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A Healing Brain For Us All

Updated on September 13, 2011


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Powers of Dopamine

I realize that it is often hard to separate fact from the jargon of high technology and wording used in medicine. In writing this article, I will try to explain as we progress, what is being said in everyday wording. Please be patient with me , especially in the beginning, and we will get to the main focus of what the real grits of this work is about.

Dopamine(DA)a catecholamine neurotransmitter is present in most animals. In our brains the substituted phenethylamine acts as a neurotransmitter.There are five kinds of receptors of dopamine then activated,(The D receptors,1-5) and variants. Dopamine is a substance created within our brains, the substantia Nigra and the Ventral Tegmental areas. A neuroharmone, dopamine is also released in the hypothalamus. Its main function is to prevent or hold the release of PROLACTIN from a part of the pituitary gland located near the base and center of the brain and this acts as a mini-computer and thermostat that regulates the temperature and control of harmones with the help of the adrenal and thyroid glands, that have a vital function in the health of the human body. Prolactin is a harmone produced by the pituitary gland and is responsible in helping in production of lactose(milk)and the functioning or processes of the immune system.

Dopamine is used as intravenous medication which acts on the sympathatic nervous system.It increases the heart rate and blood pressure because it can't cross the blood-brain barrier, as a drug, and does not affect the central nervous system.The disease of Parkinson's and Dystonia, (an L-DOPA) is given, because it is effective in crossing these brain-blood barriers. It had its origin in 1910 when Barger and Ewens, in London, first discovered it. It was first recognized as a neurotransmitter in 1958 by Carlsson and Hillarp of Sweden. Carlsson was the winner of the Nobel Prize for his work in showing dopamine as a neurotransmitter.

Dopamine is a member of the catecholamine family and was discovered before noradrenaline and adrenalin, which are the biosynthetic pathways for the neurotransmitters. Dopamine is biosynthesized in the body by the nervous tissue and medulla of the brain In the neurons, the chemical dopamine is gathered into vesicles, then released into the synapses, responding to the presynaptic action.

Dopamines have several functions in the brain. These include the role it plays in BEHAVIOR, VOLUNTARY MOVEMENT, COGNITION(thinking), INVOLUNTARY MOVEMENT, MOTIVATION, PUNISHMENT AND REWARD, SLEEP, MOOD, ATTENTION, and LEARNING AND WORKING MEMORY. Neurons which transmit the dopamines are present in the Ventral tegmental area of the mid-brain. Dopamine is said to give us a teaching signal to our brains responsible for acquiring a new behavior. In our frontal lobes of our brain, dopamine controls the flow of information from its areas, and when there is a lack of dopamine,( or a disorder), this can cause functioning controlling memory.(thus in some diseases, as in Alzheimer's)Attention and problem solving are also affected. Dopamine is called a prolactin-inhibiting factor in our brains.

Dopamine transmission helps stimulate pleasure and pain sensations in our brains. Its deficiency is associated with AD/HD or Attention Deficit/Hyperactive Disorder, found in many children in our schools.The behavior of these children and their ability to process information is greatly inhibited when they suffer from this disorder and may be corrected to an extent by giving medications that alter their brains cognitive abilities. There have been new ones in recent years. Ritalin and Cylert have been used in helping these children in schools so that they have been calmed and then can retain information and carry out processing needed in reading and writing assignments in special needs classes.

Dopamine increases general arousal and goal directed behavior. It s a neurotransmitter that affects nausea and vomiting. Some research and findings claim that dopamine levels have increased over the ages due to the increase of eating meats, and is responsible for mankind's aggressive behavior and need to learn new technologies. It is called the Dopamenergic Mind Hypothesis.It claims that over the years dopamine and increased levels of dopamine, has made us who we are today.

The use of dopamine administered in IV lines can help control the kidney's out put of urine, it can help control the heart rate and circulation of blood and blood pressure.Dopamine has been associated in helping control the immune system and its out put of anti-bodies in fighting diseases.The dopamine acts on cells , by stimulating growth and killing bad invasive cells.It can affect the spleen, bone marrow, and circulation of blood in the veins and arteries.Dopamine plays an important role in controlling mental functioning or (malfunctioning)and is one of the most important of our body's defenses in the control and functioning of the immune system.

The use of cocaine and other drugs, has an increased effect on dopamine production and in time with this over production has several harmful effects on our body; the heart and the circulatory system is affected, and the brain, which regulates the chemicals that go to all of the vital organs of the body.

The use of music therapy has proven to be helpful in stimulating flow of dopamine and this helps to aid in healing, as do creative arts and crafts, hobby participation of people and their many interests, knitting, carpentry, working on automobiles. walking and hiking, camping and their out door activities, like hunting and fishing. Bike riding, and picnicking. The helpful activities of therapy in the form of breathing, Yoga, meditation, and many others have all proven to be a help in healing and the release of the chemicals of the brain that promote improvement in the illness or maladies suffered by the people of our society. It has been the source of much resent investigation and now physicians are adding it to prescriptions in aiding patients who they see are in need of the benefits. We are being made aware of the fact that we, as human beings, may well have the wonderful ability in healing ourselves. The use of pleasurable activities and experiences of the mind, when dopamine is released in its chemical form, regulates and heals the cells, nerves and tissues of the body. Dopamine, that special substance that others already have known in research, is proving to be the miracle seed that is responsible in the wellness of the human condition. The more we investigate it and can utilize its healing qualities, may one day prove for us that we have only just begun to make more wonderful discoveries.


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    • whonunuwho profile image

      whonunuwho 5 years ago from United States

      The things that aid in healing me are art, music, writing, and outdoor living. We have the capacity to heal ourselves in many ways, though medicine and other treatments may be necessary often times. It's a proven fact that people who are happier in daily life, live longer than those who are not. Get a hobby, laugh a lot, get out an enjoy the wide open spaces.

    • lundmusik profile image

      lundmusik 6 years ago from Tucson AZ

      send me a bunch if you can!! :)