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A Guide to Home Allergy Testing Kits

Updated on March 10, 2015
Some allergies must be managed with medication, with means they must first be carefully identified.
Some allergies must be managed with medication, with means they must first be carefully identified. | Source

Determining whether or not you have an allergy can be an inconvenient and expensive process. For that reason, many choose to use a home allergy testing kit to determine whether they have one of the more common allergies. You should check with your doctor before taking a home allergy test, however, since it may not always be completely accurate.

There are many different possible types of allergies, not all of which can be detected by a homeopathic allergy testing kit -- more commonly known as a home allergy testing kit. However, such kits are designed to tell you whether or not you have one of the most common types of allergies. This knowledge can help you manage any allergens that affect you.

Home Allergy Test Kits

Allergies can cause a variety of symptoms, some more serious than others. It can often be difficult to locate the source of these allergies on your own; fortunately, test kits that can help identify the antibodies responsible for allergies can now be used at home. In some cases, this can remove the necessity for trial-and-error testing, expensive doctor appointments and painful, inconvenient evaluations.

You can order a food test kit and send blood samples directly to a laboratory for testing and results. A prick of the finger is all that is required for each subject. You can also use less expensive tests by having your personal health care provider draw blood and send it in for you.

Food Safe Allergy Test
Food Safe Allergy Test

This is an example of a high quality home allergy test kit.


Test Types

Involving a medical specialist before you use a homeopathic allergy kit is a good idea since most homeopathic kits are not approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. However, it is possible to find some homeopathic allergy tests that provide results for the most common allergies and that are FDA approved. They screen for timothy grass, ragweed, mold, dust mites, egg white, cat hair, wheat, Bermuda grass and mountain cedar.

Cat hair is one of the most common allergy types.
Cat hair is one of the most common allergy types. | Source

Allergy Detection

The more researchers learn about allergies and how to detect them, the easier it becomes to eliminate their cause. Multiple organisms and what each means in relation to your unique allergy will be described in a detailed report from the homeopathic allergy test kit's creator. Allergic reactions are caused by an overly sensitive immune system fighting foreign particles and foods in the body. The culprit in an individual person can now be detected by testing the antibody called IgE or immunoglobulin E.

Your doctor will be able to tell you whether a home allergy test is sufficient, or if you will need a more advanced test administered by a medical professional.
Your doctor will be able to tell you whether a home allergy test is sufficient, or if you will need a more advanced test administered by a medical professional. | Source

Final Considerations

Using a home allergy test kit can be tempting because a more traditional allergy test can be a tedious and rather unpleasant process. According to ABC News, however, homeopathic tests have been known to be unreliable, occasionally returning both false positive and false negative results. Before you take a home allergy test kit -- especially one not approved by the FBA -- you should consult your doctor regarding its safety and advisability.

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