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A Guide To Happiness: Gratitude

Updated on April 9, 2012

Over the years with the view of nature surrounding my office I have become thankful for everything that I have in my life and this thankfulness becomes an aspect within myself that I want to grow. I have learned that being thankful for everything in life contributes to having a sense of joy within ones life and happiness levels will rise out of this connectedness to being thankful. We all need to be thankful and appreciate what we have especially the gift of life itself. Having life is a true gift and our lives need to be acknowledged by ourselves everyday. I start everyday with being thankful that I open my eyes and take that first breath as many go to bed the night before never to open their eyes again. I have heard of this many times from friends, co-workers or from the morning paper about people who have a great day with seemingly nothing wrong only to be found dead in their home for whatever reason, to never see or experience another day here. The alternative to waking up in the morning is being six feet under. As tired as we may be on some mornings as our work loads are heavy living this North American lifestyle, we have to wake up being thankful that we are here. It?s strange that sometimes we don?t appreciate our lives until something devastating happens to us like a loved one dieing or a major health scare. We might at that point in time say to ourselves that we should take better care of ourelves or we may enjoy that day a little more than the rest as we think of our departed loved one. But as time passes, the wound of our departed friend heals and it is back to our normal busy lives. After a while that friend may not even enter our minds as we are so busy living our lives. I?m sure that many departed friends and loved ones of ours would love to come back and walk in our shoes, to wake up and open their eyes, to experience what the day offers, to breathe the air and feel the sun and breeze on their skin, to hug their family and friends and say I love you.
Life is an amazing journey and we have to apprecaite the fact that we have the opportunity to live it. Sometimes we don?t apprecaite what we have until we have lost it. It is then that we realize the true importance and value of it. Its like when we go on vacation for instance. We arrive in destination, unpack our bags and are happy to experience a new place. We are excited and enjoy the buffets, warm sunshine, sand and surf. Day 1 comes and goes and so does day 2 thru 5. On that last day, we may get up a bit earlier than the other days, we enjoy the buffet more, we head to the beach and stay until the sun goes down. Some will try to memorize that moment in time as the views are so breath-taking. We enjoy that last day more because we aren?t going to be in that same spot tomorrow. We must look at our lives that way also. There is no guarantee that tomorrow is going to come for you or I so why do a lot of us take life for granted? If tomorrow was to never come, wouldn?t we all appreciate everything and everyone in our day more. I believe that we would be thankful for everything that the day had to offer from the sun rising to the sun setting and everything in between. Let?s think for a moment. What would you do if you knew that tomorrow wasn?t coming for you? Would you love your family more today? Would you pet your family dog more and take him on the longest walk ever? Would you get up early to watch the sun-rise? Would you stay up late and count all the stars in the night sky? Would you stare at nature with wonderment? Would you tell your spouse that you loved them? I know that in our busy lives we don?t have the time or energy to stay up and count the stars or watch the sun-rise on a weekday, but we can make time to say ?thanks? for what we do have today and learn to say it on the regular basis. By giving thanks for everything is living in a state of gratitude which in turn brings happiness to one self. I am thankful for all living things in life especially the views, landscapes, trees, flowers, rivers and streams and of course humanity as a whole.
I believe that we should look at each day as if it were our last. Appreciate the home that shelters you from the harsh outer elements. Be thankful for the food that nourishes your body and gives you strength as thousands are dying as you read these pages. Be thankful for the water that flows from the taps as so many thirst for just a few drops. Be thankful for life and look at every vision thru eyes as if if it were your last time and gratitude will arise. You see??by being grateful for all things will brings more things into your life to be grateful for.


The doctor gave me the news today and a tear rolled down from my eye.
"There's not much time in your life my friend, you better say your good-byes"?
He gave me only about 8 weeks as the disease is spreading thru me.
I will love what life I have left on this earth as soon Gods eyes I will see
I had to tell the man I love that the results are hard to take
His knees gave out and he fell to floor as his whole body shaked
My heart was pounding as loud as a drum as I held his body to mine
"Don't cry for me, my love my sweet, things will be just fine
You're the man of my dreams so big and strong who's loved me all these years.
Let's not cry because it's soon over so please wipe away your tears".
"How can I lose the woman I love and have my life go on"?
"Let's love each day from morning to night making love from midnight till dawn".
My eyes viewed the world in a different way, beauty is everywhere day after day.
I take an interest in things not noticed before.
When life's running out, you take in lots more.
The money I have is useless to me as it can't buy my health.
Why had I wasted so many years trying to get so much wealth?
I used to shop lots and gossip with friends over lunch with glasses of wine.
I'd come home quite chipper day after day and thought my life was just fine
Now that I'm dying and I look back at those times, they had no real value!
My friends were not true, our times superficial and the gossip was stagnant and foul.
I began to see what was real to me and it wasn't all glitz and gold.
It was outside my door and it was all free and with my heart I took it a hold.
The sun shone so bright and breeze cooled my skin as I walk in the meadows each day.
I smell all the flowers and notice the birds so much beauty each step of the way.
I was happy within, so light in my steps, feeling so alive and so free.
Go out to the meadows and take it all in and you too will know what I mean
I was happy without possessions in hand, my life had turned so simple.
I'd sit down by the rivers edge and watch the water ripple.
Nature has filled my heart with such calmness I want the world to know.
Embrace it each day and take it all in and your heart I?m sure will grow
I'm not afraid to leave this earth when the spirit calls my name.
Appreciate life and what it offers and you too will feel the same.

Love each day no matter what the weather. Love each day no matter what job you do. Love your life and be glad that you are here to experience it because before you know it, you will be old and the road of life will come to an end or you will depart possibly with no warning or leave slowly through disease. There is no guarantee to how long we are here so let?s welcome the sunrise and we glad for another day.


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    • brewskitimeguy profile image


      6 years ago from Maine

      having faced the thought of not coming hom from thehospital just recently, it has given me a new perspective on each and everyday. great hub

    • Rosalinem profile image


      6 years ago from Nairobi, Kenya

      Very well written and it gave me an opportunity to think about how many things I take for granted, and I purpose to be grateful for everything. voted it up and beautiful

    • walktheHappyRoad profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Ontario

      THANK YOU for taking the time to read it! I wanna make your days go easier and happier.

    • walktheHappyRoad profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Ontario

      I'm glad you liked my advice Always want to make someones day a little better and brighter.

    • walktheHappyRoad profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Ontario

      Thanks for the compliments!!!

    • hectordang profile image


      6 years ago from New York

      THANK YOU for writing the article!

    • Apple Guy profile image

      Apple Guy 

      6 years ago

      Some solid advice!


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