He could invent a coffee bush when he was starving in the desert. Omar roasted the beans and drank it to see that it has revitalized him. He started spreading the miracle of caffeine.

Time taken for its effect

It is good to sleep for some time soon after consuming the coffee to reduce adenosine and allow caffeine to occupy the receptors. This drug has its half-life of 4-6 hours and the system will be clear after 12 hours.

Other sources

Caffeine is not just present in coffee beans and tea leaves. But, it is available in cocoa beans, guarana fruit and cola nuts. Roasted coffee beans have reduced caffeine in it.


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