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A Few Tips To Frequently Traveling Diabetics

Updated on November 17, 2013

It is a known fact that the lifestyles of diabetics have to be different from those of normal people. These people have to be very strict with their routines. If you are a diabetic and if your work involves frequent traveling, you should be all the more careful. The following tips may be of immense help to you.
- When you are traveling, you should have easy access to all your medicines including your back-up insulin which means that these medicines should readily be available in your hand luggage. For keeping your insulin, you must not opt for a freezer pack but you should instead go for a cold pack. Whatever may be your mode of transport, you should strictly follow this rule.
- You should follow your food routine strictly. If you visit other countries, the time zones may vary. But, you should slowly align your general routine with the time zones of those countries. If you famish for longer periods, you may be affected by a hypoglycemic attack.
- Your prescription should always be with you and if possible, you should have a note from your doctor also. The note should state that you are a diabetic and you have been prescribed those drugs. If you are visiting a country where the language is different, you should have a translation of the note also with you.
- You must have the contact numbers of all your close relatives and friends. These details will be useful if there is an emergency.
- There may be occasions when you have to strain yourself more than necessary. Such physical strains may lower your sugar levels. So, you should have glucose tablets with you to surmount the problems that may be created due to such situations.
- Whenever you eat in a new place, you should be careful about what you eat. You should study the labels of the food items you buy. You must count the calories and the carbohydrates you consume so that your blood sugar levels remain stable.


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