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A Great Way to Cure Insomnia

Updated on April 2, 2017

Insomnia Is The Inability To Sleep

Oh, the tossing and the turning, and the yearning for a proper night’s sleep, peaceful sleep. Insomnia is the inability to sleep, and it can wreak absolute havoc on your day to day existence. You may feel depressed, anxious, unfocused, irritable and tired, and it’s definitely not so nice. Insomniacs are not those who cannot sleep at all. They take a very long time to fall asleep. They wake up way too early, and can’t fall asleep again. They awaken often during the night and remain awake for a very long time. So, insomnia is not a total absence of sleep.

A Good Night's Sleep Is Important

Sleeping Pills Are Not Always The Perfect Solution

Insomnia have been linked to depression by several experts. Depression can be either the result of the insomnia, or the cause of it. So, if a person gets treatment for one or both of the conditions, the symptoms could be potentially relieved.

Some people may think that sleeping pills is an excellent solution for their insomnia, but sleeping pills are not always the perfect solution, especially if the sleep problems are chronic. Rather try to make your bedroom as cosy and as comfortable as you possibly can. Buy some lovely curtains, and pillows, and paint your bedroom walls in a soothing colour, such as lavender, or a light blue colour. Another great idea is to place some dry lavender flowers in a muslin bag, and to put it under your pillow. You should drift off into a lovely deep and relaxing sleep.

Putting A Sachet Of Lavender Under One's Pillow Can Help One To Fall Asleep

Four Insomnia Categories

There are four insomnia categories :

  • If you climb into bed, but struggle to fall asleep after more than 30 minutes to an hour or so, then you could be suffering from what is called, “Sleep onset insomnia.”
  • If you struggle to stay asleep, and you wake up frequently, and try as you may, you just can’t fall back asleep again, then you could be suffering from what is called, “Sleep maintenance insomnia.” It is also referred to as, “Sleep-interruption insomnia.”
  • You may fall asleep as soon as you lie down in bed, and sleep soundly for only 5 hours, and then awaken at 3:50 in the morning. Sleep scientists call this early-morning awakening(Well, bully for them. I call this rude awakening !)
  • If you think that you’re getting enough sleep, but you still wake up feeling drowsy, and you’re lethargic throughout the day, then you could be suffering from what is called, “nonrestorative sleep.”

Struggling To Fall Asleep Is Not Much Fun

Some People Struggle To get A Good Night's Sleep

There is scientific proof that shows that the symptoms of insomnia could change in a person as time goes by, and this is why it’s even more difficult to classify patients precisely into one of these four insomnia categories, and that’s also the reason why your options on treatment for insomnia may need to change as time goes by. It may be necessary for you to be re-evaluated by your doctor, especially if you’re taking a sleep medication.

Some people struggle to get a good night’s sleep, because they may have a problem in their life that is really bothering them. The best plan of action would be to sort the problem out as quickly and effectively as possible.

A Good Night's Sleep Restores One Completely

Some Great Ways To Fall Asleep Easier

  • Taking a daily walk outside in the fresh air does wonders for one’s soul. One could even try jogging, or cycling outside for about forty minutes to an hour, or join an aerobics class, and do some yoga stretches afterwards. Yoga brings the mind, body and soul into perfect harmony, and it will most definitely help one to sleep better. Don’t ever exercise too close to bedtime, though. Rather exercise in the mornings, or in the afternoons.
  • To pray, and ask the Lord’s help, in an effort to sleep better, is also a good idea. The mere act of praying is very healing, and time spent in prayer is time cleverly spent, because the Lord has the power to work wonders in people’s lives, and if you ask the Lord for help, He will help you.
  • Don’t eat big meals when it’s nearly bedtime. Try going to bed a bit later than usual, and drink a mug of chamomile or lavender tea just before bedtime. Camomile and Lavender tea is very relaxing, and it will most definitely play its part in helping one to fall asleep. Eating a couple of marshmallows, or rusks or oatmeal biscuits just before bedtime may also work. For some people, drinking a glass of warm milk helps them to drift off to sleep.
  • If one struggles to fall asleep, and the thought of counting sheep in one’s mind doesn’t appeal to one at all, it could very well be that one’s mattress is the most uncomfortable mattress in the whole universe. So, maybe it is time to go shopping for a new mattress, and make sure that you test the mattress right there in the store before buying it.
  • One can also try keeping an interesting book on one’s bedside table, and each night, just before bedtime, try reading a couple of pages. You may just fall asleep while reading, which would be wonderful.
  • Don’t drink any coffee or cola before bedtime, because the caffeine in the coffee and the cola, and also in some types of tea is a stimulant, and it will keep you fully awake.

Getting Adequate Sleep At Night Is Important

Getting adequate sleep at night is important for normal daily functioning, and also for a healthy quality of life. Most people need seven to nine hours of sleep per night.

One feels extremely frustrated when one struggles to fall asleep. One can become so desperate for a good night’s shuteye, that one finds oneself trying way too hard to try and fall asleep. Once in bed, just close your eyes and focus your mind on your breathing. Relax totally, and feel yourself gently drifting off to sleep. It’s almost as if you’re meditating, while lying down in bed, and by doing that, you should be able to lull yourself into a deep state of sleep. Try it. It may just work for you.

Once you do manage to fall asleep, it’s total bliss, of course. 30 to 50 percent of people around the globe have some problems with sleeping. It’s also a fact that women seem to have a higher occurrence of insomnia than men. Getting a good night’s sleep makes one feel refreshed, and revived, and well rested, and one has that wonderful get up and go feeling, and one is more than ready to face the day. If you sleep really well during the night, then you will wake up feeling totally restored the next morning. Aah…sleep. Where would one be without sleep…marvellous sleep ?


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